‘Just reckless behavior.’ Authorities respond to Russian fighter jet colliding with US drone

The incident over the Black Sea involved two Russian Su-27 jets and was denounced as “unsafe and unprofessional” by the US State Department. NSC coordinator John Kirby speaks with ABC News lead anchor , George Stephanopoulos, on the possibility of escalating tensions. https://abcn.ws/3Fqgf3M SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2vZb6yP Latest Updates: http://abcnews.go.com/ Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: http://abcn. ws/3bzvQQn #news #russia #drone #blacksea #su27 #abcnews #military

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why would the jet pilot take the chance of killing himself to make physical contact with a drone?????? I'm not buying it.

  2. ¡ MAKE PUT0 putin,. Pay for it!!!

  3. Why aren’t the US drones working in international airspace accompanied by fighter aircraft from now on?

  4. Same officials that helped destroy the pipeline?🤮🤮🤮

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  6. John Kirby my favorite muppet

  7. Indonesian people really hate Americans, they really hate America and west because their religion is Christianity, the Indonesian people are the largest Muslim religion in the world.

  8. Reckless to fly drone in war zone doing surveillance for one side. It's ridiculous to say we were just flying in international airspace.

  9. Russia can lie but can't escape from reality….

  10. Is this a joke ? Where do you see the collision ? Seriously .

  11. America blew up the poison weapon coronavirus, and they want to deceive the whole world, unleashed a war between Russia and Ukraine. after the next elections, they will unleash a third world war, all foreigners are Latins, Africans, Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Hindus, Turks, Iranians, Mexicans, do not serve in the American army, let the white Nazis defend their country themselves. Americans Get Out Of The Borders Of Russia, You Can Play The Game And Your Country Will Be Destroyed. Take it easy Biden & the Democrats

  12. “We want our drone back because it’s our property”

    Did the US warmongers keep that same attitude with the Chinese spy balloon? Asking cuz the double standards are piling up and only a absolute lefty potato ass bitch could defend such a position.

  13. “It has never happened before”

    Sounds like the Russian pilot is an ace. Nice flying. 👍

  14. Kirby another fraudster of many in this failed administration. Worthless clown.

  15. Russian pilot professionally take down a US drone without firing a single expensive missile😬

  16. Oh the poor "harrassed" drone. Meanwhile mothers are crying for lost children. Ridiculous news presentation.

  17. Maybe next time you can get Tom Cruise to escort your drone 🤣

  18. USA: It was probably an unintentional collision.

    Video: Shows intent and no collision. 🤔

  19. The usual American warmongers. Yesterday was March 16, the day to remember the Mỹ Lai massacre. The USA has been bringing death everywhere for years.

  20. What was that drone doing there??? Gathering Russian data and providing to Ukraine…..That drone is ultimate war target and Russian did the right thing. USA is provoking here and nucler war is imminet because Russia will still shoot down any drones flying around there…

  21. kirby fkoff from Ukraine!!!
    satan-fascist-nato kaput!!!
    zelehitler kaput!!!!

  22. An amazing job of a Russian pilot taking a strategic drone out of the warzone with any shot or touch.

  23. The madmen in Washington are hoping to win an unwinnable nuclear war.

    The end will be not only for the United States, but, perhaps, for all of humanity. The territory of Ukraine is part of Russia, just as Kosovo, annexed by the NATO-fascist alliance, is part of Serbia. In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, we, the Russians, will go to Heaven, and the Americans, sticking their noses where they don’t belong 7,000 miles from their country, and other NATO-fascists, will simply die.

  24. There was military aggression by the Russian Federation, if left with impunity, such cases will occur after this.

  25. What’s reccless is the US always getting into other peoples business