Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Is pulling out of Syria 'reckless' or is Trump keeping campaign promises?

A ‘Kennedy’ panel discusses President Trump’s move to pull out of Syria and debates if the move was handled well.

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  1. What is our purpose there?

  2. Trump abandons the Kurds when they're no longer any use to him. Typical. Turkey will start their bombing and Trump will do nothing. He talks tough but at most he'll go for the easy sanctions option, while blaming someone else for the slaughter of U.S allies.

  3. these are isreal plan to divide all nation in the middle east one after another.
    We dont forget how us organize coup attempt against Turkey.
    we will not forget how us use some kurd as a proxy against Turkey.
    there was %10kurdish people in syria before syrian war. Now they control half syria and oil facilities. Nobody mention about it.
    Fake news. Manupilate peoples perception.

  4. Trump is the best… trojan horse russia ever had

  5. TRUMP plays his cards very well and now Russia is pissed off costing their economy big time to deal with Syria, wait when the displacement of Syrians return home, TRUMP your one smart man good job.


  7. Fox news or is it CNN2! Boy you sure show how loyal you can be. You sure show how trusted you can be. I will never give up on President Trump, but I sure can give up watching you! Traitor…Troll for the NWO Globalist Socialist.BRING OUR BOYS HOME! Stop fighting wars the United Nation Cabel start via CIA. ABOLISH the CIA


  9. These people are disgusting. We want OUT!!!

  10. Kennedy your silly voice stuff is annoying. Normally you make sense but lately I have no idea where you are.

  11. I think every single politician and media reporter that is complaining about Trump pulling out of Syria, should be airlifted and dropped into the middle of Syria with nothing but a handgun and a single magazines worth of ammo.

  12. Finally, remember VIET NAM!!
    same thing, just different sensory

  13. Red, White and Blue: These colors never run, except under Donald Trump.

  14. America cannot be the International Policeman of the world while China and other countries are looking after their people .

  15. The EU abandoned the Kurds.

  16. Promise's made promise's kept

  17. This showing how weak other counties are if they can't fight with out America😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I believe the President made the right move, God bless America!!!

  19. This is not impulsive.. and stop talking sh*t about Rand Paul. A**holes.

  20. I'm actually confused, dont people like, not want to be in endless war?

  21. Never a mistake to bring our soldiers home alive not in body bags. Foreigners need to fight their own wars because we have our own problems.

  22. There is no God-Given Decree that the US has to sort out all of the world's problems …. at the cost of young American lives. BTW, this was a clueless panel.

  23. We are NOT world Police……. politicians against Pres. Trump need to pack their things and be there to help the kurds but NOT our Military…. Syria is not our fight…… and some other countries.

  24. Beaten by a rake? Making fun of Rand Paul? This panel is a sad joke

  25. As small as our forces are, they can be replaced with forces from that region 10 times over. The military industrial machine hates not having a war.

  26. President Trump wears no one's strings!
    He's the President, and he knows what's best for all of US, as he serves US all, in good faith, and good conscience!!!
    He's the Greatest, and Truest, People's American President, of all time!!!
    Send Germany, France, and all the other Freeloader Countries, their Criminals back, just the way you found them President Trump.
    Let those pinky waving Demoristocrats, take them home, and placate them with their playful platitudes of pointless poo.

  27. There is far more to this than meets the eye. Trust Trumps plan!

  28. Why are we not selling the Kurds weapons with which they can defend themselves? The Kurds have oil, leaving them to align with Assad would reward team Russia with that oil and finance their operations in Syria. It would also open the land bridge from Iran to Syria/Lebanon and provide the explosive powder for the next war against Israel. That will open the door to a massive regional conflict and the shutting down of oil shipment from the region causing a global economic depression. Very short sighted maneuver by President Trump. Nowhere are 200 US soldiers more critical in the world. The benefit to cost in their presence is simply astronomical.

  29. I support President Trump's decision, bring our men and women home from these endless wars. Thank you for being a man of your word President Trump.

  30. Evil Imam's over hundreds of years teaching children to hate their neighbors, and then Bush helped create ISIS by blowing the hell out of Iraq killing 3 million innocents at the request of the Globalists. Obama helped with his part by letting their forces grow and preaching how much he loved Muslims, and how our Constitution is just an outdated document, and the Christian Bible is more violent than the Koran while he helped start a civil war in Syria just after he destroyed Libya.

  31. These commentators ….oh boy there not in people thoughts their not mind readers and they just talk talk talk criticise… That's all

  32. Our military is not your mercenaries!

  33. America isn't the police of the world! Its good the American troops are returning, troops have done more than enough for this country, battling for many years, decades! President Trump is Commander and Chief and knows exactly what he is doing. The President has done so much more than any other president, plus, battling against the deep state over and over again, and proving himself, no obstruction, no collusion, and not only that but much has come against him, presently, multiple CIA leakers! Not whistle blowers! Anyone who can battle against the Deep Deep State and knock'em down! Constantly at war with corrupted democrats, fighting for this country, so that we dont become prisoners of this country and under the control of the deepstate….socialism, puppets, forced against our will! This president shouldn't be criticized by his decisions for this country which he himself loves, President Trump has proven himself over and over again, President Trump is Commander and Chief of the United States of America, We the People elected him so let him do his job!

  34. Fox you’re starting to sound like cnn

  35. Tribal wars. They have been fighting tribal wars since the beginning of time. No more American lives.

  36. Trump pulls troops out: oRaNgE mAn BaD.
    Trump leaves troops there: oRaNgE mAn BaD.
    We came in, removed the bad guys, now the good guys don’t want to fill the void themselves. Why should our people risk their lives to hold their land for them? Let them fight their pointless war in that useless desert for another 1000 years. Survival of the fittest.

  37. Go to hell, Fox News. "But what about the Kurds?!" Yeah, but what about our freaking soldiers? How many US lives is this worth? What about our treasure being dumped into these hellholes for decades at a time instead of being used to better OUR nation or (God forbid) giving all of us tax relief?

    I WANT OUT. NOW. I'm done with this crap.

    And by the way, my husband was a military intelligence analyst for the US Army for nearly 30 years and he agrees with this move 100%.He freaking TAUGHT soldiers about these areas and I think he knows what he's talking about.

    Geez. At what point do we just annex these nations as states and just admit that we're NEVER going to stop interfering in other people's business?

  38. How can we help the Kurds when we can’t defend our borders?

  39. Only Israel what’s us to stay there. They can fight their own fights

  40. We have enough bases in the Middle East to respond accordingly!!….pulling the remaining 50 troops out of Syria, doesn't mean the Sky Is Falling!!

  41. At what point do we get our troops out of Syria? Do we leave a honor guard for the Kurds until the end of time?

  42. In middle East they are the descendants of Ishmael and bible says they would always be in conflict with each other, so get out.

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