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J&J CFO claims the company didn’t cause opioid crisis in Oklahoma

Johnson & Johnson CFO Joseph Wolk on being ordered to pay $572 million for its role in Oklahoma’s opioid crisis.

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  1. Drug dealers never admit to criminal activity. It's all about making billions in profit.

  2. I had a inoperable brain tumor, if it were not for opioids I would have died from the pain excruciating pain. When I got off iPods I was off in 30 days no withdrawal and no cravings when the pain was gone . Thenopiods was the only thing that stopped the pain. Sick people need to get their pain management pain is a killer. I don’t even understand why anyone would want it if they dint have pain, it doesn’t give a high or anything it just kills pain.

  3. The whole sue-the-pharmaceutical-companies thing is a total charade. There is, unfortunately, an ongoing need for pain relief in this country. Johnson & Johnson and the other manufacturers are filling a legitimate need. These lawsuits are designed to help a lot of lawyers get rich. They're the only Americans who will benefit from this litigation. They won't help a single American living every single day with agonizing, unrelenting pain. Don't they have rights any more? If any of these self righteous lawyers ever find themselves in a horrible auto accident, for example, I bet they will change their tune about opoid pain medication.

  4. Shouldn’t the people taking the painkillers have any responsibility in this? Like anyone doesn’t know painkillers are addictive and if you take them a long time you’re gonna have it bad. Let’s blame the people giving us this darn pain relief. How dare they give us what we need to get out of bed. They should just cut everyone off the painkillers. See how you like that bitches.

  5. I agree with J&J. To some degree, irresponsible doctors, but I don't believe there are many. Most doctors do not want to lose their license to practice. The primary cause is anemic response to illegal trafficking. Make the "war on drugs" a real war…the kind where the enemy gets hurt and killed…and the fools will think twice about becoming drug mules.

  6. Of course they didn't, they like the rest of big pharm just make money off of it.
    It is sad that now some have to suffer with pain because they can not get medication.
    Not everyone is an addict. A sad situation.

  7. Nah it wasnt us. We were the genital cancer from the asbestos talc.
    Im not meant to tell them that?
    Well go take some more pills and forget about.
    Im John from Johnsons sons John Johnson.
    We didnt do any opoid or cancet we just pay the big fines for our pollution to help the environment.
    Im fired? But guys what did I say? Well I took those pills we make. Im totally wasted right now.

  8. Why not just manufacture addictive medications in varying degrees of strength to help slowly reduce or prevent the possibility of creating addicts in the first place. The cold turkey (quit/withdrawal) process that many people have to endure is simply too much for some. (You already know that) I think more physical therapy and advice after an injury may also be beneficial so people don't over do what their body is capable of too quickly while medicated or during recovery and afterwards. Help them by offering a way of weaning people slowly if needed to aid in establishing proper maintenance dosages or requirements if any in the future. Don't over price things, lower dosages should cost less. If Doctors, Therapists, and Manufacturers all got involved I think it would help. You all have to be honest though, stop gouging people with unattainable high prices otherwise people are forced to go to the streets.

  9. Aloha All, As an RN, this is a scam to pick JNJ's pockets since these medications were clearly labeled & individually prescribed by MDs & JNJ is not responsible for individual & MD's decision to prescribe & take this or any medication. Moderately severe to severe unmanaged pain WILL CAUSE DEMENTIA & THE BRAIN WILL ACTUALLY SHRINK UP TO 15%, SO PAIN DENIAL/BITING THE BULLET IS FOOLISH & WILL CAUSE ONE TO BECOME STUPID & NON FUNCTIONAL! Mark RN, retired, Do no harm, help all who ask & need help

  10. They need to be on trial for crimes against humanity.

  11. I’m one of the hundreds of thousands of chronic pain sufferers who have had our quality of life destroyed by Jeff Sessions making us scapegoats in the beginning by blaming us for the opioid crisis. His cutting our pain medication down to a such low level has caused hundreds of people to commit suicide because there are no alternatives effective enough for many of us. Their blood is on his hands! Now we know the chronic pain sufferers were not the cause. Big Pharma, a handful of crooked doctors, China and the Mexican Cartels that are flooding this country not only with heroin & fentanyl but also with prescription drugs caused this crisis. Chronic pain sufferers covet our pain meds. We don’t sell them because we need them to live. The CDC has back tracked on their initial accusations since Sessions was fired. But now doctors are afraid to prescribe opioids for people who truly need them. Typical government BS blaming innocent law abiding people and passing laws that criminalize them instead of placing blame where it truly belongs.

  12. Anyone that manufactures or sells opioids is responsible and all should be held accountable.

  13. Unless they're in with the doctors prescribing and pushing the drugs to patients I see no fault whatsoever.

  14. All they need to do is arrest the Mayors of all the Democrat run citys for secretly selling the opioids and meth…

  15. Of course J&J didn't cause it, the whiny users who can't handle responsibility caused their own demise.

  16. How to stop opioid addiction.
    You pick up your one prescribed pill, everyday from pharmacy.
    Problem solved, BUT THAT'S NOT CONVENIENT.🤔

    Because most people are to lazy to do this, so you would easily spot the addict waiting in line every day.

  17. The problem is they went through every step they had to to get this drug on the market. The problem is the Food and drug administration should be paying close attention to everything they approve. Anything on the market should have to be reported back on every 6 months by the company after approved and or if they notice anything. Both need to be doing there job and keeping and eye on products their dealing with.

  18. “We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”
    – Ronald Reagan

  19. Yet not a word on humans with addictive traits, gambling, drugs, to sugar candy.

  20. It's good medicine for chronic pain which isn't over-used or addictive for people understanding how to manage it, rather than abusing it! So what else are they going to take away as addictive?!!!!! There's way too much HYPE about it as well as with the CBD craze….

  21. People choose to abuse drugs. Doctors shouldn't be prescribing drugs to obvious drug addicts.

  22. trump has the lowest voter approval rating of all time….He wont get re elected.🇺🇸

  23. Political game Trump wants gets out Powell from Fed use China as cheqer in game.This is not gone happens .Unfortunately.

  24. Maybe J&J didn't cause the opioid crisis, but they sure didn't help the situation by pushing this horrible substance. And using incentives to have doctors pushing these drugs. Yes, pain management is important, but are there other ways to deal with pain? I suffer from chronic pain, but don't use these pain killers because they only work for a short time. Then you become an addict that's in pain.

  25. Watch Dow Jones +500 to 100 points today

  26. Doesn't matter who is right or wrong, it's where you lay the blame.😪

  27. You just have to drive through Oklahoma to see they had issues well before J&J.

  28. You bought the opium from China, put into a selling form, and probably paid Doctors with incentaves to push your product. Same as a steat drug dealer. Johnson, & Johnson you are truly Deplorable !

  29. Thanks to all you addicts I cant get any effing drugs, and I need it. So thanks 4 that.

  30. It weren't us it was the dope fiends what dunit

  31. And the sun doesn't cause sunburn.

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