Friday , January 21 2022
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Kentucky Coal Miners Protest For Better Pay And pensions | NBC Nightly News

Coal miners in Kentucky say they were left without work and pay when Blackjewel abruptly declared bankruptcy. President Trump won the state in 2016 with a pitch to revitalize the industry, but now some miners are looking for help where they can get it, signaling their openness to Democratic candidates.
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Kentucky Coal Miners Protest For Better Pay And pensions | NBC Nightly News


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  1. They are still going to vote for Trump and Mitch in 2020 because "they ain't no liberals" hahahahaha

  2. If they couldn't see Trump is TRASH, that says a lot about them.

  3. 3 Coal companies went bankrupt in 2016 (before Trump) Powder River Basin produces 40% of the nations coal. You can't put every company failure on the back of President Trump. They struggled with Obama's numerous regulations making coal unprofitable.

  4. Higher pay or due pay? I guess. But arent we already in a nationwide pension crisis?

  5. This is sad but it is time to move on. Coal is a thing of the past. Maybe Moscow Mitch may help by leaving office and putting up alternatives to help these folks with training and new jobs

  6. No one who voted for Treasonous Trump did so for economic reasons, because it was well publicized during the campaign that he was a con artist who had a very poor financial history. Treasonous Trump is only rich due to his criminal ties, including the crimes that allowed his father to amass the wealth that he would later leave to his vile children. ALL of Treasonous Trump's Chumps deserve to lose their jobs because they were stupid enough to vote for someone who obviously would NOT do anything for them. I do not believe for one second that they voted for him "because they cared about their jobs". No! They only voted for him because they are filthy bigots whose IQ's are so low that they believe the obvious lies spread by white supremacist media outlets like right-wing talk radio and Fox's talking heads. They are too stupid to learn their lesson, so Treasonous Trump's Chumps will happily slit their own wrists by voting for him again. Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans do NOT support Dictator Putin's most vile puppets, Moscow Mitch and Treasonous Trump, so if all of the decent Americans do their part by voting, then the corrupt Republicans will all be thrown out of office – including Treasonous Trump!

  7. Zero respect for people who voted for Trump.

  8. Call your daddy. Daddy trump please help us, we voted for you by the way. Daddy? Daddy? Are you there?
    Haaaaaa you dipshits. Reap what you sow.

  9. Coal is dying because natural gas is so cheap. Maybe the trump can put a 100% on tarrif NG. 😂

  10. Trump and Moscow Mitch are not thinking about those workers!!!

    M.A.G.A COST US A LOT >>>>>>>N U HAVE THE GREAT 1 %=====) 2 THK 4

  12. Better ask the democrats from some new industries in that area of the country… Coal is so 19th century.

  13. Please Kentucky! Ditch Mitch. He's doing nothing for you. Only the 1

  14. Don’t worry 45 will give y’all food stamps and plenty of Russian vodka

  15. These miners should be trained and then given all the jobs in Moscow Mitch’s new steel/aluminum rolling plant! They have worked their guts out and endangered their lives working in coal mines…time they got a break!

  16. I was born in Kentucky. Sure hope they vote him out. Trump says all people should be rich like him because he doesn't like poor people. Nurses unite against this crazy man.

  17. What promises has trump kept, none. All lies. He is a very sick man. He should not be this countries leader.

  18. Those folks in Kentucky that do the coal mining for us I agree they should be getting top dollar not some judge or some lawyer that does no physical work yes their work is important as well but let's get down to the truth a coal miner I think we need them a little bit more than we need a judge or a lawyer and their works a lot more dangerous it's a lot more physically demanding and I believe they should be getting double the money they're making

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