Investigation into police response in Uvalde shooting continues l WNT

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin made his stance on the leak of the surveillance video at Robb Elementary School abundantly clear during a city council meeting Tuesday.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Hmmm I wonder if all those kids were white. Would they be saved earlier?

  2. This is proof that no law enforcement agency is obligated to protect its citizens.
    This is why citizens need to be armed at all times because law enforcement simply cannot be trusted.

  3. If only a teacher or two had guns.

  4. Scream defund, protest, riot and always harrass them then want them to take a bullet for you…typical dems

  5. Poor cops, nobody talks about how the Texas police for forced to stand outside listening to a crazy Execute the children 1 at a time. Stand outside and listen to children die while Texas police do nothing but shiver and piss their pants. Texas police kept out parents armed with sticks and gravel to police the situation. Good job Texas PD, sleep well officers of the law.

  6. I'm so sorry Uvalde 😞 😔 Those people didn't have to die.

  7. something tells me there is some editing of that report going on right now.. it’s time to put an end to these horrible senseless crimes . no if and or bullshit will do anymore.

  8. More proof that working as LE poisons the mind and the soul. They left his own family to die, and he still cannot bear to speak the obvious truth.

  9. Cowards who are we hiring to protect and serve

  10. How much do we as America needs to see to prove to us that the police officers did not do the job they swore a oath to perform. All I saw was the police officers protecting themselves. Imagine the poor babies and teachers that had nothing but HOPE that the police would come in and stop the massacre and save them. If you can’t protect and serve then you should find a new occupation that doesn’t require putting your life on the line if you can’t do so when absolutely needed.

  11. All the involved officers should be relieved of they’re duties!! Immediately

  12. Take all accountability away from congress by focusing on this angle

  13. 💔how many may have been saved had these police reacted as if THEIR KIDS were in there?💔
    Fire them ALL. They did not protect children.

  14. I am so sickened by this. Those officers are traitors to our nation and should be held accountable for it.

  15. any wonder why they are all cowards? i mean just take a look at most of their physiques. they seem more worried about stuffing their fat faces with donuts rather than protecting and serving their communities. if i had a business or restaurant in uvalde i would not serve anyone working for that police department, they don't serve you so why service them?

  16. I get the frustration but what gets me is these people focus thier angry at the wrong people but yet they are ok with the local drug dealers and mexican cartel who pump that poison on the streets for kids to do.

  17. Police=coward losers =

  18. Protect and serve …. pussies

  19. Everyone that is blaming the leaker instead of the cops is braindead

  20. Forever the what if for the parents

  21. Protocol” is just a way for these officers to feel better about themselves. Who gives a damn about protocol when there is children dying brutally across the hallway. If protocol is really more important than the lives of children and teachers, you should really question your own morality and intelligence for that matter. They had shields bullet proof vests and guns more powerful than the one the shooter had. Those kids had nothing but false hope that these coward police officers would come in and save them. Absolutely disgraceful.

  22. 20+ cops with vests and big bad rifles and shields and helmets and they fucking waited and did nothing. Yet a mother with balls of steel and more bravery than all these cowards who call themselves cops. What a disgrace. Unacceptable. Imagine how many lives they could of saved.

  23. I don't care what they say… There is no excuse for the cowardice those "officers" displayed that day. Protocol be damed, Those were children being shot!

  24. Those piggies had their balls pinched off before being released into the wild.

  25. I'm sure that after they spend more taxpayer money on an investigation they will find that they did nothing wrong. If there is a scape goat or two, the city will pay any costs of litigation, which again, is taxpayer money.

  26. The kids didn't have tactical shields, officers did! The students didnt have body armour, officers did,the students didnt have fire arms n rifles ,officers did! Poor kids & families….I'm so sorry! Bullshit!

  27. Protect & Serve ?

  28. Those police officers are very brave!

    It takes a lot of courage to simply witness defenseless kids been slaughtered.
    Enough said.

  29. What do you expect? They're brown children (with the exception of two) Of course police are not going to go save them.

  30. Cowardly pigs with "punisher" logos on their phones but were too shicken chit to enter the room. The unarmed parents showed courage, the pigs only cowardice.

  31. All of these officers need to be fired and fined or arrested. I hear that arrested cops are given justice in Jail

  32. Wow just wow… 77 minutes?????

  33. Texas — The most dangerous state in America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. An ultimate, "What Would You Do?"

  35. They should have told the police there was an unarmed black teen playing gun sound effects over a speaker in the classroom. They would have ran into the classroom guns blazing.

  36. That border patrol agent is a race traitor. Sellout.

  37. The protocol is GET THOSE CHILDREN TO SAFETY. That's it. PERIOD! Everyone has failed these victims from Abbott and Patrick down.

  38. They need to keep up on this. Do not let this drop from the headlines. They will do an internal investigation, and very little will be done if the media doesn’t stay on top of this. I guarantee they are more worried about who leaked the video, that Abbott had most certainly seen, and ruining their life.

  39. Starting with the Mayor

  40. Mr. Biden should do… the Right thing (Fire every one)….. COWARDS

  41. Texas has shown how much they value 10 year old lives. Disgusting

  42. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  43. COWARDS…. Leave your. Jobs

  44. Protocol? Isn’t saving lives protocol? Bullshit