Saturday , May 15 2021
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Kudlow: Biden's tax plan is a 'swing in the wrong direction'

‘Kudlow’ host critiques the Biden-Yellen economic plan as ‘wrong and wrong.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Bidens puppeteer is doing the 8 steps to communism, he has already done 6. Raising taxes is one of them, and to break the country, and to take away guns, divide people, it says rich from poor, but in bidens case it is race. Increase debt to unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

  2. It looks like a dollar crash is in the making.

  3. The Pentagon says the USA will lose quickly to China in a war with Biden as POTUS… IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS

  4. With the devaluation of the dollar, and the increase prices do to this new tax. The working Man is screwed.

  5. so we should be paying the rich to get richer then right? im mean who cares about the working class

  6. Get woke go broke. these companies got in bed with the Democrats. they deserve everything they get

  7. My past sociology teacher argued with me before Trump cuts were mentioned or enacted.. I told him and class we had highest marginal corporate tax rate in the world and it needed to cut to be competitive and to repatriate capital. He told me and class it was not true. I brought in papers to show class he still proceeded to lie and tell class this wasnt true, he also told class that Vietnam vets did not get spit on and was a myth…. I stood up and told him to his face he was full of $hit in front of whole class

  8. Inflation is hitting and with taxes your being hit at both ends

  9. To the 57% of republican men who say they won’t get vaccinated- This is your reminder that Donald Trump got his vaccine, but did it in private because he’s actually very afraid of dying himself but very much willing to have you die for his cause.

  10. His old boss, Donald Trump, once donned a hardhat and pledged to bring coal jobs back.

    Now, as the World Bank chief, David Malpass is refashioning himself as an environmentalist, promoting clean energy.

    He tells NYT he always cared about climate change.

  11. Pence begged military leaders to “Clear the Capitol.” Schumer pleaded, “We need help.” The more we learn about January 6th, the worse it gets. This was a domestic terrorist attack against the United States. And Donald Trump orchestrated it. Full stop.

  12. You know why the Amazon story was good news? Barrator Biden had nothing to do with it.

  13. The wrong way is the way Joke swings — man.

  14. "From 2017 to 2020, the national debt under President Trump increased by almost 36%, to $27 trillion in October 2020…"

  15. 574,840 deaths 31,802,772 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  16. Really? Then I wonder what Kudlow thinks of Trump increasing our debt by over $7 trillion in just 4 years?

  17. Larry, how would you pay for the rebuilding of america?

  18. Gee, and I thought Kudlow would be completely on board with investing in America???

  19. EVERYTHING about creepy crooked law-breaker biden is a swing n wrong direction.

  20. The tax credits and reductions have not created jobs and has not raised wages. Trickle down economics is a failed policy. I make 120k a year. Most Fox viewers and republicans do not make that much. They’ve convinced you that your 45k a year job is only possible because of trickle down economics which is simply a lie. As cost of living has steadily increased while minimum wage has stayed stagnant. Every minimum wage job is subsidized by our tax money through programs like welfare and food stamps. You shouldn’t be working 50+ hours a week and still need government assistance. It’s incredible the mental gymnastics people perform to vote against their best interest.

  21. So many good things would get done if they worked together and asked the Lord Jesus for help

  22. Corporations pay nothing now in taxes close the loopholes

  23. In 2017, 2018 & 2019, Jill Biden routed $13 M through S corporations.

  24. Problem is the far left are all over are full blown marxist now

  25. I haven't seen him do one thing right for Americans yet, it's like he hasn't been out of the basement for 120 years.

  26. Biden and Kamala, Laughing, Lying, Staying Woke;
    Patriots, Boycott the 'Leftist' Firms, and Make Them Broke.
    Time to Take the Blinders off, Good Patriot Work Mules;
    Tired of Being Played as Perpetual Tax Slave Fools.
    Eyes Wide Open, republicans; We've Had Quite Enough.
    For Socialists-Communists, It's Time for the Handcuff. (© 2021 Jay Kent)

  27. Protect yourself – inflation is coming. Wall Street Silver Reddit.

  28. Trump gave America a great economy however it will not last forever, Biden and the Democrats are spending large amounts of taxpayers money on pork.

  29. Maybe if they actually closed the tax loop holes it wouldn’t be an issue

  30. Biden knows what he is doing

  31. What has Biden done that ISNT a swing in the wrong direction? I'm waiting.

  32. fox threw Trump under the Bus. Then America got screwed. Gotta Love fox.

  33. what did you really expect from a total idiot ?

  34. The whole treasonous biden administration is a SWING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

  35. Besides it's Trump personality cult & left behind Racism, what does the Republican party have to show for taking America down the rabbit hole for 4 years?🐇

  36. Is Cocaine Larry is high again?

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