Monday , January 25 2021
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James Comey to testify before Senate Judiciary

Former F.B.I. Director James Comey is expected to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his role in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

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  1. Comey is guilty of treason, plain and simple

  2. Did the chairman just say,The Intelligence Program Is To Surveil Terrorists In Our Country,Why In The Hell Is A Terrorist In Our Country To Begin With,Objective Should Be To Keep Them Out Not Let Them In,PERIOD 😡

  3. Harass private citizens in the privacy of their home. Someone who's a you ppl are pathetic.

  4. Some ones going to jail for a looonnggg time…get it..

  5. They have been trying to discredit trump since before he became President they failed!! and yet they are still trying again to stop him from achieving a second term!! don’t they realise how this makes them look in the eyes of the American people??!! They give the American people little credit for intelligence!! I think this is something they will regret come the election!!

  6. It will happen again ,if no jail time & full pensions

  7. Dishonest man knew it directed it , & will get away with it

  8. Also it was reviled that the Clintons received more $$$ then Trump ever did (if any). The Comey FBI were bias and still have moles in place…now the CIA is refusing to release documents related to the Carter Page illegal spying.

  9. Hey, Mr, Comey, do you remember when you sold out the US people? was it when LL said you could become…..

  10. la preuve que ses le temps ca change je nen revien pas despersonne meurt as cause du covid as oui depuis de nombreuse anne vous acceptier quil tu un bebe si cetais une fille parcequil avait trop de personne as cette endroit et pourtant nous la majoritee des humain sur terre naccep^terais pas mais vous gouvenement avez jamais rien fais pour faire la geurre pour du petrol voilas la preuve que votre bien etre est plus important dans se moment avec la covid

  11. ses moi ou personne na jamais compris le fonctionnement de letre humain de ce quoi un etre humain est pres ou peut faire voyon sa prend pas scientifique dans lage de jesus cela existais le mal et le bien comme pour vous asseyer de vole les information des autre pays comme eu font comme vous les espion existe comme pour le crime faux juste des decennie pour quil place leur pion as las bonne place comme si cetais un jeu dechec et le pire de ca comme poyur jesus ou meme cesar leur perte va etre par quelqun de proche

  12. no no stay whit what you say

  13. probleme is one say just need say before what i say is all evidence is there there

  14. Me durbin you need to show your taxes

  15. lie lol all email lock inside email onedrive

  16. is what come inside my screen that moment jakarta some insue i tink whit lesage

  17. "I don't recall…" says the former head of the F.B.I.? … Riiiiiiiiiiight.

  18. He dose not even know what papers he is signing for a fisa warent says and signs it how could he k now anything he has been asleep at the wheel

  19. FBI should stop bringing up the wrong that russia might have dine wrong they should be taking respinci ility of them doung mych worst things o ver and over directly against trum p s campain and for 4 more years after

  20. In the FBI fisa court wrng doing can only be blamed soaly on the leader not running his responsibility s. He allowed signing wihout knowing what he signed

  21. I just wonder when the children from the liberal media begin to grow up and stop this bashing of the president. I personally know many people who have come down with C-19 and they all have recovered and doing just fine. They have no issues health wise and have made a full recovery. So my question to the non medical liberal media why don't you find a new store, this is getting old on the bash session and just so I'm clear you have driven a wedge in this nation with you arrogant attitude. I know Dems that even said that your fake news is getting old. America is trying to heal and all you can do is continue your childish ways. So grow up and stop dividing this nation and help start the healing process.

  22. Again another hearing about fisa wrong doing and all demicrats are just taking there time to speak and all they want to do is go off topic just to kick trump and false allugations with no facts to back you big mouths up t a lk about the fisa issuezs not what trump did or didnt do in your opinion

  23. You people have to put foreward facts before you open your mouth and say russa is right now involved in the 20 20 election what excatly are they doing and lease show the facts before you run your mouth you are just lieing show something dated as a fact if they are or shut the fuc k up enough

  24. Dirt Bag Comey! He knows it!

  25. Comey has sealed his own fate.

  26. None of this would have happened if hillary clinton had all of those emails that were hacked was all her fault so she should be held accintable but she was excused by the 2nd person doubg bad against our fair election was peter struck all of them started this with a meeting in tge oval office with former presedent and former vise oresident all are players aganst the people of suppirt of now president trump they should all be held accontable and go to JAIL!!!!!!!!……………

  27. We want election canceled because of safety until vivid is out of globe and judiciary have place treason election running party cases in place including Barr miss use of power and Nancy p retire

  28. Comey is scared and he knows his in trouble. Comey knows they are coming for him and the rest of the deceiving lying Democrats. it's going to be a blast to watch the day they all get arrested and we get to see it right on the news. The crooked news along with the crooked Democrats

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