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Kim Kardashian calls for Brendan Dassey’s release | ABC News

The reality television star joined the push for Wisconsin’s governor to grant clemency to Brendan Dassey, whose case was included in the hit documentary series “Making a Murderer.”


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  1. Justice for Brendon and Steve! Shame on you Mr Kratz, your time will come and you will burn in HELL

  2. Sucking dick on camera can make you a politician 😂

  3. It won't work. A democratic governer, and a white male? Democrats hate their own kind white male privilege. Sorry it has to be a minority for the democratic governor to care.

  4. I am not a fan of the Kardashian family and don't understand why 62 million people follow Kim or any other celebrity. I do have to give Kim credit for supporting Brendan Dassey and hope she would also support Steven Avery. Wisconsin should hold everyone accountable for what they did to Dassey and Avery. I hope both will get released asap.

  5. The thing is there’s another women that’s doing most of the work and they got Kim k as the poster women i get she’s using her power but come on now give credit when it’s due

  6. Stillhl have no respect for this bitch…. I'm pretty sure she'll pose nude again maybe they'll let him out after.

  7. Finally using your popularity for good. Nice to see Kim

  8. She went from hoe to reality star hoe to fixing ppls problems on a national level. I’m not mad at her (in fact it’s respectable), but somehow this is sad ppl have to depend on her instead of having a working justice system in place. Smh.

  9. People talking about they'll take everything back negative they've ever said about her, oh shes a hero, come on people wake the hell up. She knows she has a direct pipeline to the idiot president who'll jus grant her every wish due to the fact that her and her husband both kiss his orange ass. They serve each others interests of course. How is it justice reform when Kim Kardashian of all fucking people, can walk up to the White House where so many other people have been cut off from THIS administration to even have a discussion about reform and legislation to correct mass incarceration for those wrongly convicted, she can jus bat her eyes, and magically someone is released? FOH! This has always been about publicity at its finest.

  10. Yeah I don’t know about this one. Personally I wouldn’t just say anything to get it over n done with. I’d definitely tell the truth at the time cause I’m a man and take responsibility for my actions. I would never murder though. If anything I’d protect someone I don’t know and die for people I do know.

  11. I know it isn’t possible but it would be great to have an oj simpson trial (a real one ) for the murders of Nicole and Ron .

  12. Okay so he said he told them what they wanted to hear? Wow how dumb is that no reason he got his ass into trouble. Nigga for real blamed himself

  13. Wtf?? Once a murderer always a murderer..

  14. I'm not even mad. I hope she gets him out 🙌🏽

  15. Fuck HER anything to to keep people's eyes on her, now shes trying to free murderers. I hope one of them off her.

  16. Awesome use your fame to loudly help unjust situations every day, not just to make money. If i had that clout and money id never stop. Sucks money is power, but good on her.

  17. Imagine if his whole life he hated her and that family, little did he know she’d be his only way of getting out of jail. Irony

  18. We love you Dassey ! Keep your hopes up!

  19. Love her so much now TBH this is the most beautiful she's ever been, seeing her inside out. U glow grl

  20. Why does kanye n kim wanna rule the world now????🤔. There both still lame to me🤷‍♀️

  21. Yes! And his uncle too! This show was so fucking aggravating. He was coerced into a confession- all he wanted to do was go home and watch wrestling…. Good for Kim!! Worst police investigation ever.

  22. A prostitute trying to free someone responsible for murder. How sweet.

  23. More PR😂😂😂😂 get rid of these clowns quick!

  24. I honestly hope she one day proves everyone wrong! Everyone keeps calling her every name in the book without realizing that it takes courage to be where she’s at. Look at other celebrities, they turn to drugs, alcohol, cut their life short only because someone called them out over a stupid one picture or rumor. Now imagine walking in her shoes 👠 every day being called a hoe! Even though she’s still pushing forward, so I hope she succeeds. Her dad was an attorney and I’m sure she’s got the genes for it

  25. Great job Kim Kardashian.
    We're Proud of you 🙏
    God bless you Kim 🇦🇲

  26. Fuck Kim dumb bicth she thinks she’s the shit

  27. He will kill again if he is released

  28. Why are so many people convinced he was wrongly convicted?

  29. Well if a celebrity wants him free, let him go! Fuck the law.
    You just have to love the left

  30. Go away you dirty whore.she just want attention.she is so fake is unreal.

  31. Her writing is so unprofessional lol

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