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Kevin Hart facing $60 million sex scandal lawsuit | USA TODAY

Kevin Hart facing $60 million lawsuit over 2017 Las Vegas hotel room sex tape.
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Kevin Hart is facing a $60 million lawsuit stemming from a 2017 Las Vegas hotel room sex tape with model and actress Montia Sabbag.

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  1. Bitches be lyin these days for money

  2. Sounds like another false accusation cash grab

  3. Dukes Lacrosse Team members had DNA evidence and they still call Black female CRYSTAL MANGUM a liar cause she was a stripper(why she was a stripper) has not one thing to do with Rape or Consensual, But because she was a stripper the white college boys had to be telling the truth.
    Just like the white college boys running cooperate and government who are also being exposed to be rotten filthy murderous war mongering greedily selfish White boys are tasting Global Destabilization to secure American colleges boys interest in controlling all the planets marketable good exciting blobby HOSTILE COOPERATE TAKE OVERS/WARS,AND RUMORS OF WAR

  4. Man you guys really want to forget about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

  5. Bring back Katt Williams. Real men with a real sense of humor and the integrity to tell it like it is. Nobody cares about these hollyweirdos like Kevin Fart.

  6. 60 million dollars isn't gonna stop me from finding it online and waxing my carrot.

  7. Black culture equals redicoulous! Wanta be Bill Cosby…

  8. Did she say this isn’t about money?

  9. Going to be hard to prove you suffered 60 million in Damages.

  10. Whatch them eat their own

  11. Man just broke his back now these bitches trying to break his bank? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. 0:46
    Proof that height don't mean shit as long as you have money.

  13. Hey USA Today, you mean celebrities are generally all scumbags?

  14. Here's a little logic though:


  15. Gay illuminati club done with him time for sacrifice…reply obey me do as i tell u obey me obey

  16. Comedian Bill Burr said it best, we have an epidemic of gold digging whores…

  17. When will wealthy and successful men learn women are their worst enemy.

  18. Wow he left people for dead in his car now he smashing thots behind his wifes back?

  19. Err.. what kind of timing is this ? Kev.. did u pull a prince/chappelle and tear up your contracts ? BC it looks like they’re not holding back not a got dang thing from ripping your house down. And mere days after that awful wreck.. sending hope love and peace to you Kev lock your doors babe

  20. Going from worried about him from an accident to this shit?
    Really doing him dirty here.

  21. So he becomes a paraplegic in a car rek. And now he’s under fire for having sex. Man can’t get a break..

  22. Damn, kick 'em while they're down i guess…….

  23. Extortion is exactly what this is.

  24. Yall need to leave that man alone he should be sueing you for filiming him

  25. A brother and his money are soon parted.

  26. everyone is a rapist, get over it

  27. This man has been through enough these past few weeks wtf

  28. #MeToo is becoming a movement of men who have been falsely accused of sex crimes. #METOO

  29. and the saddest part, she is not even pretty

  30. Didn’t he almost die in a car wreck?



  32. the ad was a kevin hart ad😂😂😂

  33. That's a cool actor, that's sad.

  34. Black men all ways fall for the gold diggers, I’m surprised she wasn’t white 😂

  35. Whose to say she didn't conspire with the guy who also tried to blackmail hart… now she's suing? Money hungry hoe

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