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'(John Lewis) believed so deeply in America': Byron Pitts | ABC News

“Nightline” co-anchor Byron Pitts remembers the late Rep. John Lewis on what would have been his 81st birthday.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. John Lewis sold out to the establishment, and he was against giving free healthcare to all Americans. MLK would be so disappointed in him.

  2. Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google, YouTube , Apple and mainstream media have gone way over the line. Mainstream media has always misinformed, sensationalized and lied. Usually for profit. Now they do all that, plus censorship and hiding information. Social media has also jumped on board. Social media silences any information that they don’t agree with. Or is not the same politics as theirs. They don’t report news. They attempt to create news.Censorship is done in communist countries. Everyone should do themselves a favor, and boycott all of them. They aren’t really giving facts anyway!

  3. John Lewis is such an inspiration, and you created a wonderful homage to him, Byron Pitts.

  4. I don't get how anyone could dislike this

  5. Get over it the guy is DEAD tiered of hearing about him, John Lewis
    SAME as Rush that Republican nut job radio guy
    George Floid ,Breana Taylor Colby Briant
    They are ☠️ Dead !!
    IT Is NOT News Aney more!!
    It is TIME the NEWS Stops REHASHING this Garbage😡

  6. Please get rid of that chime tone at the end of the streams. The volume quality is very low and I have to turn up my speakers. That tone blasts me out of the chair and is very obnoxious.

  7. Great story tonight for Black History Month. Thanks so much tonight from southern Colorado. Well done! ☕️🌟❄️🥣❤️

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  9. This asshat was the biggest fucking racist. He hated white people.

  10. I'll give him the same respect they gave rush …0

  11. Lewis was a cry baby racist that relied on his tall tales stemming from his march with MLK

  12. That was one great man we should all learn from him

  13. God rest his sole 💪🏾✊🏾

  14. Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts About Him…. (I Read Some Of The Comments) Maybe If Some Had Walked His Walk…. They Might Have A Different Outlook.🤔

  15. I loved John Lewis! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Just here wasting my time on the comments.

  17. Yea, got to say "Good Riddance " to this one…

  18. Lewis maintains the intellect of a tree toad….

  19. He was a total disgrace and a racist.

  20. Just another Race-Hustler/Communist that would sell out his own people and the only thing black about him was his skin color.

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