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Kudlow: Stimulus deal is getting closer but there are still major policy differences

National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow talks to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo about ongoing stimulus negotiations and the presidential debate. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Nancy is a joke she hates trump that’s all it is to it and joe is just like her I’m trump all the way 💯

  2. You know by know she is a evil person who doesn't care about you or your family vote her out

  3. Socialist health car system, do u mean like the government picking winners and losers in the airlines, oil industry, the governments 100 billion bailouts of the airlines, Trump colluding with Saudi Arabia, and Russia propping up oil to 41 a barrel from ,,23 do u mean that type of socialism, privatization of profits, at the Lowest tax rates,k but socializing losses that's socialism

  4. Weres our stimulus cks that were owed ??????

  5. Every day they are talking about helping the people it's the same story they will send the people money same story they don't I believe the House ESPECIALLY Nancy Pelosi is enjoying every minute to stop it she don't SHOW ANY COMPASSION FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING SHE HAS TOO GO ASAP .

  6. Stop dam bailouts and help people

  7. Stop the lies. We are valued. Purple power. We was to get multiple stimulus checks during lockdown we got i. We the people are not standing for this american people deserve better.


  9. Liar!!!! McConnell's closing the Semate Momday after the justice vote!!!!

  10. All the big businesses are doing better not the low income people there not looking at those statistics

  11. Hes lying three his teeth about economy coming back . Hes full crape

  12. Pelosi Needs To Be Voted Out. Trump For President and Vice President Pence 2020🇱🇷

  13. They talk and talk about stimulus checks the House Nancy PELOSI is PROMISES and month's nothing is done to help the people who are suffering we should vote them OUT they are lying they will do nothing out is the right decision how much longer we have too suffer VOTE THEM OUT.

  14. What about the American people and there families,children food rent mortgages help us please

  15. Yes, all of you lied to the American people. Never intended to do so.

    TRUMP PENCE 2020🇱🇷

  17. Their goal is to break the middle class, it's obvious.

  18. We need stimulus checks! me Kuddow you are all wet! We need stimulus, millions out of work and employment has stopped. No where to get a job.
    We NEED a Stimulus to help us out so we can eat. Kudos you come live in my shoes. Go home and hope you have a clear conscious. God help us.

  19. I agree kudos👍🏽🤞🏾🙏🏽😷

  20. I like keeping telling you they need to put Nancy pelosi in a nursing home now

  21. Recovery ?People can't pay rent and eat … Take care of the people its their lives being effected…

  22. That dude will be gone with the wind during the next few weeks!
    I just wish some thing would happen to Pelosi, Schumer and that old prick Kentucky idiot McConnell

  23. We should sue the government over the stimulus. It’s on their heads that children are starving. People are losing jobs so they can’t pay the bills. They are losing their homes and living in the streets with children. How can you politicians look at yourselfin the mirror

  24. trumped up graphs more lies

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