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Kennedy has the secret to save your Christmas | Kennedy Saves the World

Kennedy Saves the World podcast | Dec. 19, 2020
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This week, Kennedy is joined by “Fox Across America” host Jimmy Failla. They share the best gifts to give your loved ones, the proper way to write drunk poems and how to conquer your Christmas quarantine body.

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  1. What does she know ?. Did she lose her job, or her business ,is she watching her family and friends lose almost evetthing? Fake fox news .

  2. You want to give us true Americans something great for Christmas Put Biden and his family in prison for Treason against the American Voters

  3. Today is the 20th of December 2020. There are 31 days 0 hours 13 minutes and 33 seconds remaining until Donald Trump is out of office.


  5. How is Kennedy a supposed expert on Business? Wasn't she a VJ on MTV? And wasn't her claim to fame that she was a virgin when a VJ? Who cares what she says?

  6. If Kennedy had any intention to save Christmas or save the world, she world report a story to expose the "Klaus Schwab Virus". The mainstream Media along with Fox will never expose it.

  7. No Christmas here! First time ever.

  8. You sold your soul. Will never watch you or listen to you ever.

  9. I'm no longer interested in Fox network at all so it's probably too late for Fox to be fair and balanced like they used to be. Many people are like me and we know Fox is Fake News!

  10. Doubt a certain MSM-muppet ever got the backbone to actually look at ANY of the EVIDENCE
    … nor the integrity/honor/strength-of-character to APOLOGIZE to Rudy!

  11. I turn the channel now when Kennedy, Wallace, Blonde in the morning, and Cavuto come on…..

  12. Kennedy loves the Bidens. She hates Christmas.

  13. FOX reverting to type ———RUBBISH😷

  14. Faux news sucks. Kennedy is main stream

  15. She just doesn't age at all. Still the same smoke show that was on emteevee.

  16. Hey Kennedy Christmas is celebration of saturnalia Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  17. Kennedy my dog is a bigot.. He hates mailmen.
    Can you help me. I talked to him but it didn't work.

  18. Kennedy is pure fake news. Will deliver whatever they want to keep a paycheck.

  19. Kennedy is a stump!! Wallace is a worm! I stopped the video just to reply. Kennedy has saved $hit!!!

  20. We don't want Russians, Chinese, Iranians and Turks in US and the west. We don't want people from countries that are craving for expanding their bloody empires inside our home countries and fighting the influence of US everywhere on earth

  21. Kennedy needs to go away. That’s all I want for Christmas. She’s horrible.

  22. Kennedy South Florida I love your humor you're one of a kind you take life nice and easy good luck to you I missed your show Good Luck God bless you be safe

  23. I don’t know what it is but her voice makes me think of the nails on the blackboard. 😠

  24. When you see left leaning Kennedy from Buzz Feed on the Fox Business news venue as a regular guest you know this network has been literary flushed down the liberal fake news toilet! Pretty sad. Kennedy never fails to vary to far from her roots. She's nothing more than a forked tonged shill. Make's you wonder why she has targeted Fox network for her wares versus CNN or MSNBC.

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