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Kudlow: This is what a smart Congress would do

FOX Business host weighs in on the Democrats’ spending spree, inflation and General Mark Milley on ‘Kudlow’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. He is a traitor courtmarshal and put him in prison

  2. All the republicans should test out the horse de wormer drugs Trump is pushing for covid to see how many survive to show the democrats how smart they are

  3. Fifth star from the Chinese military.

  4. Fox news is going down the craper like cnn.Trump deplorables like me are on to the the stupid narratives that the elite class are using.

  5. How about Biden and his wokeFellow zero carb bread mission associates pay for all his $6 trillion gifts so he can Azurá carbon in missions and Elon musk can become a grade a billionaire offered taxpayers back I’m not gonna be told what type of car I can drive by the communist country that we live in now I thought we were free to live free to think and do for ourselves but I can look over my shoulder and think no

  6. A person got to be deaf and blind not to notice that Don the Con is a walking disaster, and an accident waiting to happen.

  7. How about we get rid of the whole Biden administration and we bring back Trump as the interim president until we can get this pool on the right Sharon course again instead of going down the Communist China river I think Biden is despicable he would be fired ASAP Biden is a disgrace to this country you should hold his head in shame so I think his whole administration needs to resign ASAP

  8. The MAGA Morons are big in identifying "need"…!!! They come up with stuff like: The Media needs to be defunded; Biden needs to be impeached, General Milley needs to resign…!!!…But somehow they forget that Don the Con needs to be placed in a Mental Hospital.

  9. He should go to jail for treason. ASAP

  10. I’m TIRED of these GOPs…
    All TALK TALK TALK 💯👎👎👎

  11. Nancy raised her flunkies pay also.

  12. willie millie is a disgrace.

  13. Your absolutely right but the problem is we don’t have a smart Congress and that includes the RINOS!!!!!

  14. Two tier govt. dependant class that are bought by democrates and govt unions, burecrstes, politians and elites both will feed off of the middle class.

  15. This is the same here, in Australia. When the working class hit with a bad law/rule/tax, the union bosses gain millions of dollars. That is Democracy at its best.

  16. Biden is a plagiarizing racist criminal who has sucked on the USA political scene for 50 years is still at it..!! Come on man…….

  17. He is stealing from us the people !!!!!! And they call us the Republicaiçans are not for the people, Here is proof.

  18. Fox news sound just like CNN now… so sad.

  19. I'm waiting to here Joe Bidens State of The Union Address! Hah, hah hah, Adolf will speak, maybe Dr. Mengala, and The Wicked Wutch on the left coast!

  20. Stop pay taxes now, this administration don’t care about American people, they only want to uses our money for theirs pockets and win credit with terrorist country.

  21. Like you said if Congress did their job we wouldn't be in this mess.

  22. This milley play politics, he must be fired and court marshal.

  23. Hit-ler brainwashed the Germans the Dems brainwash the Americans..Australians are in covid camps and can’t leave home, that’s the last thing we need. But will happen here.

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