Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Iran refusing to meet with Trump unless sanctions are lifted

Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) discusses the possibility of President Trump meeting with Iran.

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  1. Funny how he is proud with hurting other people…

  2. Send them a couple plane loads of bacon flavored condoms.

  3. Unfortunately white guy since 2000 plus grease years ago? it will never end with them king! And the humiliation it faced.

  4. Jesus is coming soon my friends and I pray for us all, I pray that everyone turns their lives over to him and we can have peace. Are you Saved? Have you asked our heavenly father to forgive you of your sins? If not I ask that you do that today by praying the following prayer and believing with all your heart and meaning it…
    Heavenly Father I come to you today and ask that you forgive me of all my sins, I know father I am not worthy and come short of your glory everyday, I am thankful father for you sending your son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins and for the sins of the world, I humble myself and surrender my soul to you father and ask that you lead me from this moment on and ask that you bless me with your holy Spirit, I ask that you lead me on the right path throughout the rest of my life father and when my journey here is over I ask that I reside with you in heaven for eternity, your son Jesus said ask and ye shall receive, speak amd ye shall find , knock and the door will be open to you, I am knocking now father and I ask all this in the name of the father of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen.
    God bless you and may he be with us all ….

  5. TRUMP is just a puppet needs to ask permission from Israel the biggest terrorist apartheid ever ! Heartless Babykillers !

  6. Osama Obama NOT helping you anymore?wonder why????????



  9. There is no deal. US left the deal…no one will trust the United snakes again to make a deal

  10. China imported billions of barrels of oil from Iran in July, keep your sanction with the you. Lets make America great again and all sheeps follow 😁😁😁😁

  11. Good an eye for eye to gringos.

  12. If only Obama were back to give our tax money terrorist again. I bet Iran misses him. A lot

  13. Keep them in the apple Press. Trump will crush these bad boys.

  14. Mr. President stand strong with Iran don’t give nothing

  15. Irans is PURe eveils and must be transformed no mater wht the cost or fallout. THANSK YOUS!!!

  16. Another the Chinese philosophy…….their way or no way……..

  17. Some very simple questions.. how come Germany..England and France do not sanction iran? What is thier reason behind iran Support? Why are we the only country currently sanctioning iran?

  18. Iran could end up with much severe sanctions but that's not the case. I believe Iran must focus on peace otherwise no can tolerate Iran's disgusting actions.

  19. Trump seeks to teach Iran a very tough lesson. Iran literally has endorsed terror with all its might.

  20. Iran your not dealing with Obama anymore. Don't give in to these crazy people in Iran Mr. President.

  21. Too bad the people don't have guns. This is what the democrats are trying to take away people's gun so they can control them

  22. Worldwide 5G technology facial recognition, credit score, wants to be applied. The only one I see fighting this is Donald Trump. At least he's fighting for our privacy, in our homes. Because 5G technology will start monitoring us through our smart meters Gathering data, from our smart appliances and Electronics, with chips in our clothing, shoes, hats, boots, and everything else. If you lose an item they will know where it came and where it's been.

    There's more of you than cameras.

  23. I'm afraid your freedom in Hong Kong will be none existing. You and the rest of the world if China is able to succeed. I watched a documentary where China executes 8,000 of their own people a day.

  24. They have demonstrated that they break treaties, so its up to them to come to the table without any conditions.

  25. Iran may be a radioactive piece of blue glass if they keep going the way they are going.

  26. President Trump should respond by saying "the sanctions must not be working if the Iranians are not willing to talk with us. Let's boost the sanctions a bit and see what happens…" Iran wants to dance? Let's dance…

  27. The problem with the Iran leaders is that they still believe that the American government leaders can be manipulated through their less than acceptable manipulations as if we are still in the times of a Bush or a Clinton or an Obama. It's time of reckoning by Iran vs Trump era !

  28. Time for Trump steps up sanctions on Iran.

  29. Is Iran in a position to make demands, NO.

  30. You are Insulting Iran! What do you expect? Do you really except that they respect you and come to negotiating table?! America gets slapped but unfortunately doesn’t learn anything. The United States must learn that bullying does cost a lot in this days… Bullying = getting slapped.. More bullying= getting slapped again and again 🤷🏻‍♂️

  31. IRAN

    IS HURTED SINCE 1984……

    Must be very Strong these Iranians…

    Bloody COWBOYS
    COWBOYS are Bloody Silly…

  32. Go ahead and start the dialog Ms. Lam, the microphone is right in front of you.

  33. The US can wait till hell freezes over, how long can Iran wait??

  34. An Sheep demanding a lion to do something 😂

  35. Just go and talk Iran stop throwing tantrums stop acting like 4 year old.
    Everything could have been resolve already by now.

  36. U.S leadership is waning across the world. I loved when Macron invited the iranian president without even hinting to trump. Basically, the world is moving away from U.S leadership.

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