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Langer explains Smith decision, discusses bouncer battle

Coach Justin Langer discusses the withdrawal of Steve Smith from the third Ashes Test and what the make-up of Australia’s bowling attack will look like for the rest of the series


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  1. He is and always has been a class act

  2. I love listening to Justin Langer's wise words, top bloke (and I'm a Brit)

  3. The Mumford’s dug there Grave in 2013 could have got there backsides out of it 2014, in 2015 well fine that’s the way the Mumford’s want to play all of this bullshit fine don’t come back thinking that there’s going to be anything on the table to offer at a later date, 2017 in Subiaco all right that’s the way a lot of ya’s are wanting to play all good don’t have a problem with the bad business Decisions from people who know better, well great on drama I got nothing for ya’s at all and that could’ve been beneficial truth is it was beneficial now that off the table, 2017 😆 your joking right stupid move with the fake celebrities I grown up with celebrities around me “good times” said this stupidity was coming and where coming from people on medium wages trying to play “keeping up with the Jones’s” with the upper upper class high society type something Adam Greenwood has never done hence why Adam Greenwood has kept up with them since a youthful age, 2019 rocks up alright so want to play pretend and play Adam Greenwood alright mate that’s the way Mumford wants it play that with the people that back Adam Greenwood as there foal and got Adam Greenwood to the dance at the first place, Moettee was funny that say I see the regrets and understandable use that regret that got and make something of yourself because there nothing hear after your actions that’s Self-inflicted all the best but there’s currently no business opportunities here

  4. Am I hearing right…..Aussies looking for a slower wicket???

  5. get used to Archers fast bowling – hes going to be around for a few years yet

  6. "arguably our best batter" lol

  7. So Australia lose a match winner, England gain a match winner.

    England got this.

  8. Could listen to Langer talk about cricket all day.

  9. "No brainer" is not a great choice of words when you're talking about a player with concussion.

  10. Australia 11 should be
    2.Warner (must have to score)
    3.Khawaja (come to form)
    4.Labuschagne (Use also a leg spinner)
    5.Travis head (cap)
    7.Wade (Paine is big pain for 🇦🇺)
    8.pat Cummins
    I don't know why they carrying Paine.. As a captain u have to lead front and score century.

  11. SInce meeting JL back when he was WA coach. . he was brilliant . . I think the best thing to happen post sand paper gate to Australian cricket. Tough Smart and Resourceful

  12. Awesome coach. Much better than the talentless bigmouth Shastri

  13. Langer's reponse at 10:13 was completely on point, well said lol

  14. Langer needs more respect and recinition

  15. "A bit of a no-brainer" no pun intended.

  16. Langer is the best coach Australia has had for a long time 👍

  17. The voice of reason and common sense,should be our coach then we 'd not only have a top class coach but 'proper' Captain!

  18. Harris

  19. smith is actually backbone of Australian team in all formats bcoz except him everyone is struggling in scoring runs

  20. Concussion test is a no brainer

  21. That’s fine ! Safety comes first ! We want champion to be 💯 % fit ! And by God’s grace he will be available in Manchester Test !

  22. Love Langer, so honest, so wise, so passionate about the game. Always shows respect for the players of all sides.

  23. JL what a coach for Australia, he's thinking about only winning the ashes not thinking about verbal wars or anything He really changed the culture of cricket Australia no matter what the past is Just a great coach…..

  24. Not really good for aussies but hopefull they recover and won ashes..

  25. Justin Langer is best coach in world

  26. “we’re here to win the Ashes, not to see how many helmets we can hit”. Langer demonstrates in that one sentence why he is the man for the job. Legend.

  27. Why Smith leave the squad what happened to him?

  28. I, for one, enjoy it when the Aussie bowlers puff their chests out, grow their mustaches and try to bowl the fastest bouncers.

  29. starc should play this match place of siddle

  30. steve smith is team carry good luck aussies

  31. Palying eleven must be for tomorrow match
    David Warner
    Cameron Bencroft
    Ushman Khwajha
    Marnus Labuschagne
    Travis Head
    Matthew Wade
    Tim Paine
    Pat Cumming
    Mitchell Starc
    Nathan Lyon
    Josh Hazlewood

  32. If you not able to out someone injured them what a strategy made by English team

  33. Langer is such a great coach for the time.

  34. Go aus. If eng Was getting those bouncers they would complain. Use to be an eng fan but since the test in wi (ANTIGUA) where the pitch was de merited.

  35. aus need to go with all out attacking bowlers – starc, cummins, pattinson, lyon or bust..the bowling looked manageable in 2nd innings bar cummins

  36. Starc, pattinson need to play; aus need to go all attack with starc, pattinson, cummins, lyon or bust… the bowling looked pedestrian in 2nd innings bar cummins

  37. Some of these journalists questions are a joke. Even being English I think langer deserves more respect

  38. What a shame that Smith isn't playing

  39. 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 France cricket 🏏

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