John Kasich: Trump is still ‘a long way from the nomination’

Potential GOP White House candidates appear to be “fumbling around” while navigating their messaging around former President Trump. John Kasich, former Republican governor of Ohio, joins Meet the Press NOW to discuss the ways potential GOP candidates are handling anticipated indictments of former President Trump amid the approaching primary season.

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  1. Bashing Trump haters is going to get very popular and these two better duck 🦆

  2. Just imagine if Trump loses to Biden again!!!!!!! He will go on a k!lling rampage. Please help Trump by abandoning him.

  3. It's a pleasure to hear some sensible ideas from Gov. Kaisch. As an independent voter from CA, he was my choice for President. I still think his middle-of-the-road ideas and politics could be a good alternative to the current political climate. Happy to see him join NBC/MSNBC.

  4. So Chuck, given it's a long time till the nomination, what's your odds that names such as Romney, Cheney, Ryan, or Kasich could be on the 2024 Republican ticket?

  5. At present, the Republican Party, as I see it, has too many bad leaders with too many bad followers.

  6. Anyone who can put two or more sentences together that make sense could become the nominee.

  7. If I had one Michigan won Ohio he couldn't even win his own state

  8. When Hillary Clinton pays the fine for the same exact thing you're charging Trump with that's where it goes that's where the rubber meets the road for one side and not for the other…. You people have been on a political witch-hunt since the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy the first time and it hasn't stopped since and people are on to you now…. He's not going away is a matter of fact you're going to put him right back in the White House are you proud of yourselves

  9. Anytime you see a so-called Republican on MSNBC you know he has lost his way.
    .. and that he's not someone real Republicans listen to so you're wasting your time listening to anything that comes out of John kasich's mouth…. And while our country goes down the shiter all you people can talk about is Donald Trump how pathetic

  10. I couldn't agree more – I don't want to hear anyone's opinion on whether Trump or Desantis or whoever will be the nominee at this point. There's so much going on that is so much more interesting and anything can happen between now and November 2024 – more than a year and a half away.

  11. They are getting petrified. I love it. ahhahahah.

  12. I so wish he had have won the GOP nomination back when Trump won it. He'd have made a great president, and if he got the GOP nomination, I'd vote for him in the generals. He's a good, solid centrist. But the Republicans are dead set to mess themselves and the nation up. Kasich is being marginalized by the party.

  13. Trump has my vote….

  14. I agree with Kasich. The media jump on things that support the narrative they believe is real. They definitely don't report what is happening.

  15. Democrats have been attacking conservative DAs and supreme court justices for a long time now. Calling out blatant bias and misapplication of law is not attacking either. Kasich looks foolish here.

  16. Republicans simply don’t work for the American people.. I do like Kasich..there are some republicans who are true to their country..But, trumps republicans are deplorable….💙

  17. What those people who show up to see 45 don't realize is that he wouldn't throw them a rope if they were drowning!

  18. Why is anyone interested in Kasich's opinion?

  19. Good 💙💛👍🏻

  20. Stand on Principle Monica🤷‍♀️Really Democrats? Could 🇺🇸Get back to Ethics&Morals in Leadership?

  21. Oh come on…EVERYTHING a human needs to live has gone up in cost sinse Biden took office!

  22. Welcome Governor Kasich. You should win the Republican nomination.

  23. Principles, integrity, equality, and Truth is lacking badly in the republican party. You would have thought the the last two elections would have sent them a message, but I guess they are aren't the smartest bunch these day. I remember a day when you may not have agreed with them, but you could respect them. Now, all I can do is just laugh at their stupidity, and wonder how much more can they continue to lower the bar. As of now they have gone pretty low. I also remember a time when I would call someone crazy. I usually meant it like fun crazy now when I call someone crazy it's because, I'm talking about a republican politician, and not in a fun way either. It's usually something like, did you hear what that crazy republican said? Or did you hear what that crazy republican did? Everything they do, and say is crazy bonkers. Guess what? Some people like that crazy crap, and that is the part that saddens me. I know first hand what it's like to see someone you care about fall for all the crazy. I sit and wonder when, and how the smartest person you knew all of the sudden got so stupid to fall for the crap. It's like they all of the sudden went deaf, dumb, and blind all at the same time. I keep trying to tell myself it's just a storm, and it will pass. God, I hope I'm right.

  24. John would be a great President.

  25. I dont vote republican, ever, also dont really vote democrat but Kasich is just different. Hes exactly the type both sides could rally around.