Wednesday , December 2 2020
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‘Joker’ Controversy Grows As Theaters Ban Costumes | NBC Nightly News

Some movie theater chains are banning costumes for showings of the new Warner Bros. film “Joker” following a warning from the U.S. Army of a “potential threat” at its opening. The Army later clarified that they are “not aware” of a “specific, credible threat.”
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‘Joker’ Controversy Grows As Theaters Ban Costumes | NBC Nightly News


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  1. If anything, shootings are more likely to happen after the news covers them.

  2. All this controversy of this Joker movie just makes me more excited for it.

  3. Yet this country is called land of the brave.

  4. Yea dont wear any masks or make up, we want potential shooters to blend in. Smh the only people dressing up are fans.

  5. Joaquin phoenix narrates an undercover documentary called Dominion it’s free to watch on YouTube. It’s very well made

  6. Movie theaters are unsafe! Please wear condoms

  7. Put on a face mask everyone

  8. I hope everyone wears makeup

  9. John Wick shoots 800 people. Where is the outrage?

  10. Where was the outrage for IT?

  11. This is hilarious! So many jealous people

  12. How did this even happen?????? The trailer has been out forever

  13. *Sigh* It's just a movie! A movie meant for adults! I was going to see the movie for all the action it had. If this ban's true, then I guess I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD…….. NO! I'm not giving up on this movie! It's just a movie! I just hate it when people promote movies for violence.

  14. Leftists ruin everything.

  15. This news story being picked up by various outlets is the ultimate exercise in self-fulfilling prophecy! There have been other violent movies, other Batman movies, other Joker portrayals. Heck, there have been other movies featuring a crazy person committing violent acts while portrayed in a sympathetic light — Robert De Niro has a Best Actor Oscar for portraying one in Taxi Driver! That other Batman movie did not inspire the Aurora shooter (there was nothing whatsoever wrong with it), the voices in his head did! The worthless vultures in the media should stop trying to give all the crazies out there ideas and drum up a tragedy they can exploit, and just shut up about it, like the more responsible among them do when they elect to not publish a shooter's name. This news story, not the Joker movie, is the real danger!

  16. Paranoia will destroy you

  17. we gonna go strapped to watch this movie. just in case you white boys try to shoot up the theather

  18. If something does happen the media is to blame

  19. I haven't wanted to see a movie this bad in 10 years.

  20. The news has become tabloid….

  21. Fear mongering at its finest

  22. How come there wasn't a shooting at the suicide squad movie???

  23. This is how you know the movie is gonna be straight heat🔥🔥🔥

  24. sjw clowns everyhwere!!!

  25. It’s just a movie you ungrateful fools.

  26. Kids, heres a good example of garbage media, right here

  27. What's that the comedian said in watchman. "What happen to the American dream?…your lookin,at it"

  28. Amazing. Them potential terrorist are allowed to wear burkas and turbans in the name of religious freedom but fans can't sport support for a comic character.

  29. There is no controversy with Joker what so ever. The Media are the ones spinning it.

  30. Can the mainstream media stop antagonizing and promoting violence for 5 minutea please?

    If any violence actually happens they should be held responsible. TBH

  31. Bruhh omg XD this actually is a thing

  32. I guess bootleg sales will be up.

  33. Why is THE US ARMY investigating this, or even, 'issuing warnings' about it?

    That's really weird! The clown who shot up the CO Theatre was a college student studying neuro-psychology, (of all subjects). He wasn't involved with the Military at all, as I recall.

  34. WHAT! mentally ill person shoot up a movie theater for showing a Batman/Joker film say it ain't so

  35. Put it on Netflix or other apps like that so people won’t be as worried for the first release

  36. They are right to ban the masks. They should ban the movie. The movie gives idiots the opportunity to go around causing crime with masks on. That is easy to see happening. American people are not wrapped to tight.

  37. I'm 300% certain this controversy was started by Disney.

  38. I guess you could say we live in a society

    bottom text

  39. You couldn't ask for better PR. Somebody is playing the news media like a fiddle, and unfortunately, due to many many failures, everybody knows you suckers will fall for anything. 4chan got the freaking "OK" hand gesture turned into racism by using you morons lol.

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