Kennedy: 'Dum-dums' in the Senate spending more money

‘Kennedy’ host and panelists blast the Senate passage of the multibillion-dollar Inflation Reduction Act as inflation remains at a 41-year high. #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. Yep. And we just sent another billion to Ukraine. What is it 70 billion now?

  2. Miss Kennedy they rise the taxes very high mean I can’t take you out for dinner 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Done on purpose so a 🌎 leader can emerge & "fix" everything. UK has 110% energy cost per CNN online report. Everywhere is getting bad by design.

  4. And Dum-dums reporting it.

  5. Democrats always spend more money than they have…makes no sense.

  6. U new how doing it it's ur people for long time

  7. Kennedy should go to work for CNN!

  8. Democratic don't pay txt lady it's ur text never fail

  9. Organize with your fellow Patriots

  10. We need more IRS employees pretending to work, Like we need a president that takes 31 million dollars from China ! OH We all ready have that !

  11. Until recently, I had no idea Kennedy was a conservative.

  12. Were is the stimulus package again for the people of America they need another stimulus package you give money to illegal immigrants and other countries but wont help out the people of America who pays taxes biden and his cronies will lose their jobs in the white house trump for president

  13. how can I get one of these jobs

  14. They are! $63 a month on welfare the last 2 years in NYC. Now NY state taxes want $1400+ off me & after 7/06/22 I'm racking up interest. They call & I simply say uhuh all Obama for it from my tsp y'all kept. Then I laugh & hangup. You'll not fear monger me.. like to see you break down a metal door. The IRS agents have already said it is too complicated for them to audit the wealthy because of the laws don't make sense and wealthy people know how to move their money, so they always come after impoverished and working class
    *Prior DoD

  15. Didn't we already fight a war over this very thing?

  16. The democrats definition of inflation reduction = mi-ddle’ cla ss income recovery. FJB.

  17. keep cool are Time will come

  18. Lower wage people get a letter that demands payment or prove you do not owe. They collect for the price of a stamp

  19. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are betting that they will retire in leisure. Guess again gentlemen, chains and handcuffs are your future and no where to hide.

  20. Taxation is morally indistinguishable from theft.

  21. IRS recently purchases millions of rounds of ammo AND hires a few thousand more agents…yeah, nothing to see here folks, please move along.

  22. What about Bidens late fees on his taxes no filed or paid!!!!!!?????

  23. So, let me see if I’ve got this concept down: My credit card balance is too high so the best way to fix it is spend more money…got it!


  25. This is not dum dum this is Nation Americncide.

  26. No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity!

  27. Stupid is as stupid does.

  28. Hey Leslie, their are more of lower income and middle class folks than there are rich people. The rich don't have enough money to cover TRILLIONS in spending. They have to tap into our income too.

  29. thank you vice president Mr Ed

  30. Brandon and democrats portfolios just grew people

  31. So the government spends 80 billion dollars to hire more IRS agents to supposedly only target the 1% of high income people and businesses and supposedly doesn’t target anyone making under $400,000.00. How do we justify 80 billion dollars of this so call inflation reduction bill. You can’t! Just more gaslighting that will end up costing Americans more money out of pocket and probably raise our taxes as the economist are predicting. We need qualified people running this country. Not politicians!

  32. Making the super wealthy pay their fair share is how it SHOULD be. But if that’s not OK….. what plan do the Trumpublicans have?? Tax cuts for the wealthy and buy more guns? 💩

  33. They are simply trying to take more from all the citizens so they can attempt to pay for Ukraine and get back all those stimulus checks they sent out. I knew it smelled funny when we got all that money.

  34. I think the Biden people who just happen to run WH just want a mass suicide, but Joey, we own our government. strength in numbers are coming your way

  35. The fentanyl queen the border zar
    Has lied and blamed her Crimes on Republicans again unbelievable lier.

  36. This is nothing more than soicalist soiclism program and they not done yet