Friday , January 21 2022
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‘Keep El Pasoans In Your Prayers,’ Asks Texas' Gov. Abbott | NBC News

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott offers condolences in the wake of a mass shooting in El Paso, saying: “On a day that would have been a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping, turned into one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas.”» Subscribe to NBC News:
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‘Keep El Pasoans In Your Prayers,’ Asks Texas’ Gov. Abbott | NBC News


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  1. Not the fault of millions of law abiding gun owners. Democrats want no guns so they can try to rule like the Chinese communist style authoritarians they all are. That’s the real reason for their hatred of guns in law abiding citizens hands. We will never surrender our guns and our natural right to self defense and protection against a tyrannical government over the actions of a few deranged democrat patsies.

  2. What about divide Texas and make one more state in US, the Lord told me to US founds a new state in US named Love, in dedication of Love, and God promises to bring love to help US because these guys are to much in the mood of war, God wants to give name a good size land from US of Love, as purpose of love too, since Texas is a very big state, can be the state able to hear the order of God, or a state wished do hear God and make the purpose

    people are praying for God help the nation, so if you guys are not able to hear, neither fulfill the order about name a good size land with the name of Love, God will permit the enemy uses high love plans to gain the US

    God gave me a order to be more in particular about it not bringing to much atention for me about it and let the people of the place to make their decisions, for God bless them, will see their hearts about it and bless,

  3. Anyone notice how "civil" Rep. Escobar was??? She knows this is a very popular Governor and didn't want backlash….typical politician isn't she!

  4. Exterminate all white supreme group ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️now is the chance ☝️☝️☝️for law people to take action ☝️

  5. Republiklan speech writers have been working nonstop trying to make these hypocrites sound like humans. LOOK how black the governor eyes are Either he is part of the walking dead, or a soldier for Satan… Possessed to do do bidding of something

  6. Why were only whites killed if media claim white supremacty or racial attack???

  7. That far-right Governor is a failure. it was one of his supporters that murdered those folks.

  8. So it's Texas right which everybody carries guns it's Walmart right they should had a couple of cops there on scene I saw one video a girl witness 3 shooters wearing all black

  9. Yup, prayers controls guns and gun violence.

  10. You all been praying to stop world hunger, stop killing, stop fighting… How's it working so far? The way I see it, it is getting worse.

  11. This is the third mass shooting in Texas in less than 2 years and they have done absolutely NOTHING about it…..except ask for prayers. Ridiculous!!

  12. These speeches irritate me so much. These exact people that keep these long empty speeches have all the power to stop or at least minimize these tragedies but they don't do anything about it.

  13. Right after this abbot was off to the target range to practice shooting reporters. This creep has blood on his hands as well. Reasonable gun control is white right wing terrorist control.

  14. Texas loves you, Governor! Long may you run🙏

  15. I really just can't fathom how "el paso's finest" allowed this guy to live after 20 dead its just crazy. They are soooo good at everything else wtf. Ohio poloce handled it the right way.

  16. Abbotts a wise man….he'll tell you that on Mondays , Tuesdays , Wens , Thurs , Fri , Sat and Sunday's none of these days are good for talking about Gun Control neither is this week , this month , this year or this decade….because if we do than Gov Abbott may lose his A NRA rating or miss his next NRA check.

  17. The hopelessness someone must get to get to that point

  18. Growing up schoolhouse Rock always showed schools being a safe haven.the more and more American economics decreases we will unfortunately see more social stressers need stronger America

  19. I thought it was sad when children in the middle east couldn't play outside because of drones.

  20. You are gun rights fan.. You are respinsible..

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