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Joe Theismann on Carli Lloyd's NFL offer, Gronkowski's CBD venture

Former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann discusses the opportunity for women to participate in professional football and Rob Gronkowski’s partnership with a CBD company.

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  1. She is not actually thay good. There are so many really kickers who can kick. And just because she is a girl everybody thinks it is awesome. There are about 5 thousand male kickers who can do the same thing but better.

  2. Everyone is afraid to say that they think it's a stupid idea. Yeah, she can put on some equipment and yeah she can go on the field and kick a ball and maybe if it's not too long an attempt, maybe she can get one through the uprights but we are talking about going out there and facing 11 Kamikazis allowing her 1 and a half seconds to kick it consistently in clutch situations from any place and any distance on the field.

  3. Kids aren't playing sports these days because they're all a bunch of soft gamers that are playing pocket pool to cartoon porn & eating avocado toast & drinking cucumber water.

  4. if they have the talent and can handle the punishment go for it

  5. She kicked the ball with foot. Did the ball tore for the hard kick.
    NFL players losing the joy of life😂. Even getting retired of pain of playing football🤣😂.
    Balls down and swelling🤔.
    Use pain sprays for relief. But do it under physician directions.

  6. It has little to do with her being able to take a hit or tackle, both of which are an obvious problem.
    Nfl kickers hit 70 yarders in warmup. They do this because they can kick low angle.
    The amount of steps a kicker can take combined with the angle of the kick are the most important, and neither of those are accounted for here. Nevertheless, the only way to get people to believe that is to have her play in a real game and be ineffective. Let the train-wreck happen, then when it does people will be able to accept what most of us already know — that this is a bad idea, generated by a viral video and a well meaning soccer player, that noone had the heart to explain the facts too.

  7. There are women kickers in high school, not sure if there are women kickers in college football, but, if the physical ability is there, why not? The question is, can she kick it 50-55 yds in 2-3 steps, instead of five( as shown in this clip)? If it takes her five steps, then no, because the kick will be blocked ( the ball is hiked, her blockers hold off the other team, five steps takes too long). You'd still need a second kicker for kickoffs( unless you can prove she can make a tackle without getting hurt, or the team's punter could handle kickoffs, this occasionally happens).

  8. Thats Theez man…Notre Dame while promoting him for for the Heisman Trophy ,change the pronunciation of his name…from to Theisman…But who cares ..hes a Shill for the Anti American Felons League….let him and them Kneel in Sheeit..

  9. Females don't belong in sports. Unless it's beach volleyball. But only then because of the bodies in bikinis.

  10. I want to say I am tired of hearing about these players crying!! They new when they signed from the beginning what a rough sport this was. Once they’ve made their money, they start whining! I think the NFL needs to fold up. Too much drama!!! Owners you’re being held hostage for big bucks! Enough!!

  11. its ridiculous..because she can kick a soccer ball,,does not mean she can kick footballs consistently..there doing it for publicity and getting females there for nfl to look good

  12. I can see Joe Theismann catching hell for his comment about Carli Lloyd.That is the world will live today.

  13. Publicity stunt. First hard hit she takes it's over.
    Be real.

  14. I applaud this lady's skills. However, what if she is inadvertantly hit by a 280 pound defensive end coming at full speed? Any thoughts?

  15. Give her a chance. Most NFL kickers can't hit a 55 yarder.

  16. Big deal a fifty yarder! She takes a ten yard run to kick it!!!
    This is not news… you’re losing it Joe!

  17. Kids are not doing sports, not just football. My son put his 2 children in Pop Warner football at the tune of $375.00 each, just register! That didn't include a whole hella lot of other cost. My oldest g-son is high school football, also very expensive. Don't blame it on the kids' lack of interest; the parents don't/can't paid the fees!

  18. The kicker still has to be able to tackle. She will get crushed. Nothing but a woke joke.

  19. Sickening how everyone else to be so politically correct.

  20. CBD and THC will the cure for our opioid problem. THC will cure cancer.

  21. Your kid was drooling from the lips before he took that hit from Big Mary Mc Cracken.

  22. Varney, Maria Bartiromo and Charles are he ONLY reason I stayed WITH FOX
    WALLACE is a double FACE

  23. I pray they let woman into American football …

  24. We are now entering the end of Summer holidays, which means the regular star anchors and reporters of newscasts will be absent from their posts, replaced by network second-tier talent, which has always meant people of color fill-ins, look for the dyed hair to be blonder, and perhaps a lot of straight haired wigs to be worn too, not to mention a lot more greasy lipped females…

  25. The movie "necessary roughness" comes to mind.

  26. A whiff of toxic masculinity could block that pathetic kick..!!!

  27. I'm a former college kicker. She did not kick a 55 yard field. It was a 55 yard kick off. Joe was the 1st to mention of her steps.

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