It’s starting to look ‘incredibly suspicious’ for Biden family ‘corruption’: Sen. Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., suspects the Biden family’s business relations with China started ‘as long as Joe Biden’s been in office.’ #FOXBusiness

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  1. All members of government past and present day saton their butts and allowed it to happen. And now you all will talk big but do absolutely nothing about it!’!!

  2. Senator, Biden & his sleazy Dems are just snickering behind your back as they continue to blatantly & shamelessly break every law under Heaven with impunity. They have been doing this since more than 50 years ago when the Big Guy took office. You think the guys in uniform would be able to accomplish what you couldn't in half a century? Just saying . . . . You've tried everything, right, to no avail.

  3. Every citizen needs to go to there district attorney and file criminal charges against president Biden for treason….. just wishing

  4. Garland and the DOJ will not prosecute. Cover up, obfuscate, and lie, yes. Prosecute, no.

  5. Garland is a liar, plain and simple. How he made those statements with a straight face is just amazing. Oh wait, he's been doing that for years. Lots of practice. He's an expert bynow.

  6. Like every biden appointee they all seem to have a degree in twisting the facts and lying…

  7. Thank God Garland wasn't seated on the Supreme Court!

  8. Just wait a little longer. We will
    Get Biden on bigger charges soon. It's what he DID with the documents.


  10. You can ignore the captions, Fox wrote them from their inventions toy box.

  11. Does it mean that Hunter's paintings are not pieces of art worth $500 000 each? Does it mean that he got money for giving access to classified documents?

  12. Brandon is a traitor. I know it, you know it, and they know it. A hundred years ago we would have hung him AND all of his cabinet members. Ahhh, those were the good old daze weren't they ?!

  13. The Bidens should be charged for treason along with Obama and Clinton

  14. 0:01 This cretin heads a criminal organization. He belongs behind bars with members of the Biden Crime Family

  15. Snake #1 lying through his forked tongue daily. At some point you wonder how these professional liars got in office. Oh wait, 80 million idiots voted Democratic in the last election.

  16. Just like the Clint*ns. Nothing was done about them. And nothing will happens to the Biden’s. When evil runs a people, the people moan.

  17. Oh nevermind more money you have more loopholes lawyers find lmao

  18. You don't mean it? I think that's been the issue all along. Biden is a traitor, he is a crook and always has been and has been allowed to fleece Americans for 40 years. I mean he lied so bad the firs time he ran for president the press called him out. Too bad the current press needs to be in jail as well.

  19. Jill biden is an accessory

  20. America is subject to a revolutionary force. Wake up. Just because there's huge numbers of complicit players in the orchestration does not mean they won't all fit in a prison.

  21. Biden doesn’t want to go to jail because he already “went to prison with Nelson Mandela as a political activist in Africa “

  22. Man of lawlessness revealed to all

  23. Liar! my dog can see that there is a 2 tier justice system in this country and it is criminal in nature!

  24. Opposite Day for D.O.J. We DO have two-tiered justice system.

  25. I think there is a different set of rules when it come to rich and poor the Steve H, show said it was pretty much okay to fight someone that has different political views than you and supported it and nobody said anything to him he can say whatever he wants, did it today, if you ask me I think the government pays him to rile people up,$$$$$,.

  26. Garland. Can’t comment on ongoing investigations. Garland, DOJ. Keep the investigations going on for years. Never close a case

  27. I would say incredibly obvious, not suspicious

  28. At what point do you trust a liar? Nothing but liars in the Biden Crime Family administration.

  29. I bet if they investigated enough they'll pull up just as much corruption out of Pelosi Schumer schmuck and all them other demon craps

  30. Keep up your great work Maria !!’

  31. They are lying we got a 2 tear justice system what's good for the Democrats is one thing but Republicans they throw the book at them there's a two-tiered justice system in this country I don't care what they say but there is it's right under your nose you can see it they're lying to the people to make them look good look how they're doing Trump but Joe Biden had a whole bunch of classified records that he was not supposed to have vice president is not supposed to have them the Senate people ain't posed to have them it's against the law only person person can classify declassified is the president

  32. FBI raid on Roger Stone, for minor offence, nothing happens to Hunter, laptop hidden and they lie about it being from Russia. Garland is a fraud.

  33. Garland is a democrat goon

  34. Rules for me not for thee seems that’s how it goes with the Democratic Party

  35. It's how 1/2 of the us… Stimulus money was stolen by China probably the only reason why we had stimulus

  36. He's as much a liar as Joe Biden is.