Saturday , January 22 2022
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Inspired By Anti-Soviet Protests, Hong Kong Demonstrators Form Citywide Human Chain | NBC News

Supporters of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement created human chains on both sides of the city’s harbor on Friday. The formation is inspired by a historic protest 30 years ago in the Baltic states against Soviet control.
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Inspired By Anti-Soviet Protests, Hong Kong Demonstrators Form Citywide Human Chain | NBC News


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  1. Peace and Love to Hong Kong…..Solidarity.

  2. I think Hong Kong police can learn a few tricks from British police, the best one of which is called Kettling. Kettling simply means blocking all the ways that demonstrators have in an area and leading them to a narrow area. This way they are stopped from spreading the disruption. When this stage is achieved, only one tiny passage is opened where the police easily can arrest and film anybody who walks out. I don’t think we in Britain thought you this trick when we were there, but anyway we didn’t let you have democracy and the right to vote during the 100 years we ruled over your shoulders. Kettling was also one of the tricks we kept for ourselves.

  3. Idea For Hong Kong: Consider carefully made petition, and send to combination of nations, the UN and to China mainland that express the autonomy of Hong Kong should be respected, and even continued due to following: Hong Kong was part of different political system during the mid to late 1800s , all the way to the time of 1997, and to now; and during the time of 1971 to 1972 (a key time of a UN error concerning Hong Kong region), the UN and UK did not properly consider the opinions of citizens within Hong Kong regarding their preference of governing, and not properly considering Honk Kong's unique culture identity, and human rights. In effect, errors were made by the UN, the UK, and the China Mainland, by either indirect or direct fundamental misunderstanding of the language of human rights in the charters of UN articles for human rights, and for political rights of the Hong Kong citizens, who are also indigenous persons of that region. Therefore, the region of Hong Kong needs respect of its autonomy, and it is respectfully requested this is formally acknowledged by free nations. <Video on Short History of Hong Kong Creation & Mishandling: >

  4. I wonder if America is backing the HK protests against China…

  5. Horrible. The rioters shot their own people and frame the police. Then sexually harrrass the officers's wife. Threatening their little kids and old parents. There are already protests in support of the police in Hong Kong and more and more people are for the government. Those rioters are destroying the city. Poor Hong Kong

  6. Hong Kong is always part of China China won’t let Hong Kong independence

  7. I get that these protestors need to stop the vandalism and only peacefully protest, but I wouldn’t want extradition laws for China…

  8. Warsaw uprising 1945, Hungarian uprising of 1956, Czech uprising (Prague Spring) 1968, Tinanmen Square 1989 and now Hong Kong.  The world will clutch its pearls and sit on its fainting couch but do nothing as always.  The American left calls for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel because it really costs them nothing, sort like biatchy NFL millionaires kneeling during the national anthem. It makes them feel good without having to really risk anything-virtue signaling is the modern term I believe.   But when China, throws a religious minority in concentration camps, makes territorial demands (Remind anybody of a certain country in 1939?) "disappears" political opposition and suppresses they are not about to risk their precious supply of iphones over such issues.  Look at Hollywood-they would dare lecture the rest of us on morality and social justice issues but they are more than willing to censor their work so it will be shown and earn money in China.  Same with the tech oligarchs in silicon valley.-they play the social justice game, refuse to do work for US Department of Defense but bow down before China.  I am convinced they would sell this country out  (like Loral did in the 1990s) for the promise of  a greater market share in China.

  9. These wolves (rioters) attempted to rebrand themselves as sheeps for two days! But the wolves instinct came back out and they are now back on the streets. Violence and vandalism back on!!! HK police, one of the world’s most professional and restraint police forces, just doing their job and they are your sons and daughters too. Which side uphold the rules of law? You decide!

  10. 推翻中共伪政权,把中国的萨达姆—习近平送上断头台!

  11. Why would anyone want the masses to vote? When the masses vote, the ruthless "blackadder" types (courtiers) simply get more power, since the courtiers are expert 'virtue signaling' (manipulative deceitful) demagogues and the masses are gullible simpletons congenitally.

