Thursday , September 16 2021
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Johnson: Dems spending bill failure shows 'dysfunction' of Senate leadership

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., argues that Democrats are pushing massive spending without weighing consequences. #FoxBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. Quote, "they (dems) have the backing of the main stream mess, uh press! You had it right the first time congressman! There is no press anymore, just a mess of play on words to protect their commies in congress!

  2. And the Republicans' do what exactly, when they are in power? Answer: Tax and spend lite. Not impressed.

  3. Member of Republicans don’t let Biden win and don’t let democratic people win also please

  4. Fox News is the Trump/Putin propaganda machine. It's mission is to make Trump dictator for life in partnership with Putin.

  5. And Tell Stupid IDIOT you cut Spending and Taxes with inflation economy.. What does Biden know about Economics or Bussiness? He doesn't even have plan to Pay for this bill.

  6. Yep. Next units are katrillions

  7. If you don't know what's in the bill tell you what's in the bill then you both to build down until everybody is allowed to read every morsel of it voted down cuz they will bring it back up you can vote it down as many times as you want

  8. I was really skeptical at first but i tried it and worked thank to maskoffweb I have gotten 7,000 thousand into my cashapp account

  9. stop talking start doing somthing

  10. Trump tax cuts for the rich added 2.4 trillion dollars to the national debt. Johnson loves tax cuts for the rich, because he is very wealthy.

  11. Dems need to end the filibuster, the Republicans have no ideas but to obstruct the functions of good government and demand tax cuts for the rich.

  12. Disfunction?…that's rich, is that a new way to describe MARXISM.? Jus askin.

  13. That's a No , can you , republicans , walk out , as the Texas Dems , super covid19 , spreaders did ? If you can , you should !

  14. What about the law what about the Constitution what about the American public how about holding the Democrats to the rules of Congress you must have rules to prevent stupid people from destroying the country how can one woman and one stupid man from New York can speak for all the other senators in congress people they're stopping American people's representatives from bringing forth the bills and policies if the American people want you must have a Fail-Safe if not you better get one we're tired of watching you all talk and bump your gums but you can't stop a drunk and old lady from ruining the country

  15. He had it right the first time when he said mainstream mess

  16. Socialist democrats Nancy Pelosi want to vote in the Senate's before the bill 🙄 is even written wow!!!!

  17. Thank you Jesus Christ amen for all your truth amen lord

  18. Imagine catering to the 3 percent of the population, that literally does nothing for the community but burn and sh*t all over it!

  19. Really!! taxe cuts for the rich and bail out,thats were 4 1/2 trillion went,do the math please and stop blaming the poor with your propaganda.

  20. I’m sure the democrats will have some very stupid talking points to talk about because they have to talk to take the focus of their stupid behavior and lack of action.

  21. I can't wait until they start hitting one another and have there tantrums because it's coming wait in see thats what were dealing with and it's way over do

  22. Democrats mean destroying Americans !!!

  23. No passage of the communist Democrat bill. Any politicians that vote for this horrible bill, Democrats and Republicans alike, will be voted out of office in the 2022 Mid-Term election!

  24. Tax cuts for corporations don’t create jobs and grow the economy.

  25. Close the fnk border we had enough. When can we gun this polirician down. They are commiting crimes against us citizen. Just unknow ileagals across unsecure border is a crime againat every American cirizen.

  26. What a racket the left’s policies are: you run for office by promising people more handouts / money that you don’t have by putting the same people in debt. It’s the biggest fraud ever. Worse than banking really.

  27. I listened to Ron on “the truth with Lisa booth” today. He is a solid high integrity patriotic American. No wonder the left hates him.

  28. How the hell can you pass a bill that hasnt even been written?!

  29. Inflation has already been sparked!

  30. Both parties suck and are unamerican

  31. If you don't know what's in it, why would you vote on it. It's called a " pig in a poke".

  32. Who gave politicians the right to continue slave labor? Migrants on the way to replace whom?

  33. Republican leaders are too weak and dismantle. Good luck try to beat Palosi. Lol!

  34. THE Biden administration is a closed door COMMUNIST Party……….. IS USA A REPUBLIC OF CHINA NOW????

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