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Juul Breaks FDA Rule Marking Vaping Device As ‘Safe’ | NBC News Now

The FDA ordered Juul to correct its marketing labeling vaping devices as safe, or face fines. Medical correspondent Dr. John Torres breaks down the unsafe messaging
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Juul Breaks FDA Rule Marking Vaping Device As ‘Safe’ | NBC News Now


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  1. its not from e cigs its from fake thc carts. people have been vaping e cigs for years and its just now that these deaths are happening. look it up its the rise of vaping thc carts. real carts from dispensaries cost more than the carts from the streets

  2. #fakenews, they want you to start smoking cigarettes again so they can live off of your cig. taxes.

  3. Did he really just say vitamin E oil without mentioning thc vape carts 😂 there’s no vitamin E in nicotine vaping 😂

  4. First of all if there was 5 vaping related deaths that would be a great thing. With the amount of people that vape only 5 dead is great when you compare the amount of deaths from cigarettes every year. And second of all they aren’t nicotine vaping related deaths. It’s black market thc vape carts.

  5. We do know what’s going on. People are using black market thc vape carts. Everyone that has been hospitalized due to “vaping” was using a thc vape cart. And if they didn’t say they were that probably means they’re like 16 and don’t want there parents to know they smoke weed so they just saying I was vaping. Instead of making a bunch of bulshit claims against something that is 95% healthier than smoking cigarettes talk about the vitamin E scientists found in thc vape carts. That’s the new news. Nobody has been hospitalized due to vaping. Get your facts right and tell the world what the scientists have found

  6. This dude is stupid af. There needs to be combustion for chemical reactions. Saying that when you heat the liquid up there are chemical reactions is like saying when you boil water the water vapor is carbon monoxide when in reality it’s hydrogen and oxygen. Don’t people learn that in like 7th grade? This dude should go back to middle school 😂

  7. I smoked for around 25 yrs. I am 44. Was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Had surgery(horrible) and my wife brought me a juul to the hospital. I totally quit cigarettes with the juul. When i started, pods were10 bucks. 3 mos later…phillip morris buys in HEAVILY. Pods tripled in price. No more flavors. Now all the sudden, there are deaths. Always on the news. Anyone else feel like the tobacco lobbyists are involved???

  8. It’s back to smoking Camels and Newports. The cigarette industry is fighting back.

  9. Vaping has been proven to be 95% healthier than smoking cigs.

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 vaping is safer than cigarettes

  11. It's interesting how there making a big deal on a few deaths from "POSSIBLE ". vapeing. But yet millions have died from cigarettes!

  12. Sounds like a trump owned company, do whatever we want because no one enforces the law .

  13. Some children will prolly be too scared to tell their parents and seek medical help. Pray for them!

  14. I have never understood the appeal to smoke etc it ruins your health it's expensive and people look ridiculous sucking on a NASTY

  15. but cigarettes are still on the market sooooo stfu

  16. CBD and THC in your lungs prevents cancer.

  17. Don't be fooled people. This is all about taxes. They do not want people to stop smoking tobacco products. States are losing billions in tax revenue. Welcome young people to your first glimpse of how communism/socialism works. All mighty governments must get their money and stop anything that interrupts that.

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