Thursday , January 20 2022
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Iranian oil tensions may lead to increased volatility

The Schork Report Publisher Stephen Schork on the Iranian oil tanker released from Gibraltar and the stability of oil markets in light of this tension.

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  1. Why can not Sanction Iran the USA. At least they shot an Airliner down >>>Iran Flight 655<<< kill 290 people?

  2. In desperation, your own hands becomes the only straw left.

  3. Increased volatility.
    Good volatility. It evaporates quickly.

  4. The Only Tensions is will the US or Brittan Commit a Terrorist Attack

  5. Iran, cutting their own nose off to spite their own face. That islamic logic fails me.

  6. Iran backed by Russia want oil prices over one hundred fifty dollars a barrel.

  7. "Fire torpedoes 1, 2, 3!" Problem solved.

  8. Funny…Iranian oil has been under sanctions for 40 years.
    Suddenly, it’s going to affect the global economy?
    Keep believing what these mouthpieces tell you kids…….Jesus!

  9. Blow one Iranian navy play on an oil vessel and fixed. Your welcome.

  10. This isn't Americas problem
    We are oil Independent
    So let the EU suffer with these
    Financial terrorists

  11. US doesn't even buy any of their slop. Why would it bother American markets?

  12. Will no longet watch Fox News clips that do not accept comments. This is code for this Video is biased…whatever you think doesn't matter

  13. Anytime the Central Banks can jack oil prices up. They will do it. As that make a fortune borrowing the cheap money from the Federal Reserve. Jack the price of oil up. Take their profits. Pay back the cheap interest rates the Federal Reserve charges. Then let it fall. Then they look for the next crisis to jack oil contracts up. They been doing it for the last 9 years. On the backs of the Taxpayers.. Maybe it's time to raise the margins on oil contracts to 35%… That would stop them from manipulating energy stocks…

  14. We do not count on foreign oil anymore. Let these other countries protect their own ships. Quit having these fear mongering guests. DON'T BECOME FAKE NEWS CNN!!!!!

  15. Thanks to President Trump, Iran economy is now shattered, and their people do not have loaf of bread to eat. Inflation rate is 100% and economy growth rate is 10% negative. Just keep the sanctions and expand it to other Mullahs in power. Wait and watch policy. We have no ships in that straight, no worries for US

  16. Stop with your sky is falling BS !

  17. all republican supporters die in 2021MAGA💀💀💀💀🤞🏼🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Iran is going to get turned into a crater fact .

  19. Sink this muslimic terroristic supporter

  20. Iran wants a marshall plan from the US so it can come into the 21st century.

  21. Hope to see the same result as the 80s tanker wars with Iran.

  22. I admit, it was a little ballsy of Britain; a Country that removed all their testosterone, by sending it to Australia a couple hundred or so back.

  23. capture the vessel unload the content and set the crew free to return to filthy Iran for more. repeat

  24. Fox is begging for a war to start

  25. Like clockwork every election!!…the Dems try to ruin the economy, push higher oil prices and tell you everybody's a racist!!TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. We've been warning people about the dangers of foreign oil dependence for years

  27. I still don't understand how 1 country, or the EU, can issue sanctions and act as if it has the weight of law on another country. Seizing another country's vessels on the open sea while not at war is PIRACY.

  28. Can we please start this war already and end this stupid humanity so we can stop repeating history

  29. Keep up the pressure President Trump

  30. Way to go Trump; just keep ratcheting up tension in the middle east and the price of oil will soar and we’ll have ourselves a nice little war on our hands. But then again, you’ve demonstrated that you think American soldier’s lives are expendable or at least not near as important as your own.

  31. .. The media is really pushing the potential recession/ economic fears, narrative.

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