Janet Yellen is either ‘delusional’ or ‘not being honest’ with America: GOP senator

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., argues the Biden administration has added more ‘fuel to the fire’ of stagflation. #FOXBusiness

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  1. BIDEN = FAITH, LOVE & TRUST- 20223 ????

    Republicans and democrats campaign for office

    In God's land of liberty, justice and choice.

    Deliberately shaping their future in history

    By their judgment, accomplishment and voice.

    Only trust God's heroes of life

    Driven by love, liberty and country's call.

    Propelled by duty, honor and faith

    Pledging to protect and defend justice for all.

    Our world has become more dangerous than ever

    Due to war, hate, plunder, greed and disease.

    Take heed therefore and ponder your vote

    As you pray for our shepherds on your knees.

    Never be afraid to be proud of America

    And march with the thankful, honorable and just.

    Never surrender our blessing to vote

    Standing firm for what we believe, love and trust!

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

    George Bush Tom Zart


  3. There needs to be a serious forensic investigation into SVB. I think it is very suspicious that this Venture Capitalist Firm even had a banking license. They accepted Bitcoin and other Cryptos as deposits from Americans and Foreigners alike. Many of these crypto deposits could be from illegal arm sales. Drug Cartels, Entities violating Russian/Iranian Sanctions etc. etc. Just who are we bailing out? The public deserves to know. The Bank Regulators had an office in the Bank and let this happen, WHY? It has all the markings of a Multi-Billion Dollar Money-Laundering Scheme. This was a massive Bank Liquidity problem that was permitted to exist right before the Regulators eyes. There was a purpose and reason for allowing SVB to exist and then go bankrupt. It did not just happen! There needs to be a criminal investigation into the depositors and where the deposits came from.

  4. Dodd/Frank didn't work and Frank is on the board of that bank that defaulted so that is the pivotal point for an investigation and prosecution not a bail out.

  5. I think Yellen is delusional, deceptive and senile like Biden. Step up Congress and listen to Ron Johnson.

  6. Sineamericatedchirilebronfondomonetario

  7. Only a complete fool would believe ANYTHING janet yellen says

  8. She's both..too old for the job. As Biden is.

  9. She smokes Dope like the rest of her Lunnies

  10. Yellen is looking down on the paper to read "Our Banking system is sound, even if it came under some pressure". Well, looks like pressure washer is "ON" and their system is making sounds. Pressure washer is "ON" and depositors need to be protected. This means they will try and find this pressure washer, but for now they'll just give it more to wash just to see who's got it.

  11. Are all Democrats delusional? From AOC to Pelosi and Joe the senile Biden?

  12. Yellen is a tool of the deepest state, everyone should know this, look at her CV and what she has done in the past. Americans are really stupid like sheep

  13. Janet Yellen doesn’t think it’s deficit spending 😩 what a moron💥🤯🤪🤪🤯🤪🤪🤯🤪🤪🤪

  14. I’m pretty sure Janet Yellen is about to lose it because she has no idea how to fix it 💥. She’s such a moron but that’s not surprising in the Biden administration 😩💥🤯💥🤪💥🤯💥🤪

  15. I can’t handle listening her delusional statements, the way she talks is painful.

  16. Can we have someone not 80yrs old responsible for our money……..

  17. No country or individual person can borrow money with repayment. It’s a sure way to go bankrupt.
    The US government for decades printed money & issued Treasury bonds to get the cash to fund government expenditure. But the government did not cut spending. The government needs to cut spending & repay the debt. Without doing this, the country will go into bankruptcy.
    For a start, the US government cab shut down half the military bases around the world. The US has more than 800 military bases around the world & they cost $billions to maintain. This money should be spent on Americans living in poverty or are homeless & on improving infrastructure in the US. For a large country without high speed rail is shameful. Go to New York & look at the subways & train system.
    The US government is more interested in maintaining its hegemony than looking after its citizens & the country.
    Maintaining hegemony & bullying the world is a sure way to go bankrupt.

  18. Yellen believes in her own lies in & out talking air. She just following rules b.s. like a robot

  19. Democrats are thieves. They know exactly what they are doing.

  20. Put the blame where it belongs…. Trump rolled back regulations. They are all coming home to roost, both the railway safety regulations and the banking “stress tests”

  21. she should be put out to pasture

  22. The difference between the Biden crime family and the cosa nostra is Bidens want their bribes wired while the old school gangsters were ok with brown envelopes and duffel bags full of cash. How dumb do you have to be to leave bank records documenting your criminal activities? How safe do you have to feel to think you can get away with this obvious corruption? This shows how corrupt law enforcement has become and how slimy the press has become.

  23. I see so many upset people typing on these boards, when are people gonna actually do something about what is pissing them off so bad? If you’re not going to do anything don’t be so mad it’s not good for your health what’s the definition of insanity?

  24. There ain't nuthin uglier than an old white woman
    Fred Sanford, Sanford and Son

  25. What got me was the difference in the debt per person verses the debt per taxpayer! Thank you for showing that. Are there that many people NOT paying taxes?

  26. She is delusional. Just explore other comments she's made about climate change and how she planned to use her position to save the planet and force us to buy electric cars and stop traveling and live with less. She sounds like a communist Democrat Party shill and she's a believer in the Climate War.

  27. She is part of the global elites that want a digital currency and doesnt want to fix things but to collapse things to bring in the NWO system

  28. I say she is delusional……

  29. 🪨probably your COBALT is 'fake', just like FOX. 🪨