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Key Witness In Amber Guyger Trial Killed In Dallas | NBC Nightly News

Joshua Brown, a neighbor who testified in the murder trial of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, was fatally shot on Friday. He was shot multiple times at his Dallas apartment complex before the gunman drove off.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Key Witness In Amber Guyger Trial Killed In Dallas | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Now you know why that black soldier started sniping these Dallas cops.

  2. Disgusting. This was not a coincidence.

  3. another rogue cop on the killing spree👎👎👎😠😠😠🖕🖕🖕🇺🇸😬🤤

  4. Oh my god hes been killed by the great white cop conspiracy….. remember black people only ever die by cops shooting them……

  5. We need new laws put in place for citizens to where we can defend ourselves against rogue cops its coming to the point to where its citizens vs cops

  6. Targeted for Termination for being a decent Human being ..

  7. Im impressed at all the people in the comments that know exactly what really happened. You all should testify

  8. Took two days to report this. And this is what you people call police. Sick

  9. This was an inside job he testified against that COP they murder him because he looks like a gang member…Now they want to make it look like gang members so the leads don’t come back to the police officers.

  10. Wow not surprised in the slave state

  11. Don't ever be a witness against a cop this shows you will die.

  12. Someone told me that this is karma for lying on the witness stand.

  13. Cops did it, no doubt about it 💯

  14. It was hit,2 murders.Jean family say they need answers,no you just want to give hugs. Imagine the man put his life on the line and jean brother literally begged to hug amber ,talk about risking all for nothing! Where is your religious god to save someone from murder,since clearly you don't even want amber to go to jail.

  15. Live by the gun die by the gun

  16. Dirty pigs. Lol… justwant to say karma…

  17. Take note, keep vigilant.

    Never forget.

  18. Either it was a hit job done by a cop, family member, or amber hired a hit for revenge. This is no coincidence-this was a hit.

  19. There’s no telling what this dude had going on in his life. I feel like this was just waaaay to convient. This is a narrative being forced on us & I feel like it's coming from the same team. This was done to get the city & nation up in arms because some didn't get the verdict they wanted. This was a setup..

  20. First off, my sympathies to the family. No parent should ever lose a child that way.

    Yes, this certainly seems like at hit job, but on who's order? I can understand how some element of the police appear to be involved, and it might very well turn out to be so. But in this insanely polarized and viscious political climate, not to mention the completely unhinged left assaulting people almost daily, it really isn't much of a stretch to ponder other actors more than willing to extinguish a life just to incite more chaos and dissent; essentially creating a problem and insisting that only they can solve it. Out there? Sure. But these days, I fear nothing is off the table.

  21. Dirty Dallas cops at it again!!!!

  22. Dirty cops. Dirty cops… they know they can get away with it..

  23. Nothing to see here, the police have everything under control.There is no hope for any sense of safety in this completely corrupt fake democracy with controlled citizens, and a belief that the government actually works for us. I did look for facts and wanted to know how our government really works, and I was completely shocked by what I learned, and it controls every aspect of our lives without our knowledge of it, and it was set up to convince us were free we have rights, and we have a voice. None of those things are true. And our history books are not teaching the actual facts about the world we live in. If we want to make America great again, than everyone of us has to leave this country, that's the only way it will ever happen

  24. So….yall wanna march?? Maybe we should vote!? Wait we did that , no respect there or there! So when constantly provoked or agitated by a proven enemy weeeee shouuld………

    Is that your final answer?

  25. They need him out of the way so they can over turn her case.

  26. Naruto sent a shinobi, just cuz of the dbz shirt

  27. Two people killed unfairly and unjustly in relation to one cop who walked in on a guy eating ice cream.

  28. Her sexting buddy should be the first suspect

  29. Dallas is a rasict place I used to live there

  30. Racism at its finest..This is just wierd and not a coincidence,I feel its all a plot to push foward this case even longer for,This case was televised,I feel it was a hate crime by dallas police

  31. People who are stupid: it's not AbOut RacE

  32. This is giving me Baltimore PD vibes key witness against a internal investigating apparently killed himself the night before testifying

  33. Words=death. This is reality. Those who learn last, die.

  34. Anyone with more than two brain cells can see right through this crap .

  35. So called " White " people gotta go. Only way the earth will function as it once did in full peace and tranquility. Gotta get rid of the Beast of the Earth which is the so called " White " Man who is actually RED and Pink and not factually white like paper. 😂

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