Monday , August 2 2021
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IRS blocks tax exempt status for Christian group, not Michelle Obama non-profit

Fox News host Sandra Smith says IRS failed to present why the group didn’t qualify for tax exemption on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. If the IRS is being political, it needs to be fired. Period.

  2. The Church and the pulpit are to be used for evangelizing and teaching Biblical principles and the application of them. The Church must be free to present cultural, social, economic and political issues to advance people’s understanding of how Biblical principles apply to life without fear of losing their tax exempt status.

  3. They have no right to assume this, it’s funny how they’re right though. As far as I’ve seen, democrats are God-less.


  5. This is Communist move 101.

  6. A resume is no longer of use placing government employees, an MMPI needed.

  7. The dems at the never ending tap of money again.
    Trump tried drain the swamp

  8. Another great example of the current corrupt regime

  9. Sandra was stunning tonight.

  10. Among others, Christian Democrats should be up in arms over this too. Where are they? Disclaimer: not actual arms. Not a domestic terrorist. It’s an expression. 😉

  11. So if your an Antichrist you don't have to pay taxes???

  12. May God step in and end jobs and authority of these people playing God, let evil be removed, Lord come. Racist against Christians. What is jo doing in church he is democrat, this 2 faced government has to go

  13. She is black. Time to stop this black get rich off the people stuff. Why not give to us black white marriages. We are in need .

  14. Sure michele obama would have a stupid organization for voting. That is not a legal issue tax excemt.

  15. 617,463 deaths 34,419,838 covid cases, 1000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  16. Afeter Adam m'a payai sai la mirice mon père sorti de la mirice 350ans île sorti à Palestine et île foiyage au Maroc poure refien à la mirice mai ile est pieyigi au Maroc saï la franse cai piyaigi mon paire au Maroc dans se tend île est fide de maire le Maroc est un fié américain de papa cai piyaigi Afice napolion île ont prend tous nous oure est praisonyai poure nous risti suivi la France saï un piyaige de napolitain de suprimi lamirice au Maroc je suis Jessu Christ isprai sainte nous payai sai lamirice saï la franse cai profite nous nationalité nous poufoire nous payai sai un jeu cai fai napoliyon de coupi le file frai de firiti de nous nationalité île sipare de nous fie est un fouleure de se temp la firiti sa cache pas sa foi

  17. Hillary, Kamala, Michelle….who is vilified the worst?!

  18. A Trump and Kushner connection to Dogecoin 🐕 after pardon?
    Wow! They are doing business?
    They will tank Dogecoin if Trump has anything to do with it!
    So we will fall and lose our money.

  19. The Bible has nothing to do with republicans or Democratic Party. It has everything to do with the creator of the universe and Jesus Christ my savior


  21. Its all because Michael was the first man.

  22. Everybody in the IRS should be fired and the American people should stop paying taxes to a corrupt government.

  23. M. Oboma is exempt the guy knows hiw to skirt the law.
    But a Church is not exempt it's Republican who the heck is this ??????

  24. FOX NEWS???

  25. Religion, race, gender cards to split peoples, to create tensions and finaly to hate each other. Fox it,s helping greately with this.

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