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Jurors describe 'a lot of crying' in Amber Guyger conviction l ABC News

Two of the 12 jurors told ABC News’ Marcus Moore there was “a lot of crying” as they found ex-Dallas police officer Guyger guilty of murdering Botham Jean.
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  1. If Juan Martinez was the prosecutor the sentence would have been more fitting. He has a natural ability for getting through to dumb people like these two jurors. Dumb and dumber just took dumb to an whole other level!!!!

  2. These two are completely off their rockers. How is it that two days after she shot and killed him she's texting her married boyfriend about him coming to "touch"? Yet this case is so different and she didn't go back to her regular life and showed remores. Please. She NEVER apologized to the family. Excuse… She apologized to the brother after he begged his brother's murder for a hug. Wt

  3. Judge Tammy Kemp and Brandt Jean are absolutely disgraceful.

  4. This is ridiculous the woman she got life in prison without parole but this is how they do white people

  5. She should get life in prison!! Women like these should not be given even a little bit of power!!

  6. Was she really sorry or just another white cop faking it.

  7. This straight up makes me sick to my stomach hearing their logic.

  8. Did these two plan to dress alike??? This trial has been a sham.

  9. This has nothing to do with racism, but SEXISM. You keep saying “if this was a black MAN…” how about if it was a white MAN that killed Botham? Do you honestly believe he gets the same sympathy as a WOMAN? Fuck no. He does 20 minimum. Whether he was black, white, latino, if a MAN would’ve done this he would’ve gotten punished much more harshly.

  10. You clearly didn’t SPEAK for him!!!!!

  11. Man fucc this BITCH N BOY i know PEOPLE that got way more time than 10yrs N they DIDNT KILL shit this 🌎 is FUCC

  12. What does the victim's character have to do with the murderer's actions? His kind gentle demeanor…does not change what this lady did. Only one victim here and he's dead. All because a lunatic walked in his apartment and murdered him in cold blood. An innocent man sitting in HIS own apartment, minding his own business, not bothering anyone.

    RIP Botham Jean 🙏

  13. Patina 'honey, this here is D'jango. He's a good productive black man. So you can't just acquit her like we would for any other nigga cause he ain't like any of these other niggas..
    Patina the juror: so you want I should sentence her like whites do black folk?
    Big daddy (male juror): No!!!…thats not what I'm saying
    Patina: then I don't know what you want?
    Big daddy: yea' I can see that…uhhmm other black female juror..? what's the name of kid we murdered in Florida years ago?
    Other female juror: oh you mean Treyvon
    Big daddy : yes that's it!.. Treyvon
    Just treat her similar to how we treated Zimmerman
    Patina:ohky BIG DADDY…

  14. The best way to destroy a black person…get ANOTHER black person. They will sadly do it for pennies on the dollar. She literally said "If he had been shot and not killed he wouldve forgiven her?" That is not how law or a jury works based on what the victim would've wanted.

  15. Shame on them they are an embarrassment!!!

  16. These better be crisis actors 😒

  17. amber guyger didn't show remorse who cares about those crocodile tears the two in this video are idiots

  18. I bet everybody I jail have regrets Nd remorse fuck it Free Em All

  19. Who is that black girl , she is in the sunken place

  20. Hello bitch killed a man..There are people who killed and balled out crying lets forgive them too cause they will never be the same…if that was your father who got killed lets see if you feel the same way

  21. Whoever that black chick is just as dumb as she sounds. Bye sweetheart

  22. What was so hard, and what were they crying about? She pled not guilty; that's no remorse. It wasn't their job to channel MR. JEAN, but to administer justice for all at his expense/cost of his life.

  23. I’m just so made with that video I don’t care what a mf say on this planet you can not mistake your house for another person house no way no how and who shed tears for a killer that killed a innocent mind you innocent person

  24. There’s that white privileged for you and we have a token black thot to help smfh

  25. I hate sale out mfs just like a thot not to have a rational mind she showed remorse and that made you feel some type of way fuck out of here with that these are the ppl that’s not going to help make change

  26. So just because he was forgiving he didn't deserve justice? Even with forgiveness, that doesn't mean one doesn't pay for the crime they committed. Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Ya'll speak of the brother's forgiveness.. BE MINDFUL the MOTHER who carried him is NOT pleased with the sentence, her sons life was worth more than that!!! This is disgusting!!!!

  27. Bullshit it was an accident!!! If so why was she charged with murder ???

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