Thursday , August 11 2022

Jan. 6 Committee Schedules Last-Minute Hearing With 'Surprise Witness'

The January 6th Committee added an additional hearing on Tuesday featuring “recently obtained evidence” and an unnamed witness. Scott Wong reports.

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  1. After all this that they're doing and all this evidence if they do not put these people in jail including Trump it would be a waste of time, money an insult to the American people

  2. Hopefully the cuckold coward Pence has got scared again and has decided it's better to sing than play dumb.

  3. How much money is this costing the American Public? We're struggling out here.

  4. How long has this hearing gone for now?

  5. Still no leaks? You're kidding me.

  6. I bet they found something super incriminating on John Eastman’s phone.

  7. My new favourite suspense show. Is there a second season in the works?

  8. The surprise will be if anyone watches.

  9. You people are delusional pathetic wrong thinkers

  10. It'll be a surprise nothing burger, Trump's guilty of nothing

  11. Yeah. The circus must go on. During Ghislaine Maxwell's sentencing hearing.
    The day after the J6 Sergeant at arms, who resigned J7, and who called for investigation into the funding of paid agitators, dies mysteriously.
    Look here, not there.

  12. Why has the Committee not shown the Trail of Trumps Money and How he has used the Money Donations to better himself. SHOW ME?????

  13. Can it be Matt Gaetz, in a deal of immunity for his crimes, and there were many……it is worth it, totally, who of the hundred or so Repubs lawmakers….?

    …only the first whistleblower gets a deal……so exciting

    A real blockbuster tv ratings tomorrow, I am ready to watch now…..haha

  14. The noose is tightening around Trump and cronies.

  15. It will be Trump, finally admitting he lost the election…..haha

  16. In the spirit of JULY 4th, be there, in front of your tv, it will be wild…!


  17. Pelosi was the surprise witness.getting anywhere?waste of time

  18. Trump could be persuaded to plead guilty to everything simply by appealing to his massive ego. Just tell him that he's going to go down in history as the greatest criminal President America has ever seen. That entire narratives will be delivered about his actions for decades to come. Ultimately, he'll be guaranteed to be the center of attention for years to come. Even in jail.

  19. Look forward to it fed up with Trump and his maga bullcrap.

  20. Cancel it – what a waste of time and taxpayer money! This is only about stopping Trump in the future – spite and all of America sees it!

  21. Anyone want to guess to who the surprise is? Ex Vice President Pence. Or Melania. Lol

  22. The surprise witness is sucker Democrats rioting on june 26th🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Let me guess, the walls are FINALLY, JUST FINALLY, closing in on Trump

  24. This woman is Presidential material. GOP Voters would do themselves a great disservice to not vote for her again

  25. If they don’t name the witness ahead of time they are trying to protect them. It will be a bombshell, 🤯

  26. I think it'll be Mo Brooks because he has a score to settle with Donald Trump, who withdrew his support for Brooks's run for the Senate in favor of another candidate.

  27. I bet it's the cookie monster from Sesame Street. 🍪

  28. Interesting! Home run?

  29. Liz is giving instruction and pushing for democrats to switch parties and vote for he in the primaries. She know she will lose if it is up to the states heavily Republican population. This November will be a disaster for Dems. with this committee, inflation, high gas and food prices, formula shortage, disastrous pull out of Afghanistan, and now the Biden recording bombshell." You're in the clear"

  30. I guess Biden will be his cell mate after the hunter biden leaked phone call just released him talking about corruption deals with China.But trump if he ever goes which doubt will be out in a day thanks to democrats great crime policies putting criminals back on streets immediately but don't get your pants wet nothing will come out of this. Well be celebrating the new independence day Nov 2024

  31. Most of these far left opinion channels disable comments, I’m surprised. 🤔