Sunday , October 24 2021
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James Bullard on the US economy and potential global slowdown

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard shares his take on the state of the U.S. economy and gives insight on the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting in September.

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  1. So trump wants his hand picked head of the federal reserve to lower rates a whole percentage point, that's what a president asks for when the economy is going under, so trumps obviously lying about the current state of the economy, don't be fools and blindly believe politicians

  2. Switch to cryptocurrencies, the regular financial system is built on privileged money creation and debt which only helps the 1% (and socialists as the government has acess), the middle class loses out.

  3. Let everyone print. Why should Fed have all the fun?

  4. Yea yea, heard this before doomsayers

  5. It is in the best interest of the USA to re-invigorate its industrial production. It keeps American dollars and tax-dollars in the USA. It provides semi-skilled labor jobs to American citizens and these citizens income is taxed and the remainder is spent on goods produced in America and consumed in America. Now, the investors don't like this, but the vast majority of American citizens are not 'investors' and as such what is good for Wall Street and fiancers is not good for America. It also gives us foreign policy freedom in the exact way energy independence has given the USA the ability to ignore Iranian threats in the Strait of Hormuz – in short – it helps keep America out of war.

  6. A bond yield reversal has occurred before every recession in history. Has a recession occurred every time there has been a bond yield reversal? No. Someone needs to explain to me the causal relationship here. Also, the DOW is back up again. Recession cancelled now? You're a bunch of asshats.

  7. Don't blame me, God didn't touch your heart in the way he did to me.

  8. Total BS. Trumpo's trade wars have already caused chaos for Americans…lost thousands of jobs, hurting the farmers and manufacturers. The so-called high employment are only menial jobs, like at fast-food joints and are minimum wage.

  9. Feds are fooling around with markets…Trump is correct again! This is deliberate as they want Trump to loose in 2020 as idiot Bill Maher desires for Americans to lose money and blame Trump for it…

  10. Notice how none of them talked about the dow

  11. Disabling comments = FAKE News

  12. The Anti-American Media so badly hopes for failure and is trying to create it with FAKE pessimism, speculation, and by Repeating the "R" word..

  13. “Hello”, Walmart high earnings this month is due to “BACK TO SCHOOL SPENDING”! How dumb can one be???? LOL!!!!

  14. Zero inflation is better. This never use to be an issue. Get rid of the FOMC.

  15. 11 years not enough time for people to forget where bankers and economists took us. Credibility takes time to earn and in this case perhaps never regained. Hence the continued flight to safety.

  16. Global slow downs are manufactured by the greedy in power. They control paper money, our shackles.

  17. Get rid of the fed and their meddling and this country would be booming.

  18. Fear monger commentators Stop and Repent.

  19. Bullard talks out of his AS-, I thinkl his mouth knows better, just a mouth piece for thE FED.


  21. Stock Markets: (Rising)
    Trump: I made the stocks rise!🤪
    Stock Market: (plunging)
    Trump: it's his fault, its her fault, it's the Democrats fault, its Obamas, just not my fault.😑😑😑

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