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Jeff Gordon talks rise to fame in NASCAR and filling in for Dale Jr | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

Jeff Gordon talks about his rise to fame in NASCAR, filling in for Dale Jr, transition to the TV booth and the possibility of taking over Hendrick Motorsport.

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Jeff Gordon talks rise to fame in NASCAR and filling in for Dale Jr | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

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  1. Greetings from Owensboro Kentucky
    We love Mikey!!!!

  2. Jeff Gordon is and was my favorite driver I collected thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia only to have stolen last December, and trying to start over all again is hard because most were numberd.

  3. Jeff said he's been watching…. he hasn't.

  4. Dear Nascar fans…Disney/Nascar has left us in order to please the G@N grabbers….contact your favorite driver and Nascar to let them know how you feel about the 2Nd

  5. Jeff un Spain for the Talk of Cars of see to Nascar, Gordon is the Máster…… Always

  6. After Mikey told Jeff he was the first kid to hop into a great car and organization without even had proved himself, it would have been hilarious if Jeff had answered him back with "How did you continue to have such a long career in a ride with no wins until he got with DEI?"
    Love ya Mikey!

  7. Don't understand all the griping. I hear them just fine.

  8. yes padding for the chairs boss……  lol    … and the sound is a hurendous crash flash !!!  lets try a single mic in the center of the chairs. to pick up both guests equally   or a set of headphones  .so they can hear that they are not in front of the mic… mike.!!. i mean dale jrs podcast sound is something you should discuss getting closer too… fox can do it  got to have competition  ….   QUE YOU ROSCO P. COLETRAIN…….get your dipstick  off of daisys cooter bo / ps i saw the doc.. i lived it live back in 2001 and i thought that the doc had a bit of video clarity issues on the big screen maybe it was just my theatre not using the correct frame rate.. but it seemed in low definition .. i thought that part of it was something that could have been better but the story and more importantly the book were well told… heart felt…and for a young man like myself  that drove down in a pickup truck and slept in a camper shell  eating free breakfast at the days inn at lakeside drive mooresville and turned in resumes` all over the carolina shops including micheal waltrip racing and rcr .. those days will never be forgotten nor replaced….LIVE LIFE..ALIVE. Godspeed

  9. Gordon making those crazy passes in the corners, diving to the inside, and just driving around to lead the race. All those laps he led, all the poles, the wins, the championships, was a great time in NASCAR. Ray was great. The battles with Dale, I was on the edge of my seat. They won't let any driver get 8 championships, they already have their king.

  10. The audio needs to be evened out so Mickey is not way louder than his guest .

  11. There are so many things about your interviews that are great, but if it wasn't for the closed captions I don't think I would have gotten as much of Jeff's answers. Very entertaining hour, thank you.

  12. Love it Mikey! Keep on providing great content!!

  13. Wonderboy sure doesn't hesitate to brag on himself

  14. Come on guys he is trying to get this cast up and running let's all give credit to Michael. And the more subscribers the better the equipment will be . All that said he has great guest and I find it really good

  15. Fox Sports. Set up the microphones better.

  16. Love Jeff’s interview and his early racing years. You’ll were speaking of Kenny Schraeder – would love for you to have him on your show (sure miss him and his antics)and catch up with what he’s doing now.

  17. Those chairs look like they would be miserable to sit on for over an hour at a time.

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