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Justin Trudeau admits brownface photo was racist l ABC News

“I should have known better, but I didn’t,” the Canadian prime minister told reporters about the 2001 incident.
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  1. Oh my how the tables have turned.
    The little princess is doomed.
    Throw his ass under the bus. He would do it to anyone else over this.

  2. why are we discussing a dumb mistake from a decade ago. Grow the fuck up America.

  3. Its not a brownface. Its a BLACK face.

  4. Trudeau, the first Head of State of a Western Power to wear Black & Brown Face, not once, not twice, but three times that we know of. Then he goes on to claim (not directly) that there might be more instances but can't say/remember, when asked by a reporter if there was anymore instances.

    The girls ended up shitting on him and smearing it all over his body.

  6. I hope that other guy CRUSHES bitchmade blackface trudeau.

  7. If this is old, why get offended? I doubt this was intentional, yet the press can make it a huge deal.

  8. I'm black and I'm not upset with him. He did something wrong and he admits it. Every other politician caught doing this always comes up with some lame excuse like 'it was a long time ago' or 'times were different back then'. Trudeau hasn't done that, he's owned up and admitted he was wrong, and to me that's much more respectable for someone to admit he was wrong than for someone to insist on finding a way to justify what they did.

  9. My dear old Grandfather said to me always watch out for the self sanctimonious one waving their fingers at you, preaching about crap like Racism and we must live our lives free of Misogyny etc etc.
    Well Justin Trudeau has made his whole Political career on Preaching to people about being virtuous and saying ,'' People Kind'', Instead of ,'' Mankind''. Just a Question how many of you have even thought about doing blackface ? Not Many I would suspect. And this comes as not one iota of a surprise for me . If going to an Arabian knight theme, wouldn't you just dress up and not bother about Blackening your face ?. But this fool has done this god knows how many times. And since he has made his whole political career about being the Woke one. Waving fingers at others because they are not Diverse enough, he should straight out resign.. No Questions asked, do the right thing for once you liar and at least resign..

  10. Ye this racist… because Aladdin was Chinese in original tale.

  11. Who else has ever seen any Aladdin plays where the Actor Colors his Face, neck, hands and legs all Black? I haven't !

  12. You don't need to apologise Justin. All you have to do is identify as brownface. Problem solved.

  13. I love the smell of liberal tears in the Morning……smells like Victory!

  14. A black man can be white but not the other way round.

  15. That Aladdin black makeup is scary

  16. ABC news this is not brown face. Seriously look at you trying to lie for this canadian racist. Just like the governor out of Virginia right. This liar went as Kunta Kinte not Aladdin…He sorry he got caught.. Canada ,how did you let this racist get in office?

  17. that does not count because of its just a costume

  18. Canadian PM is not a nice guy!
    J. Trudeau is a RACIST like Trump!!
    Trudeau is a Disgusting Hypocrite!
    Have a look at the picture——-
    Trudeau is scornfully smiling at an African Canadian guy.
    A RACIST Trudeau can't be REELECTED by Canadian people!
    Human Rights Activist, American citizen.

  19. Typical Liberal, admits that brownface photo he did was racist, yet won't admit that he is racist for doing so.

  20. Okay people need to get life together. I m brown. I m fine with it. Its not of a big deal. Andrew is opponent will say stuff like that. I dont think so this will make any sense but a thing to laugh about after elections or few weeks. He still apologize for that. That proves that it was not meant to be that. Taking issues from 18 years back. Are u kidding me? And if u want to think about past, andrew's government was before justin's. Think about future.

  21. Black people have so much of wealth so where is the racism.

  22. I ate a chocolate bar yesterday. Is that racist?

  23. I feel bad for him he didn’t do anything that bad me as a black child

  24. so what. ppl are so uptight sometimes over small sht. ppl close to him know if he is racist or not… I'd bet he was a cool dude but, wtf am I?

  25. Funny thing about racists……they never change….born one,will always be one.

  26. Oh sto that shit we can wear black makeup it’s silly now this is a news story over a costume blacks don’t own the color lol y’all are pathetic making people we mid as well be now if that’s wtf y’all want let’s show real racist shit see how the have to fake it it’s sooo bad Jussie hadto fake racism

  27. "Trying to explain" or desperately scrambling for excuses? Imperative to hang onto that social status and a wealthy politician's income, at all costs. These annoying little videos pop up at the worst of times, destroying facades.

  28. Thats what happens when you label everything as racist. The left is its own worst enemy!!

  29. Justin Trudeau the closet racist, probably a KKK member too.

  30. Mans just wanted to be aladdin let him rock

  31. I don't understand why people care a lot about this but not that he laughed about Native Americans having to drink Mercury water. That was a lot more racist in my opinion , and that happened about 4 months ago. (Google grassy Narrows justin trudeau )

  32. Justin Trudeau wears black face ABC doesnt bat an eye.

    Trump says he wants to end illegal immigration AND EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR MIND!

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