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Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin crew hold press conference after successful spaceflight

Bezos presented his mother with a necklace he wore into space and discussed plans for Blue Origin’s future.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Did they hit the firmament? Why stop at 66 miles?

  3. No re-entry, no big deal. PR stunts.

  4. What did you like the best about it Wally ?
    Well, I really was attracted to the design of the rocket. Its just like my very own pocket rocket – but on a massive scale. I find that verrrrry stimulating and was just ecstatic when it worked.

  5. I was more impressed by the guy who tied a bunch of helium balloons to his lawn chair and took a ride.

  6. “Corrupt billionaire tests rocket used to escape earth after destroying it”, there I fixed the title for you.

  7. Bezo is the devil’s confidante… like Jen Psaki is the devil’s b****.

    God sees everything 🧿

  8. Diane is a 10/10. rare breed indeed.


  10. Moral: Money makes many things

  11. I’m sorry bezos made it back home safely.

  12. No one is Mexican 😢😢😭😭

  13. 62 miles is technically space and 1400 mph is fast … BUT
    ISS is 5 times higher and orbital velocity is 20 times faster.
    Cool, but this was a carnival ride.
    Bezos isn't even close to SpaceX's successful delivery of Astronauts to ISS.
    Let's not forget the StarShip and it's spectacular accomplishments.

  14. Talk about white privilege.

  15. Where's Kamala?Don't they always show us Kamala walking behind Sleepy Joe. Isn't it strange ever since she went to the hospital this past Sunday that we haven't seen her at all this week.

  16. Space touring is the best way of spending money ….,

  17. I remember this white guy from the sitcom the big bang theory.

  18. We just don’t want to deal with the trashy attitudes coming from STEM now, we want to be a nation of successful believers who also love science 🌌

  19. Bezos? The guy who pushes black supremacy blm klan propaganda thru his store? Not cool

  20. China must learn how to land its booster nicely and controllably like the Blue Origin,
    – not falling uncontrollably onto people's heads like the Long March.

  21. i dont consider that space.
    i dont even consider the international space station space.
    go to the Moon and i will be somewhat impressed

  22. Private citizens are racing to visit the outer edge of the space
    – while China🇨🇳 is still trying to copycat the abandoned Soviet Mir space station…lol

  23. This was accomplished 60 years ago.

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