Sunday , October 24 2021
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James Comey responds to DOJ inspector general report

FBN’s Ashley Webster on the Department of Justice inspector general’s report on former FBI Director James Comey.

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  1. The machine has no problem finding shills to assassinate the character of their targets. But when it comes to evidence, none of them can repeat what they have spewed over the airwaves for months, in a court, under oath. No prosecutor would touch it because there was no crime.

  2. Comey is a pervert, when I lived in Edinburg Texas cops invaded my privacy without me knowing, they took pictures of me and send them to Comey, and then call me invented all these lies about me to cover up his dirty filthy schemes. Everybody should know what this pervert did, being ashamed doesn't do me any good. But exposing the truth into the light is so much better.

  3. Oh he's going to try to weasel himself out of this.


  5. I thought it was well known and admitted by Comey that he gave his notes to the media

  6. Comey's arrogance is even worse than the crimes.

  7. There MUST be real consequences for these officials. Otherwise, we concede and accept we have special privilage for higher-ups. It's like the sale of political indulgences, or something.

  8. Comey and his commie allies skate skit free as the Clintons regardless of whatever blue dresses /smoking guns /severed brakes lines or rediscovered emails anyone finds.

  9. Its funny. This. Mother fucker. Tried to Over throw. The president. Of The UNITED STATES. Treason

  10. It's depressing that this traitor is still walking around wasting my oxygen.

  11. Like with the Clintons, alot of talk, alot of evidence, and then nothing happens!

  12. ""morally unfit to be FBI director"

  13. those dudes never observe the law. just want us to do that, typical of the upper crust and their helpers

  14. nothing but scandal. anything good is rare

  15. This injustice crap is going to stop one way or another because if it doesn't there will be a civil war!

  16. One good thing when the time comes & it will. He wont be lonely in JAIL 🇺🇸😀🇺🇸

  17. Barr's just another swamp rat bastard like the rest of's time for a convention of states!

  18. Why is he not in jail. And Clinton. What an absolute joke

  19. I think we the people of the USA should seek a class action lawsuit against Mr James comedy over his behavior as FBI director.

  20. Is it any surprise that Comey was not charged?

  21. COmey conspired to commit a "bloodless coup" of a duly elected president" COmey is a traitor…period..Stay in Blue Country Jimmy BOy. You are NOT welcome in America

  22. Basically Comey is telling the department of Justice the FBI the CIA and the doj and the IRS don't have the balls to charge him!
    Comey sucks

  23. I sure hope the IG gets Comey the m effer on the FISA warrants with his signature on it!!!

  24. dear comey….I'm so sorry that you're a lying, leaking, piece of sh** , brennen clapper and most of all oboma…..Holy crap!!!!!!

  25. Anyone keeping count of how many of their own Republicans have thrown under the bus since Trump came into office?

  26. Why isn’t comey in prison? He is a liar and leaker. I would like to see this phony under cross examination by a good attorney.


  28. Dirty, creepy,dirty,dirty cop exposed.

  29. Come on people what do you expect he's a Democrat

  30. DEFAMED self , disgraced self , abused FBI position, propagated false claims, proved being untrustworthy, IS & was major saboteur of President Trump. Devoid of ethics, James Comey is a total disgust, but , according to Mr Comey, this is everybody else’s fault.

  31. Same Corruption, Different players. Country is LOST.

  32. You just demonstrated your lack of knowledge, blatant ignorance and lust for just the headlines. 
    Whether you like it or not, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is afforded the rank and privilege of being an ‘original, classifying authority.’  Every Director of the FBI is allowed this policy to make decisions at the top of the ladder.  This means that the Director of the FBI sets the rules for the vast majority of actions and is only governed by the stipulations of the U.S. Constitution. 
    The reason the DOJ didn’t prosecute Comey is because he is afforded that right.  No different than Trump attempting to circumvent Congress to prevent people from testifying under oath using ‘Executive Privilege.’   You may only love this law when it suits your political narrative, but that merely shows your total lack of logic, fairness and understanding of what actually happens. 
    No surprise there.  The VAST majority of the USA is comprised of mediocre taxpayers who love to whine…when they don’t even know the truth. Imbeciles.

  33. I find it so funny reading all the comments here and people actually defending Comey like he’s some kind of hero. 😂 This guy is a liar and a leaker who’s conduct at the FBI was at best disgraceful after he became stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome. He screwed up not one, but two of the most important investigations in American history. Comey definitely proved that the president was right by firing him. Let’s see them try to get Trump on obstruction by firing Comey now. It’s obvious that the people defending Comey are Trump haters and I’ll leave them with this final thought. Remember, you’re defending the guy who cost you the 2016 election!

  34. The swamp and its slimy inhabitants say they are not guilty.


  36. Pure SWILL, if this guy is not prosecuted to the hilt America will pay for it dearly because it will go to show all that the high and mighty will never be punished for their wrong doings. Wait and see but this is either the beginning of the end for either equal justice under the law or compete utter chaos going forward?

  37. comey, the ONLY thing you deserve is …………………… The Military Tribunal !!

  38. Hillary Clinton and Jame Comey are the untouchables because they think that they are too smart and good lawyers and they know how to go around the law. No equal justice for all under the law. Double standard system. Their best defense is the offense and lie and set the people how dangerous these people are. Just wonder how many people lives and careers and families that Jame Comey set them up and destroyed like he set the General Flynn up and destroyed his career and his finances .

  39. so we can assume that crimes shouldn't ever be punished if high crimes like these don't get punished. the justice system is no longer fair and blind and shouldn't ever be taken serious ever again. there is no point in following any laws, paying taxes or even going the speed limit anymore. the justice system, doj, scotus are now void. let the anarchy begin


  41. TRUMP LIED again! America thanks you James Comey!

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