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Investigators search El Paso shooter's home for motive

Eyewitnesses noted Patrick Crusius calmly walked towards Walmart before unleashing gunfire on his victims; police apprehended the shooter on-site without incident, never firing their weapons.


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  1. Same as natives …We came , we fought, they lost .
    This guy was on a mission , it was because of all the hype that the media puts out . Media is worse than video games and music .

  2. Patrick is right, the hispanics are gonna take over this country wether you like it or not, we’re the hardest working people with real morals

  3. SYNAGOGUE SHOOTER: Anti-Trump, anti-Israel, academic. NEW ZEALAND SHOOTER: Anti-Trump, Desperately hugging trees and clean air in the name of thwarting immigrant employment in New Zealand. EL PASO SHOOTER: Dismissive of Trump, deep hatred for both political parties, once again a tree hugger afraid of immigrants gaining employment in his 'homeland'. DAYTON SHOOTER: Detested Trump, adored Elizabeth Warren and Antifa, hoping to reduce enough voters to shift Ohio back to blue. I'm sensing some common threads, here……a certain emotional fragility brought on by an irrational fear and hatred for Donald J. Trump.

  4. Thank God my country has no mass shootings. We all broke asf.

  5. The libtard media wont tell you, his hate for hispanics had been long going before Trump was president….And that Ohio mass shooter was antifa 😀

  6. Protective custody? What a joke, put the bastard in general population with a bunch of Mexicans

  7. He's gonna die and be born as a Mexican dreamer.

  8. What you wanna bet this kid is being paid in full rn by the media to say all this shit! He's probably got the most money in prison rn. He's living good believe that. There's a war in america and he's on a certain side believe that! Might be a silent war but it's a war! Another thing is I'm not sure he's fully white from the picture

  9. Hey all major media outlets: Are you stupid? It's well known that these shootings come in clusters. These shooters plan out and idealize other shootings/respect other shooters. If they're in the right place in their life (usually means the've had something humiliating / got fired / dumped happen to them recently) and they see a shooting on the news, they will be triggered to go out and do it themselves. Also, THEY ALWAYS will want to one-up the last shooting as if they're in some sort of friendly competition with the last shooter. You can read about this here:

    It should be illegal to cover these shootings on a national scale. It should be local only. The media itself is causing it. Again, they come in clusters. That means that, in order for someone to be triggered, they have to see it somewhere like TV or the internet. STOP COVERING THIS SHIT. Morons.

  10. He was on a mission….protecting his race! He said so right in the manifesto.

  11. Nice house! Like the Columbine killers and the little Sandy Hook maniac. Strange how these murderers all come from leftist homes except for the Charleston Church assassin who was intellectually too deficient to write a manifesto but he initially claimed his reason was in retaliation for black on white crime after shooting the wrong victims instead of any actual likely culprits. That theme is prevalent here El Paso is mostly inhabited by Hispanic Americans so only a pyschic could percieve the difference between an inhabitant and an illegal. False flag? MKULTRA? Antifa sleeper? The motive is not as important as asking who benefits from this crime. Don't expect MSM to delve in on that topic anytime soon.

  12. Another spoiled brat told that he was the victim by Fox News.

  13. Here’s a bit of NEWS for you fake news LEFTIST PROPAGANDISTS… the shooters “manifesto”??? It was titled “An inconvenient Truth”… hmm sound familiar? Yes that’s fake climate-scare conman Al Gores climate doomsday movie title✌️💰🗳📺🐀🐀🐀🌿🌍🌈

  14. MK ultra. He looked totally out of it just like some of the other “mass shooters”

  15. Why the actual fuck do white people think America is their land. They literally killed innocent people to claim it.

  16. Tanto racismo, somos iguales, comes igual, usas el baño igual y terminas muerto igual que todos, seas quien seas. Humildad Trump y pueblo de estados unidos.

  17. Maybe if the Democrats would stop being Anti-American and build the wall so people had to come over legally this wouldn't have happened. I have an idea lets make guns illegal like drugs then we won't have a problem. You know the majority of the drugs killing people in America come across that boarder illegally.WILL YOU PEOPLE BE HAPPY WHEN WE HAVE NO MORE FREEDOM!     DEMOCRAT= ANTI-AMERICAN

  18. I’m from Mexico and just come here to read some stupid comments and write mine in english because stupids aren’t able to read spanish. Yes, ilegal immigration is wrong and US doesn’t have to pay social security for any ilegal immigrant, no matter were they come from. Yes, Texas and California were Mexico once, but not any more. Yes, Spaniards conquer Mexico as Europeans took free lands in America and then fight for an “independence” from UK. Most of mexicans are poor, that’s why they don’t have a good education, they are forced to quit studies and begin to work. But you guys? At least a highschool or college degree and still debating about this, about races, about superiority or missunderstood history? This is KILL PEOPLE, a serial killer, a hate crime… as simple as that. You american genius, 1st Country in the World, only have to make a reflection about this: Why your youth still have this old supremacist ideology on their minds?? Why any teenager can access to a real arsenal and killed people like he was playing videogames? We can have cartels, we are no one to judge you, but it’s really concerning that any random american guy, with education and a nice family, one simple day decides to go out and kill mexicans (22 random people). You’re supposed to be the best of the best, you have all the potential, resources and tools, you’re supposed to be the most progresist and civilizated, you think you’re the most intelligent because your money and army and beautiful because you are white… World’s Gods. Well, begin to try to act like that. Most of you seems to be well educated and nice, but I can’t with the irrational comments, that’s why my comment come from. For one random mexican to you: people who don’t think before to talk (or write).

  19. You think any Texan citizen would have a gun to instigate the shooter. Always have a gun holster when the time comes Texans! Or else this would happen again and we don't want that. May those poor citizens rest in peace.

  20. Nice home. Guess just another kid of a richy rich. Always the same profile.
    Typical shit daddy more involved with his stupid job then his own children!! Prime profile example.
    Bet you money his father is probably an upity upity in some major company.

  21. Dude ….. you lived in a McMansion in the suburbs. Now you get to live on deathrow in a 75ft^2 cell with a dirty cell mate.

  22. That house… must have a terrible life living there…… such a slum

  23. Yah, pretty sure it's sick comment sections like this that help to create monsters. Our culture is to blame. SMH to a lot of people commenting here.

  24. Question? Why is it that a Muslim can blow up places and they are called a terrorist, but a white person shoot up masses of people blow up buildings and their just mental? What's wrong with this picture?

  25. White piece of shit go to mexico the cartels will chop your ass up n send body parts to your family

  26. Lol I don't fuck with white people no more u cowards are dead to me

  27. Latinos in Texas are natives, THE IGNORANCE OF THAT RICH BOY is STOLID, He is just a sperma that never evolved.

  28. Apparently his parents are Democrat, and didn't do a very good job teaching responsibility and ethics. He's exhibited lunatic behavior for quite some time. It should have been nipped in the bud. I hope he gets the death penalty, and quickly.

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