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Justin Fields highlights & post-game press conference from Ohio State debut | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Transfer QB Justin Fields threw for 234 yards and four touchdowns in his Ohio State debut. He talked to the media after the game to discuss his performance.

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Justin Fields highlights & post-game press conference from Ohio State debut | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

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  1. Can transfer QB Justin Fields lead the Buckeyes back to the College Football Playoff?

  2. Michigan fan here why does Ohio always have easy games Michigan's opponent was a lot tougher but I do see both teams have a lot to work on but I would to see Ohio State play tough teams even Western Michigan has a tougher schedule than Ohio State like have Ohio State play Clemson or Alabama or even Florida both Michigan and Ohio State do have the first couple easy games that's why I hope Michigan's schedule will be a little tougher next year but I do hope Ohio State and Michigan have a good season

  3. Beating FAU isn't some accomplishment & why not show ther 21 points in the highlights?

  4. OSU gets to steamroll opponents who aren't even close to their level so a bunch of admins and coaches at FAU can get paid. College football is such a joke

  5. Anyone else going to acknowledge the fact they played FAU and they acting like they played Michigan state or a actual good team

  6. UGA is going to regret letting him get away.

  7. This is the year that Michigan beat these guys

  8. Highlights for what lol. You played team whom sucks .. and you let them score way to many times. This team has lots to work on.. yawn.

  9. OHIO never drops off at QB wow

  10. I am happy for fields but why pull the race card to get the transfer

  11. After FAU settled into this game and got the jitters out OSU began to have some struggles, it's too early to crown somebody after 1 quarter. Let's just see how this offense does after some good teams and coaches get tape on them. Only time will tell the story.

  12. I think Ruckert is gonna be good

  13. They are supposed to look good against that level of competition

  14. Man I live next door to a Michigan fan he said Justin was trash

  15. It may be a win but after the first quarter I expected more from ohio especially against such a poor team. I think they came in thinking (this is osu we gonna lose) but after that first quarter they realized this isn't the same buckeyes and played a better game. Like I said it may be a win but a very disappointing one after the first quarter. I'm very worried bout the games to come. Especially against Michigan. Other than a fumble by their qb on what was a good run, their offense looked strong through the whole game. I did expect a lil more out of there defense but they weren't bad. I'm not even sure were gonna beat msu. We been spoiled and we ain't used to being a losing team so it may be a disappointing season for us buckeye fans. I'm not saying the team sucks and I'm not trying to be negative, just reading it like I see it. They better play better next week or I don't think we'll stand a chance against these top teams like Michigan.

  16. I need to see him against the big 10. I like him so far and he seems better than JT barrett. If he throws like haskins then the playoffs are definitely in reach although the defense has been a bit suspect

  17. Man he throws a pretty ball. I love his release and the way he stands in the pocket.

  18. Ohio State offense better get better! If Florida Atlantic could figure them out after the first quarter they definitely need to wake up!; but it is good lots to work on!

  19. So happy for Justin Fields hope nothing but the best for this man…

  20. Proud of him, Keep proving the haters wrong ✔

  21. Buckeyes won the first quarter but FAU outscored tOSU from there on out.

  22. imbecile background noise – absolutely distracting and pathetic

  23. The Buckeyes did not have a Killer Instinct after the 1st quarters. Bad play-calling by Offense coaching for the last 3 quarters

  24. I was at the game row two. The game was over in the first 4 mins it was like 28-0 lol

  25. I'm not sure if you all noticed but there is more to college football than Ohio State. 9 of your last 13 videos were on Ohio State. Overwhelmingly most of your viewers are NOT OSU fans, in fact most do not like OSU. Where's your coverage of all the other teams? I heard PennState had an even better start to their season and with a brand new quarterback too! Hope this doesn't keep up all year.

  26. Good job against FAU. Real competition

  27. Mannn!! Corners are freaking blind and they are alot of mistake

  28. Just another day at the office for the Buckeyes

  29. Another QB who will never be a legit NFL QB but the media will hype as a top NFL prospect.

  30. I see Heisman winner for this season and future #1pick

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