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Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' ruling is the latest in music copyright infringement wars I Nightline

A jury will decide how much Perry owes Marcus Gray and two co-authors, who first sued Perry five years ago for copyright infringement, claiming she copied from their song, “Joyful Noise.”


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  1. What happened to making music.. your always gonna have songs that sound the same .. depends on you if it is successful

  2. Man, that has to be tough. So if you hear something and subconsciously play the beat back in your head months later, not really knowing where the beat came from, you could potentially get sued for copyright infringement if the song becomes a hit.

  3. I never even heard of that guy or his song, I wouldn't like it anyway, I like Katy Perry's version 😂😂

  4. Yeah that’s how it is – my song dint make any money let’s make money from other songs 😂😂😂

  5. The people sue-ing are going broke hence why the Legal turn… sucks for these new artist….

  6. Isnt it ironic how Katy ripped FLAME off who is a Christian artist and turned the song into something so sinister? Egypt, dark horse, yada yada New World Order type of song. He should get all 41 million dollars. While I am so happy that he won I am very upset and angry that they gave him so little money…….. shame on you Katy Perry!

  7. incredible. there is nothing that is the same.

  8. Fucking assholes thirsting for attention which they will never get

  9. There are only 7 main musical notes and everything in between. So of course music would overlap.

    Some of them must really have copied but even if so; by any accident if an improved version is there by another artist, why do the original artist even complain and seek money? Gold diggers trying to take away hard earned money as they cannot earn anymore. If they need recognition just ask for your name to be put in the song. Why ask money & destroy your name. Shameless parasites!

    Arts will always keep improving.

  10. Big pop stars stealing from unknown artists . Suge Night and Eazy E did it too.

  11. Everyone makes a big deal of money and just money hungry for just a stupid beat everything sounds similar just like theses mumble rappers….how come nobody hasn't sued people for mumbling yet💁🏻‍♂️

  12. Y'all dumb.. she clearly stole that beat and y'all in these comments downplaying it..

  13. This story is so fucking stupid. I thought it was fake news. I think the JUDGES and "musicians" in these cases are working together to extort money from successful celebrities. Shameful.

  14. But he stole it 2 omg thats a old song what is that song its go jmmmm jmmmm jmmmm it was like a late night jazz song for a show intro they both stole it

  15. Baby just pay the people Katy its stolen we all know it

  16. I think this is ridiculous… The songs are completely different except for a part of the backup beats parts.
    I can't recall who it was but a bit a decade or so back there was some one who offered a couple million dollars for any one who could come up with 5 or 7 (can't recall) lines of music that were completely original and no one has been able to do it.
    if she had company ripped off lyrics or Used his primary music, (or if he did to her) and they were in the same music genre but they are not same genre …. Maybe then i could understand it more… But this just seems like he's throwing a tantrum being rather silly in "no! It's miiiinnneee! Mine!" Kind of way.
    Now I'm not musically inclined so it doesn't really catch me. I think Katy Perry is a very beautiful and talented woman…. But a bit of a nut who does a lot of stupid stuff (but haven't we all?). I've heard a few songs by her i liked but I prefer REAL country music (like Dwight Yoakum.. NOT Taylor Swift or that jason Aldean ugh)…
    i know nothing about this man who's sueing her except he's a Christian rapper (i dislike Christin music, especially the new age stuff) but i do feel like he's being rather petty about this… He came out with his song and didn't get much attention for it, she came out with her song with a very similar beat but it's not exact same just kind of back ground, no other tunes/beats, lyrics, or such… But she got much more praise and attention and several awards…. Now suddenly he's throwing a tantrum? Just seems petty.
    one way or another it's not really tip top news worthy considering every thing else going on.

  17. Led Zeppelin stole from so many artists of the years

  18. I dont even now what this means but i still watching it

  19. Never EVER heard any of the songs 😆

  20. Surprised they didnt mention led zeppelin

  21. The only thing similar about the two songs is the tempo and the use of similar vocal effects.

  22. I think Julie Andrews should sue Ariana Grande for her song.

  23. awesome now one of the biggest hits of 2013 has been ruined

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