Thursday , January 21 2021
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John Boehner: ‘Polls don’t decide elections, voters do’

Former congressman and former House Speaker John Boehner and former Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley discuss partisanship on Capitol Hill, stimulus negotiations, America’s approach to the coronavirus crisis, their political careers, the upcoming election and the battle over the Supreme Court vacancy. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Joe Biden will be your President, Republicans ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🥳

  2. This prev gave the gavel to nasty Nancy.

  3. Boehner did nothing as speaker too caught up in himself

  4. Pelosi holding out for money to bail out the corrupt Gov of CA an NYC is treason against the people. Blood is on their hands

  5. You guys there are videos of RBG saying BO should appoint a replacement for Scalia. And the deaths are inflated and we will never forget the killing of folks in senior care in New York Amen Ca by putting WuhanVirus patients in nursing homes. Never

  6. Boehner was a lousy House Speaker. Just when we thought no one could b more inept, along comes rino Paul "do-nothing" Ryan. R u listening and learning Kevin McCarthy?

  7. What about what Ruth G said herself on video.??

  8. You're talking abour fairness to Dems?

  9. Asian American for Trump 2020🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. I wish that I could afford to purchase ALL the books that are available. Seems like everyone has a book coming out.

  11. Hey Ray. Liotta, (Good Fella's) or Boehner hollyw[OODD CIA

  12. Why are we hearing from this loser?


  14. i have to say after nancy i miss crying john he was way better then nancy

  15. It's funny these folks say they love the Constitution yet their actions are usually against the Constitution. And that's on both sides of the aisles.

  16. God fairness Crowley what a joke

  17. 😂😂😂😂50/50😂😂😂😂try a massive Red Landslide, like 80/20

  18. Biden said he'd been in office for 180 years…

  19. Joe Biden is up to reading the teleprompter what a MORON!

  20. Another Rhino/ because if dems had senate and presidency you really think they would wait? I think not

  21. John Boehner is the man taking Fox News polls he’s the one that is doing the lying

  22. FILL THAT SEAT!!! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
    Trump2020 Pence2020 Trump2020 Pence2020

  23. If the Dem weren't trying to steal the election by mail in voting ,it wd ,100 percent trump wins

  24. The people who should gave out the stimulus money is the Governor an Mayor who keeps the stores the businesses close or they get fine. They should take it out there states an money they should not get paid either than this Mayors an Governor. This is just a bad flu virus I know people where wear masks constantly, an wash has an use germ stuff for there hands an also wash the products down an plus there grocery bags an got Covid so that should tell U its a flu virus. Not what every lying,because it all a politician game.

  25. Joe doesn't even think for his self , how can he run a country.

  26. HEY Neil u are a sad, sad person, a fool, a BSer and a liar. Did you ever say you were sorry about Hydroxychloroquine, Did I miss it? Shame on you!!!!

  27. The number 200K is used frequently. Here in Washington state doctors and medical examiners were pressured by county and state officials to determine "officially" that deaths from gunshots or motorcycle accident victims ect. were to be ruled COVID deaths because the federal government was paying municipalities $27,000 per COVID deaths. So this 200K number is worthless.

  28. Democrats are messing with the polls again like they this in last election because they want to make us think that we will lose and not go to vote. Haha no gonna happen landslide is coming even bigger

  29. All democrats live by emotions and want fairness and not by the law they don't care about the law

  30. Joe will have to learn to tie his shoes again. Push ups for joey

  31. We are way past fair. Who has the power will use it . Thats it. Dems wanted majority picks .live with it.

  32. Boner was a waste of a majority leader. The guy is a Democrat in sheeps clothing

  33. Foxnews: Get rid of the bacterium that is Cavuto

  34. I can't stand Neil Cavuto. He is horrible. He is so liberal and has a hatred of Trump.


  36. Democrats keep saying that the US has a large number of covid deaths, but we're a large country. If you look at it per capita, the US is doing better than several countries with very good health care systems: Sweden, Italy, Spain, the UK, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

  37. Everybody is writing books about politics

  38. Heck I'll have to write a book too.


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