Monday , November 29 2021
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Jail Fires Back At Judge's Rant Over 'Pantless' Defendant | USA TODAY

A Louisville area judge was outraged when the defendant’s lawyer said her client was denied pants and feminine hygiene products. The jail says the defendant was wearing shorts and processed like any other inmate.

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Jail Fires Back At Judge’s Rant Over ‘Pantless’ Defendant | USA TODAY


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  1. The director is full of shit, just because there is an abundance of items at the jail doesn't mean she had access to them. Wearing what he terms as shorts still doesn't excuse the absence of a prison uniform.

  2. When you get caught here in the Netherlands for shoplifting, you have to pay 250 euro max. And sometimes its a warning.
    If it is a homeless man, then nothing to pay. even not prison.

  3. Oh gee, I bet if a man showed up in court with this story the judge would call the jail right then and there, too! It certainly has nothing to do with the judge being a woman and having empathy strictly because of it!

    A man would get another week in jail if he came to court without pants, nevermind why. But yeah, equality or some bullshit.

  4. You go judge, awesome person !!!

  5. Omg I love the judge she’s amazing

  6. Sisters be helping out eachother

  7. This is USA the land of fascism and racism.

  8. Apparently booty shorts are good enough to go shoplifting in but not good enough to sit in jail in.

  9. I love this judge 😍💙💙💙

  10. I don’t blame the judge. Nobody wants to see an ugly fat black whale walking around with no pants on. Who wants to see that nasty shit?

  11. Plenty of feminine hygiene products at the jail… Worded very well. Still leads one to believe they didn't actually let her have any.

  12. Jail Spokesman:"How can we lie?look at the video,we can say she's wearing shorts,because the world has to believe anything they can see"..NEVER believe the visually accused..I'm sure people jn the court aren't lying,along with that lovely judge

  13. "What,the hell,is going on?" oh you don't KNOW??

  14. You go judge!!! I hope i have someone like if i ever go to jail!…. Real righteousness right there

  15. Good job judge. No one deserves treatment like that.

  16. I’m confused. Did she or didn’t she have pants? The guy said she had shorts on. How does she know she was actually denied stuff, does she always just fly off the seat of her pants without asking questions?

  17. Fires back?? lmao. anyone whos been to jail even on the smallest arrest knows if you cant leave until you see a judge you will be outfitted in jail scrubs.

  18. Yet when I stroll into court with no pants on everyone loses their minds and I get arrested. 🙁

  19. Dam this is messed up but why she stealing tho

  20. You sure she wearing shorts? There are different types of shorts. It looks like your everyday sleepwear or underwear shorts not your typical average something looking shorts you wear outside.

  21. Jails need to get their shit together.

  22. How to get away with a crime: yeah the jail didn’t give me my shoes back

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