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Kayleigh McEnany holds a White House press conference | 5/28/20

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a briefing. #FoxBusiness

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  1. On 60 minutes Leslie Stahl was asking trump about his promised health care plan and he left the room. Shortly Kayleigh McEnany brings out a book that was probably 2000 pages and weighed 20 lbs and stated that it is the new health care proposal. Leslie Stahl opened it and all the pages were blank. That to me was a real slap in the face to all those citizens expecting a correction from our president for the overdue health care.

  2. Another thing you can throw back at them nobody is getting sick in the riots nobody's practicing social distancing and nobody's getting sick so you can throw that out there too

  3. Kayleigh is a boss he put those reporters in their place keep up the good work girl

  4. Whoever asked the question about President Trump mis-stated 18000 times according to Washington Post – This reporter should fact check Washington Post before asking this question. Another question: Pelosi said she tore up President Trump's State of the Union speech in front of cameras and behind his back, she stated afterwards that "Everything in the speech is a lie.' Did anyone find anything in the President's speech a lie ? Did anyone fact check Pelosi's statement?

  5. Every day, those failed states governed by Democrats are bringing horrors upon the union striving members. Check it out, many citizens have left California for Texas. Riots in Minneapolis spreading to other states. May God help the USA.

  6. twitter uses cnn for fact checking. even cnn cant use their own fact checkers

  7. Are these reporters really this stupid I mean some of the questions they ask these guys are I think they should let kids ask questions cuz I think their questions would be much better than me so-called reporters

  8. Did he really just ask what "justice will be served" means???? REALLY???? Ok, dolt acting as a journalist, here is a great definition for you: "Justice will be served" means an investigation is underway as to what happened, who were the actors, and why did this event occur. A report will be written, and action will be taken in accordance what the law outlines. It is clear the actions taken by the police officer ultimately cost that gentleman his life. That, on all levels, is wrong. So before you go asking stupid questions, take some time to think critically as to whether the questions you are asking makes sense. Dolt……

  9. Good perfume comes in small bottles. Here she comes!!

  10. I think I would just give some excuse and sit down

  11. When she starts shuffling papers, I'm on the edge of my seat, because she is about to set someone ablaze

  12. I wanna see the tie, dammit!!!

  13. It is true..when in was in California and i got on the mail papers for voting. Im not a citizen and was there on a temporary basis legally but still i have no rights to vote..they kept sending mail with papers to vote

  14. The Nazis in the White House are making America great again.

  15. Isn't that stormy daniel's sister? Can a trumpy expendable worrier confirm?

  16. Hope the protesters find her…makes more sense than destroying target

  17. Watching her shred the pathetic excuse for journalists today is one of my great TV pleasures. She is so awesome. I’m looking forward to reading her book. Please
    buy it!

  18. she's pretty smart and honest
    a joy to watch

  19. Chris Wallace, Faux News, attacks Kayleigh every time her name comes up…Communist Chrissy Wallace is the White Privilege boy, remember…

  20. Kayleigh is too polite. Jack Twitter is a tech tyrant.

  21. MSM democrats china and big tech are all trying to ruin our country. Greed leads to destruction and rebirth though. China beware ,dont mess with a sleeping giant!

  22. I sat dutifully with my infant daughter when she was sick and crying her eyes out all day for nearly a full week, but I can't stomach the incessant whinging and bloviating of these adolescent media hacks. Kayleigh, you're doing great — God bless you — you're a boss!

  23. How do you know it's not true?

  24. Justice will be served there will be an investigation whatever comes out will be come out what the f***

  25. An excerpt from David Limbaugh's article Fox News 5/30/20

    The media's attitude is purely adversarial, yet they act appalled that McEnany returns fire, albeit calmly, respectfully and eloquently. They uniformly dismiss this Harvard Law graduate as green and over her head, but she is remarkably polished, and it is driving them mad.

    It is odd enough these self-important journos believe they are above challenge, but it is even more so considering they draw first blood. Do they actually believe McEnany is supposed to stand there passively in the face of their mistreatment, and not fire back and reasonably defend herself and President Trump?

    I can guarantee you one thing: The tens of millions of Trump supporters don't agree, and they have her back. We don't share the media's warped belief that they can behave rudely and then whine like innocent victims when they get a small dose of their own medicine.

  26. Acosta needs another beatdown like he got from Stephen Miller about immigration. Hes a dope and a child.

  27. She holds way too many press conferences, if the government & congressmen worked hard on giving the people money, as they do on conferences, the people would be a lot better

  28. oh no it a White House briefing… should be the Black House. Then it would be considered less racist ?
    Of course I'm just kidding… But I swear people need to grow up… or cease to exist.

  29. Acosta is really something..He is blind to his hypocrisy and all of his lies. What an arrogant, stupid little prick! Hey Jimmy, you don't get to call anyone a liar, you freaking moron!

  30. I can't get over how fantastic she is at answering their "gotcha" questions.

  31. What a piece of work loud mouth Lying Kayleigh

  32. Kids. Kids playing in the big house.

  33. This woman is brilliant and a gift to the world speaking truth to a lying press!!!

  34. What an intelligent, articulate, diligent and God believing beautiful person.
    God Bless you always K.M 😍

  35. I love the way you stand your ground and stay on target with one objective to give it to them straight and honest.. YOUR BRAINS ARE RIGHT IN LINE WITH YOUR BEAUTY AND I HAVE THE UTMOST RESPECT FOR YOU !!! YOU ARE DEFINITELY THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THIS JOB!!! I THINK YOU SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

  36. Yes, she is an extremely accomplished liar, and goes about her work without an ounce of morality, humanity, or guilt as she willfully misleads the people she’s working for. Well done! Let’s all be very proud of Kayleigh!

  37. Another lying Cult of Trump follower. Her mouth opens and vile lies spit out.
    Soon she will stumble, and the Orange Cheeto will can her.
    Or she will tire of her own lying and quit.
    Trump Crime Family is a disgrace

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