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KEFALONIA VLOG // How To Be An ECO Tourist! // Fashion Mumblr AD

KEFALONIA VLOG // How To Be An ECO Tourist! /
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Where we Stayed – Emelisse Hotel –

This video is in collaboration with Caudalie, discover their range of sun care products here:

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  1. Really like the environmental direction of your channel. That is great to see. I hope you both had a lovely holiday.

    It would also be great if you did a video about offsetting carbon emissions, where people who travel and use fuel a lot also donate to projects which plant trees and replace energy saving light bulbs etc.

  2. Do you recommend Ithaca for holidays?

  3. Whatever song was playing at 13:00 through 14:00 was awful. It was hard to enjoy the beautiful landscape with that annoying song playing.

  4. I LOVE THIS VIDEO JOSIE❤️the coral bleaching awareness is on point! You are an amazing influencer and I'm so happy to see you advocating for these issues.

  5. I love these eco tips Josie, thank you for sharing! Hope you and Charlie had an amazing holiday! X

  6. Woman!! TONS OF RESPECT N LOVE TO YOU!! Truly amazing !!!

  7. EVY sunscreen is great for coral reefs

  8. Love your travel vlogs💖❤️. Where are your shell earrings from😍 🐚 ?

  9. Love the realisation of the coral reef and that Caudalie have made such a great impact. But, what about all the other visitors and what brands they may be? Caudalie is of course not an affordable brand….

  10. Beware!! I know this is an ad so you probably can’t respond but I also love the oceans and I’m hoping you can read this. Caudalie’s new spf appears to contain avobenzone, which is one of the “Awful 8” chemicals that contribute to reef death. Places like Hawaii have only banned two of the eight, and the Caudalie spf appears not to contain those two which is good but it doesn’t necessarily make it “reef safe” (which in itself is an unregulated and therefore potentially misleading term). So far the only “safe” sunscreen ingredient seems to be mineral sunscreens like non-nano zinc oxide. The problem is that zinc oxide does not glide on as nicely as avobenzone and sometimes can leave a white cast on the skin. I am hoping and begging Caudalie to do research into creating a nice mineral blocker spf that is not linked to the Awful 8! I have not been able to find a nice zinc formula I like but I know this brand can do it since they’re showing steps toward positive change 🤞

  11. Can you please write the names of the cities that you visited? I would like to visit Kefalonia too and I want to know all the beautiful places. And the boat trip, where did you rented it from? Thank you so much :*

  12. Here’s how to be an eco tourist…STOP FLYING SO MICH. Been to the Maldives 15 times? Good Christ. And then add on ALLL the other flying you have done. The planet is probably just that little bit warmer because of you alone.

  13. I actually got emotional watching this Josie, I have been lucky enough to visit the Maldives twice, three years apart to the same island. The difference in the coral from the first visit to the second was heartbreaking and there was nowhere near as much marine life present. Thank you for this Josie, this Caudalie range will be what I use from now on, I knew suncream was damaging but didn't realise you could get something like this to help save our sea life. I hope more and more companies follow. On a more positive note, you have shot some beautiful footage here, Kefalonia looks stunning 😍 x

  14. What a stunning glorious video!

  15. Thank you for these information about eco issues. Love you, Josie xx

  16. Josie you are delightful and a real class act…thank you for helping the planet xox

  17. Love the vlog, Shame about the awful music xx🌻🤗

  18. Is the sunscreen you promoted available for purchase in the states? I can’t find it.

  19. Picturesque island , but do not miss the cycladic exceptional beauty.

  20. It's not unusual, when I see your friend to see my cry..Oh I wanna' die

  21. I love how you're going eco Josie😃 great job😁

  22. Very interisting love, i will use that kind of sunscreen for sure. I love oceans.

  23. Would love to see a blog post on ocean-safe sunscreens, Josie, are there more brands than Caudalie?

  24. oh Josie…welocome to Greece..i hope you visited Ithaca, too…enjoy!!!

  25. Thank you so much for raising such awerness! People need to change their mindset! Go Josei! 💕

  26. Seems like you had a nice vacation.

  27. Lovely 😘😘🌷🌷🌷

  28. I really hope they introduce something like that at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia, before it's gone. It's one of the 9 natural wonders of the world but sadly it is dying and the new mining areas aren't helping

  29. Thanks for sharing your trip to Greece 🇬🇷 Josie , it’s absolutely beautiful!

  30. LOVE seeing you and Charlie doing the couples' workout! 🙂

  31. Thank you for sharing your knowledge regarding the coral reefs and the products we are using and consuming, that are harmful to our environment! Just….sad! #GodBlessYou #SpreadTheWord

  32. That’s is very informative now the tourists should take precautions now that we know. Now please Enjoy the rest of your trip.This island is so Beautiful the scenery is amazing and wonderful to be there and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation!!!!!!!***❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Loved this video Josie!! I enjoy when there are video with You and Charlie together!! Soo adorable!! Please enjoy Your Beautiful Vacation Sweetie!! xox

  34. Lovely vlog. So very sad about the coral but informative piece about the sun screen, I will have a look at that next time I go on holiday and can certainly pick up one of the bottles. I hope your message gets repeated and passed on well done we can all do our own little bit can,t we👣👌

  35. I can't see the link for the workout you mentioned at the beginning of the video and I find it quite interesting way of training 🙁

  36. Wow hello Josie, your amazing so informative I love this about you, you had me welling up too about the colour of the coral its soo sad glad that you can bring this such important topic to the masses keep up the good work and thank you!  Big hugs enjoy your time away xXX

  37. Thank you for the I formation on the coral reef. I want aware of the damage we were causing by trying to protect ourselves.

  38. Such a beautiful video! The views are stunning 😍 I hope you had great and relaxing holidays 😊
    In the past few videos you already persuaded me to try Caudalie spf but I hope I can find a mini version first to try it. I still haven’t discovered an spf which doesn’t cause allergic reaction 😕

  39. Woe what a beautiful spot to have dinner 😊❤️

  40. OMG Josie… This video is awesome… I'm so glad that you're so eco conscious… Thanks to your inspiration I started a little YouTube channel of my own and my first video actually is on Eco friendly tourism. … I'm so happy that my favourite YouTuber is so eco conscious 🥰🥰

  41. Thanks to you and Charlie for sharing your holiday with us! You are both beautiful people, inside and out! 👍🙂

  42. Lovely vlog, enjoy your vacation .It looks so peaceful and lovely. May I know where is your flower hair clip from in 14:40 min.

  43. Really love the eco conscious message in this vlog, keep up the good work! 💖

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