Sunday , November 1 2020
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Iowa caucus mishap was 'humiliating': Judge Andrew Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the voting app chaos that happened during the Iowa caucuses.

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  1. The whole world was watching to see what the DNC would do to marginalize Bernie Sanders and then this happens. I will never accept the results of this primary.

  2. Humiliating? I don't think so. They are conditioning us to accept their manipulated outcome. The Left, which is always talking about democracy, is perfectly willing to manipulate votes to achieve their desired outcome. They are by and large, simply criminals.

  3. HRC casts her dark shadow and strikes again. Dems who care about our USA are welcomed to the Trump2020 team with open arms as our POTUS stated many times over.!!!

  4. Iowa caucus 😝😜😜😅😂🤣😇

  5. The Chinese can build a huge hospital in ten days and the Democrats to shield the feelings of the Bidens cannot count 200,000 plus votes

  6. It's Russian collusion, I'm telling ya

  7. I just say Voter ID and paper ballots…

  8. Cheating Pete donated over $40k to the app that was used. Also, the app was created by Hillary Clinton staffers, what could possibly go wrong?

  9. Blame Trump? Why not the Russians too? Nappy never got over not being a judge in Trumps adm.. look to hillary and obama. this is their baby.

  10. We all know who rig the causes.

  11. Investigate the companies for connections to the head of the democratic Iowa machine.

  12. Hear we go again it's the Russian

  13. Nothing more humiliating than the 2016 election, and the failed job of speaker of the house

  14. It's the.Russian they are behind all this

  15. The Democrats are a Disgrace!!!

  16. Judge Nap proves even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  17. The problem with the app is that it unexpectedly counted the votes correctly. The app owner is a former Hillary supporter and it was designed to rig the voting in Biden's favor, but his actual vote total was so low, the rigging wouldn't work correctly.

  18. nevada, democrats and denial, like peas n carrots

  19. Govt. To lazy to do paper ballots, even though the most honest way.

  20. What A Bunch Of Moron's. I Thought I Heard The Democrats State That Anyone Can Program, ' Even Coalminers '. Who Are They Going To Litigate Against?. They Have No One Else To Blame Themselves. From Chris in Derbyshire, England. PS: Nancy Pelosi Is To Star In Hollywood's Newest Blockbuster. ' The Return Off The Wicked Witch Off The West.

  21. I'm really disappointed in Judge Napolitano. This was not a mishap. DHS offered to test the app and the Democrats declined (just like they denied FBI access to their servers in 2016). And Napolitano was completely wrong. Trump did not mention anything about impeachment. We all knew that Trump wouldn't talk about impeachment because there was no reason to because everyone knows that he is going to be acquitted. That was just Napolitano and the Democrats hoping that he would go there so they could criticize him. Nancy Pelosi was actually the one who acted like a fool. Her behavior was so petty and childish and she did it for all to see. America watched that and the Dems just handed the 2020 election to Trump.

  22. Why Is Napolitano Allowed To Talk ????? Lets Remind Him Of His Garbage Comments He Made About INPEACHMENT

  23. Stitching up Bernie again

  24. This will continue into the 2020 election because the Dems know they won't win November.

  25. Look, the new paper ballots burn much slower than the old ones.

  26. Oh heck there's nothing wrong here ,,, with Soro's voting machines in the voting system how can we all go wrong any hows,, were you really expecting anything else. all i can do read up the facts in all this the last 8 years and i see Gross behavior from the left like non other! Lady JUSTICE NEEDS her Blind fold returned!

  27. I have been racking my brains as to who Judge Napolitano reminds me of with his strange slickback hair style . – figured out it's "grandpa Munster". he and Paul Ryan as "Eddie" would be perfect standins for the looks . . .

  28. The Dems know the Russians did it.

  29. Prepare yourselves for lots of "oopsies" in 2020 as the corrupt put up Hanlon's Shield…I mean Razor, and laugh their way to the General Election. The Deep State will be falling over themselves controlling every breath of the Dem electoral process through the bought DNC. Enjoy the follies.

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