Thursday , January 20 2022
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Kudlow: Biden continues to downplay inflation crisis

‘Kudlow’ host discusses on going inflation as President Biden appoints Jerome Powell as Fed chair.

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  1. Biden needs to be led out of the White house by virtue of the 2022 midterm red wave after the Republicans Impeach Biden and harris

  2. Biden needs to step down so we can secure the nation

  3. goons ransacking stores: "what inflation"


  5. He can't help it he is too stupid to figure it out!

  6. Plants the desert , shade the ocean and live among the animals , Eden garden …

  7. Warning! The US military is ready to drop mines on Taiwan! We remind all cargo ships entering Taiwan to be careful of American mines!

  8. Remember Trumps rule that no new laws without removing a old law?

  9. I think inflation is one and done. The empty shelves and discontinued services are here to stay. 2nd class American's will have less and live less. Communism will delete American unneeded seniors to save money.

  10. Joke biden does nt know up from down.He needs to get back down in that basement now.

  11. Your administration has disrupted the world and any fool knows we need our reserves that might I add President Trump had the forethought to FILL!

  12. We don’t want to be Hunter and make sleazy deals with China ! It’s not Green if it’s from coal plant a day China and stop selling China oil we the constituents can’t have and tagging our reserves to sell to China Is ……..

  13. Biden got a colonoscopy because the doctors are trying to find where is his brain 🧠.

  14. look at stupid jill in the picture clapping her hands …. shes probably clapping that joeys got a diaper on so she doesn't have to wipe his butt at the moment…

  15. I say let the war start and see which one of you motherfuckers have the same balls our founding fathers hadii

  16. Biden probably talking booout his own economy .he is not lacking anything

  17. No worries Folks in 2022 we will take back both the House and the Senate, this will effectively knee cap this CLOWN. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  18. All propaganda there's no recession Republicans made it up

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