Saturday , July 24 2021
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Kashmir Security Lockdown Results In 2,300 People Detained | NBC News Now

At least 2,300 people, mostly young men, have been detained in Indian-administered Kashmir during a security lockdown. This comes in the aftermath of the region’s statehood being taken away by New Delhi. NBC News’ Dasha Burns takes an in-depth look at the political moves taking place.
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Kashmir Security Lockdown Results In 2,300 People Detained | NBC News Now


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  1. Rise of a new era in kashmir. Hope kashmiri pandits will get justice one day.

  2. revocation of 370 is Fascist state Indias ideological agenda…written in RSS books…Kashmi is free now and India is an illegal occupant…

  3. Wow. I learned something new today. Gujarat economy is worst than Kashmir??????????… This is like saying the CA economy is worst than Michigan. Now I am starting to get when Trump says FAKE NEWS. NBC IS FAKE NEWS..

  4. There is problem with extremist religion. Once they grow in numbers demand for separate nation, state, no go zones is common. Whether they are Rohingyas in Myanmar, Uighurs in China, Pakistan occupied Indian Kashmir, Philippines. The list goes on.

  5. We want freedom from TATTI NATION randia(india)

  6. economic development will soon follow

  7. India is the biggest banana republic in the world. As long as they buy form Boeing GE Microsoft and other American multinational corporations they will be fine. However, I don't see them becoming a part of the United Nations Security Council anytime soon.

  8. RSS now rules india. Modi is just a puppet. Free Kashmir

  9. India army is killing kashmiri mens and raping womans in KASHMIR. No communication with outer world. Complete black out. India is run by RSS.

  10. There is place in the US. They can migrate and leave the country

  11. Suchitra saying some vichitras(imagination's) as Gujarat is less developed than Kashmir even though she knows Gujarat economy is twice the whole Pakistan economy .I don't know why these leftist people defaming India for defaming rightist people if they have any differences they can fight inside country instead of creating India as against to the kasmiri stone pelters

  12. PM Khan must take on India. War is necessary. Assert yourself.

  13. 0nly 15% sunni muslim has problem ..I am kashmiri pandit and I am happy now

  14. Im from kashmir.
    We live in india. We have nothing to do with pakistan.

    Pakistan is a chinese slave. It wants to sell our land to chinese companies. It does not care about kashmiri people but kashmir land.

  15. Dear CNN what about laddakh and jammu.
    A special status was organized with circumstances of 50s but article was temporary and ammendable.

  16. We stand with #Pakistan & &Kashmir. ……. International Community is busy in Economic Forum While a Nuclear War almost at ultimatum Point. India make his all 29 states on edge of Fire need to leave Kashmir is simple & accurate solution .

  17. another joker western media

  18. Love to Kashmir from America! Hey India: Do you see how MY country America looks at your actions in Kashmir! Be the true Largest Democracy of the World instead of the World's Largest Hypocrisy!!

  19. Pakistan has been taking advantage of article 370 and flooding Kashmir with extremists. In 1989, over 400,000 Kashmiri Hindu pandits had to leave Kashmir their birth place because of religious extremism and killing of their prominent leaders including a Hindu high court judge. This was the seventh exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from their homeland. The previous major exodus happened in 1675 when the Sikh's ninth Guru Tegh Bahadhur was put to death by Mughal King Aurangzeb. The Guru was trying to stop conversion of Kashmiri Hindus to Muslims. The Guru and his assistants were beheaded. Kashmiri Hindus were given very few choices. Leave the Kashmiri homeland, convert or get killed. As Article 370 was discriminatory, the Modi government decided to end all the discriminatory clauses tied to Article 370. The next step of the Modi government will be to bring Uniform Civil Code, similar to that of the U.S. so that there is no discrimination and all citizens are treated equal.

  20. White people= low life two timers

  21. The situation is PLUCKED UP.

  22. error: people are not detained! militants are!

  23. All Muslim brother…. Don't worry about Kashmiri. We are here to taken care of them. If you worried about them than take it in your country.

  24. First thing Never believe everything told by media/news because its not based on facts. These journalists don't go check for truth or look up factual documented data. In this modern age we have access to many resources to look up facts and research past history to satisfy our minds and not be confused why Indian govt. did what's necessary to secure their own land and protect the welfare of innocent citizens.

  25. The opposition leader Gandhi went to see the war crimes committed in Kashmir and they would not even let him enter. Religious fundamentalist are running India! Boycott India! Free Kashmir!

  26. India MUST prosecute Pedophile Prophet follower TERRORISTS.

  27. Root cause for all this protest goes down to religious issues.
    Rioting by misusing the rights for protest is not a new thing.
    2/3 of jammu and kashmir is happy with the decision of the indian government (Hindu, budhist and shia muslims forming the 2/3 of population )
    Only 15% of sunni muslims are pakistan-Isis sympathizers and they are trying to riot wearing protestors mask.
    These 15 % people who wants to make kashmir a muslims state can go to pakistan freely since that state was created for muslims and india is a secular country

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