Job seekers speak out about pulled employment offers

College graduates are speaking out about landing jobs, only to have those offers rescinded. Companies like Meta and Amazon have acknowledged pulling job offers as they also lay off workers with concerns about a slowing economy. NBC News’ Brian Cheung has what you need to know.

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  1. Seeing she drives a newer $50k+ luxury car probably at the age of 21 and lives in an area where houses are going for atleast $1.2million (check the mailbox address near the end of the video) she will be fine. Her parents will most likely continue to fund her upper class lifestyle and will be responsible to purchasing her first home.

  2. companies should be charged a penalty for retracted job offered. That should keep them on their feet before they make a job offer.

  3. Yup she going to end up in da streets

  4. Hahaha when ur parents want a safe job for you so they send you to college only to graduate with debt and not able to land a job lol, I’d rather be trading.

  5. If companies keep doing this, the next shoe that's going to drop is new grads will accept multiple offers and then later rescind their acceptances only after they have started with the company they like most.

  6. As an elder Millennial, I don't feel empathy for her.

  7. Can one buy insurance or agree only if the employer signs an agreement to pay 2 wks wages if they break the deal?

  8. and yes, companies no longer need entry level workers .
    In most companies, the staff was more than necessary, and 40% of them did insignificant work.
    Now senior employees will do using ChatGpt what their junior coworkers used to do and thereby save money for the company

  9. more proof that college is a scam

  10. I quit a job as a Recruiter once bc they had me rescind hundreds of offers after I had collected all the new hires’ personal info including SSNs, etc. It seemed very unfair and shady and I didn’t want to be associated with bad business.

  11. This is one of the signs of a massive economic downturn IMO. Cannot keep kicking the debt bucket down the road. Y'all wanted to much from the Feds. Anyways employees must always remain savvy and pivoting in the world of getting and working a job. Always leveraging their assets to get best results. Your employer surely is.

  12. "Labour Shortage"

  13. Failure to interview, cancelling jobs after interviews, claiming that people "aren't working out," all while complaining about being understaffed due to a lack of qualified applicants.
    What I'm seeing is this: Hiring managers have no experience in training and developing staff. The first hiring decision is to get the person who knows the detail of the job in the agency, not just familiar with the subject matter of the industry. This leads to internal hires only, multiple job switches within agencies and enterprises, and considerable overwork of the small pool of people available – until they have a breakdown.
    Companies got real spoiled by those people who did not leave during the most stressful periods of the pandemic, and demand that these workers continue to work at that heightened stress level even now. It's creating massive job growth, as burnt staff leave jobs to look somewhere else.
    Unfortunately for these dumb companies, they're expecting new hires to come in and perform like aged employees without a break-in period.

  14. Pretty white girl problems

  15. She graduated with a degree in Marketing. Much of that workforce is being reduced or replaced with AI. She and others like her need to come up with a plan and change direction. The AI replacing them is in its infancy, but already taking over.

  16. This sounds like such a betrayal. So many companies expect employee loyalty, but offer none back. In this case, even a job offer isn't a sure thing. I wouldn't move to an expensive city without a job already lined up or some kind of assured income. Perhaps an extended visit to scout out and be local when applying. But I'd have an exit strategy just in case.

  17. “Build back better” 😂😂😂

  18. they are not even hiring its all for data lets be real

  19. this happened to me last year and im a professional already with almost 10 years of experience. they rescinded my offer and it was a smack in the face. posted about reviews on them for future candidates. fast forward this year, I am working a great WFH position, better pay (I mean alsmot doubled than what down in Florida they were offering me) and a better position. that place would of been terrible to work at and I would of been overqualified. worked out for me, but to have job offers rescinded, employers better watch out because we are noticing and will play the game too. even twice as better, its business right? so don't feel some type of way when we find the next job that pays more just less than a year after we come on. and we will write those reviews so we won't stay shut.

  20. “Nobody wants to work anymore.” – people who are shocked they’re not getting away with exploitation.

  21. Maybe get a job thats in demand

  22. I know this is not the point but I had to laugh. San Diego to waitress? Just stay home w momma and daddy’s money. Her reality is clearly not part of the majority where they need to have started saving and collecting work experience their junior year of undergrad to find a stable entry level position otherwise poverty and crushing debt is around the corner. Even the best companies aren’t safe now esp if your work culture has a shakey reputation and you are faced w the increased development of AI

  23. For Amazon the problem is the service is killing them.

  24. Lol she'll be an onlyfans star before too much longer. At least pretty girls will always have an option.

  25. “Careers” don’t exist anymore.

  26. Look at the house the chick lives in. Im sure shes okay.

  27. Well this is always funny to me, I worked 2 years before my college started. And 12 years later haven’t stopped

  28. Welcome to the American worker force, where everything favors the corporation and CEO, and nothing favors the actual worker.

  29. 2020 grads be 😂❤❤

  30. Well, why don't we just lie to our employers as they lie to us?

  31. While I was in college, I got a job offer at a new Amazon warehouse. So I put my two week notice in at my current place. Except my Amazon onboarding log in didn't work and their HR gave me a run around until I eventually have up. I never got a start date and never either for Amazon. And I was out of my current job as they had already hired my replacement.

    So now, in my career, I will not resign from a job until I start working in my new one. I just take a "vacation" and I put in my two weeks notice if I like the new place after a couple weeks

  32. And if you were on a student Visa from an abroad country, find a new job in that relevant field of study in under 90 days or go back to your own country. Now that’s real pressure..

  33. Awwww, silver spoon has to find another another silver spoon….