Jury awards Oregon woman $1 million in discrimination case

Rose Wakefield sued after a Beaverton gas station attendant refused to fill up her car and told her “I don’t serve Black people.” KGW’s Alma McCarty reports.

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  1. Good for Rose Wakefield. She insisted on justice and she got it.

  2. This would never happen if Oregon had a law that allows customer to pump their own gas like every other state.

  3. When I found out this was Oregon I was wth, they never even had Jim Crowe laws there and in the South it was 60 years ago.
    This is way more ridiculous than the McDonalds coffee settlement. She didn't even get a blister, only her 'pride' was hurt by being insulted one afternoon. One million dollars compensation for that? GMFB!
    What a black Karen

  4. I wish I could get a million for eating

  5. Imagine trying to be racist thinking it’s funny working minimum wage and that same customer gets $1 million for your senseless actions😭karma is so awesome lol

  6. Jackson gas stations
    Some are actually very rude
    I’ve been to one- I’m Hispanic and they ignored me and treated me awful

  7. I think she was ignored because people in her profile DO NOT TIP, and the gas attendant at the pump lives on tips. So he served those paying his fair wage; what he needed to do to survive. Not sure whom to blame or on what basis

  8. Now she is sitting on stacks of cash while he is unemployed soon to be making minimum wage for the rest of his White life.

  9. Good for her for winning…..tho it's terribly sad she'd have to go thru such a vile thing in the 1st place.

  10. Slavery ended over 150 years ago and black people still don’t know how to speak right. I understand back then your ancestors wasn’t aloud to go to school but no one is forcing you not to go now.

  11. There are attendants at gas stations? Not in my state.

  12. Now she probably gets 50% to 70% of that money…

  13. The picture behind the lawyer looks like Micheal Scott

  14. Glad she had the courage to go though with the lawsuit and win. That's the one thing I hate about Oregon, is to have to wait for someone to come out and pump gas, when I can do it myself much faster, it's so outdated.

  15. NBC is run by pedophile's and racist

  16. This is ridiculous this happened the other way nothing would have happened. This is why the Constitution Free Speech needs to be left alone this protects people also business owners. People that disagree what if this was your business and somebody set you up.

  17. Totally off topic but I forget there's states where they pump the gas for you. How interesting… So awful they treated this lady this way. Glad she fought this! 👏

  18. I wonder if she had a case because the guy said he didn't serve black people, or bkuz she was ignored?

  19. Racist gas station, it wouldn't surprise me if the employee still kept his job even after after they tried to cover it up .. 🤨😏

  20. The arrogance cost that company over a million dollars! An apology and a bag of chips probably would have ended this!


  21. Who ever hired her should be fired.

  22. Meanwhile every day in Oregon courts discriminate on men and veterans but that's okay I guess🤷. Need to quit this black victimization when they commit 90% of the violent crimes statistically every year and is only 12% of the population give us a break the citizens know what's up

  23. Can't believe this is happening in the 21st century

  24. She should roll up to that gas station now in a Bentley with tags that say BLAQUEEN

  25. Petty AF. She just wanted a quick buck

  26. U go girl, glad u went forward with the suit.

  27. That's amazing, good for you, I didn't even know this was an option.

  28. umm honestly I hope I do go through this so I can get rewarded this .

  29. Good! I'm glad she did something about this!


  31. I was gonna feel bad for the gas station but she tried to make a complaint about it and they ignored it. So now who's ignoring who LOL

  32. When the attendant said " I don't serve black people", I'm sure he will NEVER EVER AGAIN at this gas station after this case. He asked for it, he got it.

  33. The gas station would have profited $10 from this lady. Instead, the gas station, lost ONE MILLION DOLLAR.
    That was expensive stupid mistake.

  34. I'm ashamed this happened in my state. Do better.

  35. Well that was a costly statement.

  36. Yeah she doesn't deserve a million for that. She deserves something, but not a million. I hope they appeal and keep it in the courts for years.

  37. The craziest thing about this.. is that these melanin are the most discriminate of them all…

  38. Good for her !!!! The corporate only takes it seriously when their pocketbook is hit

  39. Why was she awarded $1 million? Isn’t that excessive?

  40. Chaaaa chiiiiiiiing 👏💰💰💵💵

  41. God bless.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. Sometimes god uses good people to stop bad people.

  43. This makes me happy 😊

  44. Wow I used to shop at that store everyday

  45. This problem is not an isolated issue. I’m pretty sure this is the culture in that workplace.