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Key witness in Amber Guyger’s case has been murdered

A silver sedan was reportedly seen speeding away from a parking lot crime scene and investigators are calling Joshua Brown’s death an execution.

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  1. May Joshua Brown Rest With God in peace!!! My condolences go out to his family. 🙏🙏🙏👼

  2. The Dallas PD & the FBI will spin it as a black gang killing to a drug deal done wrong.

  3. The DPD Will never investigate and solve this murder; this will be just another cold case I'm 100% sure that this guy was assassinated in retaliation for testifying. It doesn't take a scientist to figure it out fucken Dallas pig's are crooked as hell and they can not, and should not, ever be trusted period.

  4. This was an execution. We all know what happened here!!

  5. You know good and hell well it was the cops retaliating

  6. 3 black men gunned him down in a drug deal gone bad, ROFLMAO, guess what……. this goofs testimony will now be thrown out at appeal because he is clearly an unreliable witness. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, ROFLMAO…. why you no mad and rioting ? Surely youre just as angry at these 3 black men as you were about the white woman? ROFLMAO

  7. The silver sudan is probably purple with new tags and sitting in police inpound heading to junkyard for parts. You all arent going to find out who did this you all dont even have leads.

  8. Did they find his killer? Was it the police?

  9. He was saleing some hella good weed if they drove all the way from Louisiana to buy it. The victim was even standing out front to greet them. How was he a drug dealer for this long😏🙄😑🤔

  10. Police are looking for who ? LOL

  11. I hope judge tammy kemp doesn't get this case

  12. Other minorities should create a group called APO and it's time for fighting back because this can continue. UK is safe, Australia is safe, other European countries are safe but America is not.

  13. I’m From Va I Believe It Was Some 👮 Officers No Question

  14. bet it was dude she was fucking

  15. So obviously the person who shot and killed him was probably Martin Riviera he's going to be the suspect number one because he was having a sexual relationship with Amber Guyer and they were covering up everything so this is not only political corruption but this is a hate crime and This Is War on all minorities that stand for freedom of speech and work labor what we create America with. So what's going on is that this poor kid was murdered by a cop it doesn't matter which cop who was he was murdered by a police officer a cop killed this boy because of his testimony and really the testimony is just something that occurred what really happened the night Amber mistakenly shot a man in her apartment which it wasn't her apartment because she was distracted by Martin Riviera and Martin Riviera is behind all of this okay he's behind all of this because he was distracting Amber he was controlling her he was texting her they were having sexual relationships which is very negligently to what she was trying to do. Which was to go to her apartment and then meet Martin Riviera at her apartment and they were texting and texting and somebody ended up murdered that's called homicide by negligence by a Cop Amber is just one of them the other ones Martin Riviera…… and Now We have Cops killing Citizens this is World War 3 is where the police start killing us it's not a joke anymore bare arms end of the World is right around the corner

  16. yeah its really hard to solve a murder when the killers are doing the investigation

  17. Im still in deseray how the fuck could you not notice the different furniture, decor, all that shit? Why was this man killed? Why are we losing these good ppl that do anybody any harm??

  18. That wasnt even his final form…

  19. Disgusting she got ten fucking year and still had him murdered

  20. She was having an afffair with another cop.

  21. Of course it was linked to HER!!! the only witness & now hes been murdered. Total crap, total cover up, probably 1 of her PD mates getting revenge. Soon as some people put on a uniform and they think it gives them the right to treat others how they want to. I'm white, and to brutally honest, I'm embarrassed by my ""so-called fellow man"" There have been SO many cases now of white cops killing innocent blk youths/male/female it's heart breaking. I'm from England & the coppers here aren't much better EITHER!! very sad, and too much of a coincidence to just be a random murder. It's coming across quite clearly as some form of retailation onbehalf of the Psycho Witch who killed Botham

  22. Now when Amber appeals she'll win because the only witness is dead the corruption is obvious and it's sad that they believe we'll just fall for the okie doke.

    Why would a drug dealer go and testify??? Dealers want nothing to do with the law they killed him

  23. The police killed him to protect amber bitch

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