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It Doesn’t Matter If Trump Committed A Crime. He Should Still Be Impeached. | Think | NBC News

With impeachment depositions set to begin soon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have narrowed the focus of the impeachment inquiry to Trump’s Ukraine call and the subsequent whistleblower complaint. Corey Brettschneider, professor of political science and policy at Brown University, joined THINK to explain why he thinks that’s a mistake.
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It Doesn’t Matter If Trump Committed A Crime. He Should Still Be Impeached. | Think | NBC News


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  1. Dems are still really peed Hillary not POTUS.

  2. No problem when Democrats destroy evidence under subpoena, conspire with foreign entities to swing an election, violate Federal law – but only Republicans that you don't like should be impeached. This is the state of Democrats and the media today, not much different from thrid world countries, single party rule and dictatorships. How far the Democrats – and the media, have fallen in a short 11 years.

  3. Soooo the Biden's get a.free pass for their CORRUPTION and abuse of power! Demonrats!

  4. I don't like Trump, but I do like the rule of law! How can you actually think this?

  5. No crime, no presumption of innocence, no Rule of Law, Guilty as determined by the Radical Left MOB

  6. Sounds like an abuse of power by the house democrats.

  7. Is that an actual headline, mainstream news' bias is in incredible form now

  8. Your network as a shitshow! LOL look at those views! BWAHAHAH! No one believes your bs anymore!

  9. Free advice:   Drop the TDS and the dumb self inducing blowback hit jobs on Trump, and actually pass bills that will help Americans, like the USMCA, Border security and immigration reform, lower prescription drugs. and maybe dems will have something to talk about. Otherwise is all Trumps credit ( facts) and dems obstructionists, haters, intolerants, socialists, no borders, no laws, no due process, corrupt…etc etc.  Thanks. No charge will be applied to this advice.

  10. That seems to be the current norm with Democrats; blame people even if they are innocent of any crime! Thanks for pointing this out, NBC!

  11. Trump derangement syndrome is strong here.

  12. He did commit a crime. Actually hundreds of crimes.

  13. I see NBC is capable of stooping to indoctrination level lows.

  14. Biden said he did not know about his son business with Burisma…lol  ….  HAVE YOU SEEN THE PHOTO OF JOE, HIS SON HUNTER, AND 2 UKRANIAN EXEC FROM BURISMA PLAYING GOLF??????   lol

  15. Abuse of power = Joe Biden blackmailing BURISMA.  and his druggy kicked out of the navy son with zero experience to get paid millions in the Ukranian energy company seating as a board of directors….Hunter does not even speak Ukranian !!!  BIDEN IS CORRUPT.

  16. Only if you want civil war.  trust me you will loose. I digress.   But we wont because we will reelect Trump the democratic way,  unlike democrats…oh by the way Biden is done. LOL

  17. I think this title says it all…hmmmm, no need for a Constitution, folks!

  18. That title is biased😂🤣🤣😂

  19. Yes!!! I totally agreed

  20. Westwing gangsta wiseguys don't do rules…ha ha screw the US Constitution..ha ha

  21. God bless America and our wonderful President Donald Trump

  22. Shouldn’t seek profit from public office… you mean like Joe Biden.

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