Karine Jean-Pierre is a mouthpiece for a 'failed' administration: Rep. Flesichmann

Rep. Chuck Flesichmann, R-Tenn., argues Biden is doubling down on ‘failed policies’ as the border crisis continues and the administration’s energy agenda draws critics.

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  2. KJP is a liar…plain and simple. Not misinformation, not disinformation, but flat out lies. The scary part is how many Americans believe her!

  3. What kind of country do I want to live in sense AI is writing this for me. Who can I trust and in the advent that some bad thing happens to me or my family who do I get to help me?

  4. What does the Representative mean, "I feel for her"? That statement is a reflection of the fact that they do not expect integrity to be part of the character of those in our Government.
    The Federal Government was never meant to act on business policies. They are to protect the Country…
    the President is supposed to be the head of the military.
    I believe the Democrats act, and the Republicans just keep talking
    And, I believe that they understand exactly what they are doing … creating diabolical disorientation.

  5. She is the us version of the iraq mouthpiece.

  6. Biden is doing his part to bring about the goals of the World Economic Forum. Those goals include the elimination of national borders, national currencies, and national sovereignty in its entirety.

  7. We Americans are the real victims

  8. KJP is a perfect example of what can happen when you lower school test scores.

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  12. Failure is my middle name biden.

  13. JUST One Word !!! BIMBO!!!!

  14. Federal government they making mandatory Real ID those who traveling by Air, but some illegal immigrants are here in USA how they are going to get real ID? I don't understand USA administration they allowing illegal immigrants and making rules for USA citizens, illegal people they getting freebies.


  16. Biden needs impeaching why want yall do it what is the hell wrong with yall he is killing America 🇺🇸

  17. send this mop head back.!!!!!!!!!

  18. To The twelve people who really voted for J.B. I sincerely hope someone puts you out of our misery.

  19. tell me something I dont know. She's even worse than Circle back Psaki. And I didnt even think that was possible.