    Death to democracy.

    Eugenics now!

    China should suppress what ever is happening there before it leads to rampant dysgenia there.

    The world's nations shouldn't let anglos or jews into their cultures.

    The chinese protesters (ignorant juveniles and genetic spiteful mutants) are on the side of duhmerican elites (jews etc), you fools.

  12. Oh great, anti Soviet protests.
    Guess what? Russian people regret that now.
    US and its allies want to play the same trick they did to Soviet Union on China, now. Weaken from inside, yep, it works every time, baby.

  13. The side I'm on?

    The side that was already agreed to by China, and signed into law by Premier Zhao Ziyang of the State Council of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

    The document that Premier Zhao Ziyang signed says:

    (*) "The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be vested with executive, legislative and independent judicial power, including that of final adjudication."


    (*) "Those basic policies will be stipulated in a Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the PRC by the National People's Congress and will remain unchanged for 50 years."

    Has it been 50 years since this became law? No. That means China has no authority to interfere with Hong Kong's rule.

    Of course China is an honorable country and upholds all agreements it has signed. The signature of Premier Zhao Ziyang which is China's honor and face, will never be put down in front of the entire world. Of course China will uphold it's commitment before the world to maintain Hong Kong independent rule. Because if China does not keep its agreement before the entire world, nobody will respect China in any way from now on.

    * If China takes rule over Hong Kong before the 50 years which Premier Zhao Ziyang of the PRC agreed to, China will become known as the most immoral, corrupt, and by far without comparison… the most dis-honorable nation in the world. *

    Of course that will never happen. China is a very honorable nation.

  14. Democrats at it again! EU, UN and the British Empire causing trouble again?! The Democrat party should be label as a Satanic Cult! Just don't blame America, Americans or Donald Trump because we are having the same problem in America!

  15. Trump created a human chain on the Southern Border.

    [correction] Trump put humans IN CHAINS on the Southern Border

  16. Bernie Sanders 👴 has left the chat

  17. Hong Kong good people China doing terriosm

  18. They gonna destroy their own economy and future. They will never bounce back and then world recession.

  19. Living under China is amazing the hong dongers are evil

  20. When America began to fight for Democracy and Liberty, they stated, "Give me Liberty, or Give me death." I'm with you Hong Kong. Don't give in to China. They will swallow you whole.

  21. Just move to democracy country. Everything is solved. Change your citizenship and don't come back anymore

  22. Ha ! Ha ! They just showed u what u like to see. Can u guys around the world see what the rioters did at HK MTR Kwai Fong Station on 23 Aug night? They smashed the facilities of the station. They threatened the MTR staff. They yelled with Cantonese bad words all night. Don't be fooled by those stupid rioters, f*ckin' HK political clowns and evil anti-government media. The dirty tricks they play and shameful lies they tell tried and are trying to brain-wash HK young people, to ruin HK, to hurt China again and again and again. Do u hear HK people sing? WE love peace and prosperity.

  23. ✌✌🇺🇸 NO COMMUNISM 🇺🇸✌✌

  24. very proud of you-HKer. with you all, support you HONG KONG! NEVER GIVE UP! love HONG KONG

  25. Good luck HK. We all know China is awful, maniacal and violent. be careful and wish you luck.

  26. Give these freedom fighters weapons to storm Hong Kong's seats of power and take it over. After that bring in US troops to take over the city in which to allow Democracy to breathe. Make Hong Kong the 51st state of the US.

  27. "Citywide"? It's nationwide….to them……..

  28. They are heroes, truly inspiring

  29. So they decided to copy a horror movie

  30. I expect many Chinese bots here talking about how fun and cool it is to live under totalitarian Chinese commie regime and that brainwashed by western propaganda protesters don't understand how happy and grateful they should be to Chinese government for having a unique chance to be oppressed for the better and prosperous future.

  31. Brave people putting their lives on the line for Freedom

  32. This old Cold Warrior likes the idea of using Anti Soviet tactics against the Evil Criminal Chinese Communist Party leaders.

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